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Love In Contract Episode 15: Hae-jin’s Next Challenge To Impress A Girl! Know Where To Watch

So far, Madam Yoo had kept a secret from her beloved daughter. However, Ji-ho finally helped Madam Yoo to open her heart. Now in Love In Contract Episode 15, Madam Yoo will continue to express her feelings to make her relationship with Sang-eun workable. Meanwhile, someone will mess up with Hae-jin. Well, he’s focusing on his career and wants to prove to her mom his worth. So he will do anything to please her. But will he cross the limit? Keep reading to know more.

Love In Contract Episode 15: What Will Happen Next?

In this episode, Sang-eun will be glad after Madam Yoo apologizes to her and wants to continue their relationship as normally as they can. Madam Yoo will be relieved after opening her heart. Ji-ho will work on himself and decide to focus on what he like the most. He will let Ji-eun live the way she wants. Meanwhile, Hae-jin will finally meet the girl his mom has selected for him. But he won’t seem impressed by that girl and will decide to leave.

Love In Contract Episode 15

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, everything changed between Sang-eun and Ji-ho. Sang-eun visited the orphanage and wondered about their dream. After reaching home, she asked Gwang-nam about his dream, and he revealed that he wanted to become a singer. Meanwhile, Ji-ho started to know his colleagues and could share a meal with them. He had been investigating Yoo Mi Ho. So he asked his colleagues about a daunting situation. He asked whether a mother should be punished for keeping their relationship a secret after adopting the same child whom she abandoned before.

But they concluded that it depends on the victim and his thinking. Then he asked Sang-eun whether Madam Yoo should be punished. She said she didn’t feel like that as Yoo had raised her. Kang Hae-jim also joined the Kangjin group and asked his father for a worthy position. His father made him the executive director of the entertainment company, which his brother Seon Jin didn’t like. Later Ji-ho met Madam Yo and told her to apologize to Sang-eun and reveal the truth. She revealed she could apologize but could not tell the truth.

Love In Contract Episode 15: Release Date

Love In Contract Episode 15 will air on November 9, 2022, at 10.30 pm KST on tvN. You can also catch it on Rakuten Viki. It will finally reveal how things will move in the characters’ lives. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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