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Our Blooming Youth Episode 14: Crown Prince’s Wedding, Min Jae-Yi’s Mistake! WATCH

The K-drama is brewing more than what fans have bargained for, as the previous episode finally hinted at the romance between the Crown Prince and Min Jae-Yi. The couple shared a sweet moment, and Our Blooming Youth Episode 14 may explore their budding bond. However, it will soon create a problem for the Crown Prince as a surprise awaits him. Further, the previous episode dropped several bombshells that suggest Min Jae-Yi is keeping something under her sleeve. Let’s see! What could it be?

Our Blooming Youth Episode 14: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will create a problem between the Crown Prince and Min Jae-Yi. Well, she has feelings for him and wants to stay close to him. But unfortunately, the drama is preparing for the Crown Prince’s wedding. So Our Blooming Youth Episode 14 will focus more on royal meetings where the Crown Prince will be asked to choose a girl. Min Jae-Yi won’t like it. But can she reveal her true identity? Well, her name still needs to be clear.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 14

Further, there’s speculation that she may not be accepted as the Crown Princess as she has deceived the court by pretending to be a man. There’s also speculation that Tae-gang has a twin who is doing all these things behind Tae-gang’s back. So Tae-gang may be loyal to his highness. The bracelet that appeared in the previous episode could be the carrier of the poison, and Jae-Yi may be the one who poisoned her family. She may have a connection with Byeokchon and wants revenge on the royal family. In order to do this, she sacrificed her family.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Min Jae-Yi exposed Tae-gang’s true identity, leading to more revelations. She informed the Crown Prince that Tae-gang was the one who sent the wedding gifts to her house and also chased her down the street. It provoked Tae-gang, who asked for the Crown Prince’s permission to finish her chapter once and for all. However, the Crown Prince’s faith in Min Jae-yi changed everything, forcing Tae-gang to leave the palace. It quickly turned into a thriller chasing game, where the Crown Prince’s followers chased him down.

Soon after this incident, the Crown Prince tried to comfort Min Jae-Yi. It quickly changed the air around them as the pair exchanged their first kiss. Min Jae-Yi also realized her feelings for the Crown Prince but was afraid to express them. However, while trying to hide everything, she made a mistake. She asked him to make her the head Eunuch. Meanwhile, Section Chief Han saw the couple exchanging kisses and seemed confused. But he was determined to uncover Min Jae-yi’s true identity as he believed the eunuch was a girl and perhaps Min Jae-yi.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 14: Release Date

The drama is slowly pacing toward romance between the Crown Prince and Min Jae-Yi. But is Min Jae-Yi hiding something? You will learn in Our Blooming Youth Episode 14, which will air on March 21, 2023, at 8.50 pm KST. The local Korean audience can stream it on TVING and tvN, while the global audience can watch it on Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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