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Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 16 Finale: The End Is Here! Who Gets Engaged?

Bachelor In Paradise Episode 18

This week’s episode is going to be a game-changing episode of Bachelor In Paradise Season 8. Now is the time when the singles will make their decision. They have to select with whom they want to stay. Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 16 will be full of surprises. But someone will be broken heart by the end of the season. Who could this person be? Well, only time will tell this. But indeed, this season will make you cry and smile at the same time. Keep reading to know more.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 16

Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 16: What Will Happen Next?

The episode will explore the last moment where these bachelors/bachelorettes decide whether to stick or switch. Some people will be happy and plan a future with their current partner. Well, many people took part in this show, and now it is in its endgame, suggesting some will definitely find their true happiness. So this night will be special for everyone. We will see some shocking surprises, confessions, and special guests too. Some of the cast will reunite, which will be a dramatic moment.

After addressing the most tumultuous love triangles on the beach and the controversial split of this week, Jesse Palmer will focus on the wonderful time the couple has spent together in this villa. It will be a surprising and fantastic moment for the couple to cherish. However, it remains unclear whether the journey ends in heartbreak or engagement. Will the couple stay together in thick and thin? You will find it in Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 16.

A Quick Recap!

The penultimate episode began with the return of Wells, who recalled some good and bad moments that happened this season. However, the main twist was when Mara decided to self-eliminate instead of waiting for the final rose ceremony. Soon, host Jesse Palmer made things spicier by revealing there wouldn’t be any cocktail party. He also suggested that it was time to break if someone was unsure about their partner. The final members who went for the final rose ceremony were Michael and Danielle, Joey and Shanae, Justin and Florence, Aaron and Genevieve, Tyler and Brittany, Johnny and Victoria, and Brandon and Serene.

Later Logan stepped towards Kate and said they had walked through fire together and rekindled their love for each other. But this season, Kate looked down on Logan despite liking him. Then there were Serene and Brandon, who were ready to get engaged. Brittany and Tyler had an adorable relationship, but they decided to separate. Before their separation, Tyler admitted that he had romantic feelings for Brittany. She also felt the same, yet they decided to test their relationship. While it was hard for Shanae and Joey to break up yet, Shanae dropped the ball that their relationship was more playful than serious, and the age gap was also an issue.

Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 16: Release Date

The finale is here, and the fans will finally learn who will stay and who will leave. It won’t be easy for the couples to split. But let’s see what happens in the finale. Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Episode 16 will air on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at 8 pm EST. It will be available on ABC. You can also stream it on ABC’s official website or app. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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