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The Resident Season 6 Episode 5: Conrad Meets An Old Patient!

In the fourth episode of The Resident season 6, Dr. Sullivan’s drug addiction was at center stage. He had to operate on a child while withdrawing. Meanwhile, in the upcoming The Resident Season 6 Episode, we will see Devon coming across a patient claiming to know the secret to eternal life. What more will happen in the next episode titled “A River In Egypt”? Keep reading to find out.

What To Expect From The Resident Season 6 Episode 5?

The fourth episode of The Resident season 6 had a lot of storylines going on simultaneously. Meanwhile, the upcoming fifth episode is titled “A River in Egypt.” Talking about what the episode will be about, luckily, we have some idea as the network has shared an official about the episode. 

The summary reveals that The Resident Season 6 Episode 5 will see a college professor coming into the emergency room. Meanwhile, Conrad will realize that he is a former patient from his internship days. On the other hand, Devon will encounter a man who swears he knows the answer to eternal life in the hospital.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

“It Won’t Be Like This for Long” was the title of The Resident Season 6 Episode 4. In that, Gigi feigned illness to get her father to spend the day with her. She swore off going to her sash ceremony since she was so afraid of it. Devon received a call from Conrad asking to fill in for him today. As a result, he was with Gigi all day. To take Benzos before surgery, Ian wanted his drug test to be shifted to a later time in the day.

Ian started to experience the effects of withdrawal, and the test could not be moved. On the other hand, Diana overdosed and then shot herself in the hospital’s parking lot. She was rushed to the hospital, where her baby was delivered and given to the neonatal intensive care unit. At the end of the episode, Devon provided Marty with a diagnosis explanation and some encouragement. Billie questioned Ian about what was wrong, but he ignored her.

Ian was additionally summoned to his room by a patient who needed his help as he was being asked to do his screening test. Ian took some pee for his drug test after noticing the patient’s urine. Diana survived when Leela removed her spleen, which almost killed her. Cade shared information about baby Jane’s upbringing with Diana once she felt better and was ready to leave the hospital.

The Resident Season 6 Episode 5: Release Date & Where To Watch

The fourth episode of the sixth season of The Resident premiere on October 1, 2022. As The Resident airs a new episode every Tuesday, now the wait for the next episode is over. The Resident Season 6 episode 5 will air on October 18, 2022, Tuesday. Fans will be able to catch the broadcast of the episode on Fox network at 9 PM EST. In addition, the episode will also be available on streaming services like Disney+ and Hulu. 

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