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Messiah Season 2: Renewed? Creator Talked About Two More Seasons!

While Netflix is busy expanding its streaming platform and keeping the ball rolling on various shows, one of the latest series Messiah hit with some backlash. Many series fans are busy wondering whether Messiah Season 2 will hit the streaming platform. But we have unpleasant news for them. Well, the show started well with a unique thought that could change the lives of the characters. But despite this, Netflix has something else for Messiah Season 2. Keep reading to know more.

Created by Michael Petroni, Messiah is a thrilling TV show that focuses on a man and the modern world’s reaction to him. It was supposed that the man had first appeared in the Middle East, and now he has returned to the modern world. So his followers claim him to be Isa. His current miracles and sudden appearance lead to a growing following and doubts. That lead the CIA officer to investigate this matter.

Messiah Season 2: Is It Renewed?

The show’s first season hit the platform on New Year’s Day. But sadly, two months later, Netflix canceled the show. Will Mathers’ actor Wil Traval shared this news on his Instagram page. He wrote: “It’s a very sad day today,” as Netflix canceled the show. But he still thanked his fans for supporting them. Well, Netflix rarely reveals the reason behind the show’s cancelation.

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But most of their decision is based on the ratings of the show. So perhaps the show couldn’t manage to secure enough ratings to return with a bang. Back in 2019, Netflix’s head of original content, Cindy Holland, cited at a conference that there’s no point in investing their money in a show where the audience doesn’t show up. “Obviously, critical acclaim is important too,” but they want to give justice to their investors’ money, as it wasn’t theirs.

Creator Envisioned For Two More Seasons

Speaking with Collider, the series creator Michael highlighted the show’s future. Before the Netflix decision, Michael said he had a good idea. He believed that they could make it to a couple of seasons, and he knew where the show was going to be. Michael Petroni said: “It’s massive undertaking to do this season,” when they started editing it, they felt that it was just the beginning and needed to continue the storyline for a couple of seasons. But despite this, the giant streaming platform canceled the show.

Messiah Season 2: Reason Behind This Cancelation

The COVID-19 Pandemic Hit The Show Hard

Well, the production company wasn’t confident about the show and producing more seasons. This is because it was filmed in various countries, portraying the current state of the world, and also involved an international cast. Thus it was quite different for them to keep going like this in such a pandemic period. However, Netflix hasn’t given an official statement about this issue.

It Attracted Controversy

Sadly the show attracted some controversy under the name of Al-Masih. In the show, the main actor, Mehdi Dehbi, was Al-Masih ad-Dajjal. That means The Antichrist or false Messiah, who lies. But the show’s concept was whether this man was really the Son of God. Another controversy related to this show was the location. The filming took place on Jerusalem’s Temple Mout, a religious site, and it made many unhappy. So the Royal Film Commission of Jordan ordered Netflix to refrain from streaming in their country as it could be “interpreted as infringing on the sanctity of religion.”

A Petition Was Signed To Cancel The Series

Apart from this, many signed a petition on, arguing the series has some evil propaganda against Islamic culture. Although many signed the petition yet, it just gained 5,700 signatures. Well, it wasn’t enough to stop Netflix from continuing the series. Even the streaming platform announced that Messiah is just a fictional work and nothing is based on or trying to attack anyone’s religious sentimental. But it didn’t stop the audience from talking badly about the show. Despite protecting the series, Netflix decided not to renew it for further seasons.

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