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Is Channing Tatum Bisexual? Who Is He Dating? Know Step Up’s Star Sexuality & Relationship

Channing Tatum, a man with an amazing body, charming looks, and exemplary dance moves, is certainly the guy of every girl’s dreams. He established himself as a star when he appeared in the 2006 super hit movie Step Up. Channing plays some charming and buff characters and never shies away from showing his dance moves. He is also a supporter of the LGBTQ community and has also played a gay character in movies. These roles and several other pictures fueled a rumor that Channing Tatum is bisexual. Several reports on the web even claimed that Channing came out as bi. So, is this true? Is Channing Tatum Bisexual? Has he ever confessed to having an interest in men? Read on to get answers to all these questions. 

Channing Tatum Career

Channing started his career by working several odd jobs. He had the perfect body and look to work as a male stripper at a local nightclub. He used the name Chan Crawford during his job as a stripper. Eventually, he moved to Miami and received his first casting as a dancer in the music video of She Bangs. After this, he worked as a model for a while and appeared in TV commercials. Channing Tatum finally made his film debut in the year 2005 with the movie Coach Carter. However, it wasn’t the film that made him famous. 

Channing Tatum got his breakthrough role in 2006 in the movie “Step Up.” It is one of the most renowned dance movies that set a new benchmark for dance films. He started getting a lot of offers after the success of Step Up. In 2008, he appeared in the sequel of Step Up. In 2009, he also received praise for his role in the movie GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Channing Tatum always wanted to make a movie on his real-life experience as a stripper. This wish led to the movie Magic Mike which is loosely based on his experience as Chan Crawford. Its sequel Magic Mike XXL released in 2015, and the last movie of this trilogy, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, is set to release in 2023. 

Channing Tatum Relationships

Channing has dated several beautiful women throughout his career. His love life started when he met Jenna Dewan during the shoot of Step Up. When everyone thought these two were meant to be together forever, the couple decided to split. After her, Channing dated several other girls as well. Below is the list of past relationships of this Step Up star. 

Jenna Dewan

Jenna was Channing’s co-star in Step Up. The two met on the sets, fell in love, and married each other in the year 2009. After four years of their marriage, Jenna gave birth to a girl named Everly. Everything was going fine, and it seemed like these two were made for each other. But in 2018, the couple announced their split. After six months, Jenna filed for a divorce which was finalized in November 2019. 

Jessie J

Six months after splitting with Jenna Dewan, Channing started dating the English singer Jessie J. Their dating rumors caught a spark when these two were seen together on several occasions. They started dating in late 2018, but it wasn’t official until March 2019. In December of the same year, news came out that the couple had broken up. However, they became a thing again in January 2020, only to split again in April. 

Zoe Kravitz

In the year 2021, Channing Tatum started dating Zoe Kravitz, the director of his upcoming film Pussy Island. This movie is the directorial debut of Zoe, and she also co-wrote its script. The reports of them dating appeared online when they were spotted during a bike ride in New York. Reportedly, the two have been spending a lot of time together and are still dating each other. 

When Did Tatum’s Bisexual Rumor Start? 

The rumors about Channing Tatum being bisexual started when fans spotted him dancing at the LA Pride Parade in 2015. Several articles flooded social media that the actor claimed that Tatum is bisexual. Hollywood Reporter even termed Tatum a “stromo” in one of his articles in 2015. It was a combination of straight and homo. They also stated Tatum caught the attention of queer community just for the publicity. 

Is Channing Tatum Bisexual? 

So, are these reports true? Is Channing Tatum Bisexual? The answer to this question is “No.” Channing never came out as gay or bisexual. On top of this, he married and dated some of the hottest women in Hollywood. So, we can’t really say anything about Channing Tatum’s sexuality until he provides any statement regarding the same. But we can definitely think about the possibility of rewatching Magic Mike. 

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