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Where Is Chase Landry From Swamp People? Is He Married? Find Out His Net Worth!

Chase Landry

Anyone who has followed Discovery Channel’s Swamp People, even to some extent, must know about the Landry family. There are many hunters and fishermen who have grown to know and love the show. But Chase Landry is arguable among the most famous. However, even after so many years in the show, there is very little that fans know about Chase Landry’s life due to his secretive nature. If you also want to know more about him, here’s what we know.

Chase Landry Married Life And Kids!

It is pretty hard for fans to keep track of the personal life of the Swamp People star Chase Landry as he is particularly secretive about his private affairs. But, we do know that Chase married Chelsea Kinsey. The couple lived together in Louisiana, away from the limelight and public eye. However, not much is known about the couple, like when they got married or for how long they were together. 

chase landry with his new born daughter | Thecelebsinfo

It is unclear whether they are still married because there are no images from the wedding ceremony to back up the allegation. However, it appears that they broke up a few years later. Many people were shocked when Chase’s father revealed some intimate truths about his son in 2017. Chase is reportedly the father of a lovely daughter called Riley Blake Landry, who was born on March 18, 2017. Troy posted a photo that showed the report to be true. He withheld any information on the mother of the kid.

Chase Landry Net Worth And Earnings!

The Landry family has a lengthy history of skilled fishermen, lumberjacks, and hunters. Chase immediately started working for his family’s company, as one might assume. Thus, it is a common understanding that Chase was doing fine in terms of money even before he starred in Swamp people. However, the show has surely given a boost to Chase Landry’s wealth. According to reports, Chase Landry has an estimated network of around 200 thousand US dollars as of mid-2022, while other reports claim that the number could actually be twice what we believe. 

Landry’s numerous business ventures are also his main source of wealth and revenue in addition to his professional alligator hunting company. According to some sources, Chase receives about $3,000 for each episode of the Discovery Channel’s “Swamp People.” He is also rumored to have additional sources of income. And he used the money he eventually accumulated to open the informal restaurant Chasin’ Tails. In Pierre Part, Louisiana, he owns a petrol station, a seafood company, and a convenience shop. Along with bikes, musical instruments, and tattoos, he also enjoys these things.

Troubles With The Law!

Chase has an unwavering passion for gator hunting, much like the rest of his family. This allowed him to acquire some mind-blowing life experiences and the capacity to develop even stronger relationships with his grandfather Troy. But it also caused him some problems in the past. At least once, Landry found a significant amount of legal difficulty. When a shrimp boat was rapidly approaching Chase’s ship, as the media reported at the time, Chase tried to attack it.

The 31-year-old then made the decision to start firing and shot at the rapidly approaching boat. Unfortunately, he immediately struck the mark. Chase’s trial was previously scheduled to start in December 2017. However, the event turned into a legal dispute before that date. The hunting enthusiast did not, however, appear in court. This resulted in additional legal difficulties. A warrant for his arrest had to be eventually issued by the Louisiana police. But Chase’s situation managed to turn out okay. Despite the incident, Chase’s reputation remained unharmed. He continues to be incredibly well-liked by Swamp People watchers.

Swamp People Makes Cast Members Hunt Only In Restricted Areas!

Among several other rules that the cast of Discovery Swamp people had to follow, hunters were constrained by factors other than the number of alligators they could take down. They must also stay within boundaries. Hunters must either possess their own land on which they can hunt or have permission from a landowner to hunt on their land in order to be issued tags for the season.

However, they are not allowed to look for invasive alligators in their neighbors’ backyards. Wetland ecosystems must include hunting areas. In order to extend their hunting season, hunters can purchase land in both the eastern and western hunting zones. The professional hunters get a few additional days to complete their quota because the hunt in the east begins and ends a week earlier.

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