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Farzar Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Series? What Will Happen Next?

Farzar Season 2

The first season of the animated series created by Paradise PD famed Roger Black and Waco O’Guin premiered just a day ago. The first season ended with some loose ends. Now, fans are waiting for the series to return with Farzar Season 2. So, let’s discuss what we know about it.

The narrative of Farzar plot takes place on the mythical planet of the same name and revolves around Prince Fichael and his SHAT crew. They leave their dome-shaped human metropolis to confront the hostile aliens that want to devour and destroy them.

What May Happen In Farzar Season 2?

Farzar Season 2

The inaugural season of Netflix’s Farzar saw Prince Fichael realizing that his father, Czar Renzo, is the main reason behind the problems his planet has been facing. He, therefore, strives to establish harmony between humans and aliens through his clumsy methods. Meanwhile, A union of his species attacks Dome City under the direction of the alien monarch Bazarack at the end of the season. Renzo’s plot is successful as the dome is demolished because he is astounded to death and executed for his conceit.

When the animated series returns with Farzar Season 2, it will continue the narrative after the first season’s ending. Moreover, in the second season, we may see Bazarack trying to assume control of Dome City as the Czar is not there. A harmonious civilization might be built in the meantime by Fichael and the SHAT Squad. Barry’s experiments may also cause Renzo to be reshaped, and Val and Mal may find it challenging to live alone. Last but not least, Fichael’s peace efforts may be complicated by Renzo’s potential return.

Farzar Voice Cast!

The voice cast of the animated series features Lance Reddick as Renzo, David Kaye giving his voice to Barry Barris, and Jerry Minor as the voice behind Scootie the cyborg. Meanwhile, the voice cast also features Grey Griffin as Queen Flammy, Dana Snyder lending his voice to Fichael, Bazarack, and Billy. Also, Kari Wahlgren dubs twins Mal and Val. 

When the series returns with Farzar Season 3, most of the main voice cast members will likely be back in their roles. At the same time, if there are some new characters in the season, there will be further additions to the voice cast.

When Is Farzar Season 2 Coming?

The first season of Farzar premiered on Netflix on July 15, 2022. Meanwhile, in regards to Farzar Season 2, there has not been word yet from the streaming platform or the creators about a subsequent season. However, we know that the conclusion of the first has left some doors open in the narrative for the story to continue in Farzar Season 2. Moreover, it is not new for Netflix to wait for a few months before renewing a series. However, everything depends on the viewership number that the first season garners. So we will have to wait a little longer till the picture is cleared further.

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