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The Goldbergs Season 10 Is Coming Soon To ABC! What’s Next For The Crazy Family?

The Goldbergs Season 9 Episode 22

Time really does fly! It has been three months since the ninth season of The Goldbergs ended. And now, we are gearing up for the premiere of The Goldbergs Season 10. If you are also curious about the upcoming season, let’s discuss what we know about it. 

Developed by Adam Goldberg, ABC’s The Goldbergs is a periodic comedy-drama series that debuted in 2013. The hilarious comedy show is loosely based on the creator’s real-life experiences in his growing years. 

What To Expect From The Goldbergs Season 10?

At the end of the ninth season of The Goldbergs Season 9, we see another landmark in Adams’ life. He was about to begin a new phase in his life after graduating high school. Even though it is a happy moment, Beverly is sad and emotional about her children moving out. Meanwhile, Erica decided to give singing a go as a one-time backup vocalist substitute.

The Goldbergs season 10

How Murray’s absence will be handled in The Goldbergs Season 10 is currently unknown. But the most likely scenario seems to be a quick off-screen demise. The emotional focus of the ninth season finale was Adam’s high school graduation and Beverly’s difficulties in coming to terms with the fact that all her children soon be leaving the nest. The huge revelation was that Erica is carrying Geoff’s kid after she decided against joining Cyndi Lauper on tour. This offers the possibility of seeing Beverly’s role as a grandma, which may be particularly intriguing now that Murray and Pops are also absent.

Beverly’s Cooking Is The Best Running Gag!

It’s hardly a surprise that Beverly enjoys spending time in the kitchen preparing meals for her cherished family as she considers herself to be the finest mother ever. The only issue is that her food isn’t always the healthiest. But the joke has stuck and grown into a fantastic running one.

Beverly knows how to prepare substantial home-cooked meals, as seen by her attempts to “parm” anything from chicken to her famed shrimp to her banana bread that can be used as a weapon. In reality, a genuine cookbook based on actual Beverly’s recipes was published as a result of her cooking.

The Goldbergs Season 10: Release Date

The ninth season of The Goldberg premiered on the ABC network on September 22, 2021. The season consisting of 22 episodes, finally came to an end on May 18, 2022. Meanwhile, back in April 2022, when the ninth season was still running, ABC decided to renew the series for The Goldbergs Season 10. A Tweet from the show’s official Twitter handle confirmed the renewal. The Tweet said, “It’s party time because #TheGoldbergs is coming back for Season 10! ” 

As of now, the production of the season has already been wrapped up, and we are approaching the release date of the season. The Goldbergs Season 10 will premiere on the ABC network on September 22, 2022. Moreover, the tenth season will premiere in a new time slot at 8:30 pm. 

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