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Bubbly Blaster Net Worth: After Shark Tank, This Is What Bubbly Blaster Is Up To!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate your win but popping a bottle of champagne is the best way to celebrate. But people who enjoy it know that it doesn’t last long. While at one point, it appears the finest way, the other point has some drawbacks too. But Stason Strong and Brand Hall came up with a way to let the celebration last as long as people wish with their brilliant plan- Bubbly Blaster. If you remember, they made their debut in Shark Tank Season 12. But do you want to know where they are now, including Bubbly Blaster net worth? Then, keep reading.

The Thought Behind Founding Bubbly Blaster

Stason Strong, a senior creative director at Yahoo!, got the idea to found Bubbly Blaster while attending a party where they popped champagne. However, the entire thing didn’t last, so to make it last longer, he devised an idea to solve this problem by designing a champagne spray gun. He later shared his idea with some of his friends who work at SpaceX. They advised him to develop a 3D-printed model to get professional feedback. After this, Strong partnered up with Brad Hall, and they together raised $120,000 in 2017 to launch their business. Surprisingly, they made $560,000 from their business through Amazon and their website. So, how much is Bubbly Blaster Net Worth? Keep reading further to find out.

Bubbly Blaster: First Shark Tank Appearance

While their business was booming already, Brad and Strong appeared on Shark Tank Season 12 as they needed to raise capital for their project. They asked for $120,000 for 20% equity to grow their business. In fact, the Sharks also enjoyed a lot with the spray guns. Mark Cuban and guest Alex Rodriguez seemed interested in the project. Cuban quickly agreed and offered $120,000 for 25%. Later the founders asked whether Cuban would team up with Alex, and he agreed. So the final deal turned out to be $180,000 for 30% equity. It later ended up with a Bubbly Blaster party.

Where Are They Now?

After the Shark Tank episode, Bubbly Blaster managed to reach a larger audience than before. Fans loved their product, and soon the company gained huge profit, increasing Bubbly Blaster’s net worth. The company is still booming, and they have also come up with several different products. These include entertainment packs, customizable aluminum fins, and ball caps. All of them are available on Amazon, Walmart stores, and

But Bubbly Blaster has many competitors, one of which is the Resafy brand. Despite being similar to Bubbly Blaster, the champagne spray is powerful enough to reach up to 30 feet. It leads to a drop in Bubbly Blaster’s rating on Walmart. The champagne sprayers also received an average of 3.3 rating from Walmart and suffered from inventory problems. But they promised to fix it. The founders of Bubbly Blaster have now launched a new company named SONU Sleep, a mattress with an arm slot. Isn’t it wonderful?

Bubbly Blaster Net Worth

Well, as mentioned above, Bubbly Blaster gained huge profits following their Shark Tank debut. It led to a rise in Bubbly Blaster net worth. But due to the increase in competition, Bubbly Blaster’s net worth got severely affected. As per the source, the company is generating $700,000 in annual revenue. However, the founder is likely to return with a bang soon.

This is all for now. Bubbly Blaster continues to grow its net worth. But will it soon return on another season of Shark Tank? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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