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El Cid Season 3: Renewed By Amazon Prime Video? What Will Sancho Plan Against Ruy?

El Cid, Amazon Prime Video

If you have been following El Cid since the start, you might have realized why the drama is so popular all over the world. Showcasing a contemporary timeline, the drama has excelled so much in the historical genre. The creators have blended royalty and war so well in the drama. Moreover, the unique portrayal of the knight’s parade and swords clanking has created a huge fanbase. Though the drama is tentatively helmed as a ‘mini-series,’ it managed to stretch its run for two seasons. And ever since the second season wrapped up, fans are eagerly waiting for more installments. Thus, El Cid Season 3 is among the most anticipated part among viewers.

José Velasco and Luiz Arranz created the historical drama world for Amazon Prime Video. The first chapter was released on December 18, 2020, followed by season 2 on July 15, 2021. Set in the 11th century, the story is centered upon a knight, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar’ El Cid.’ He is trapped in an ordeal concerning his culture and duties. Apart from the historical events, the series also emphasizes royal ambitions.

Will There Be El Cid Season 3?

El Cid, Amazon Prime Video

Even though each season of the show consisted of only five episodes, there is a possibility that El Cid might return with a bang. The debut installment premiered on December 18, 2020. However, the follow-up season released on July 15, 2021. Both installments are available on Amazon Prime Video. However, the makers of the series are still to announce anything concerning the drama’s future. Amazon Prime Video goes through every aspect of the series before restoring it.

El Cid has succeeded in terms of viewership levels. Though it was not a hit series on the platform, it didn’t disappoint the makers. It proved to be a satisfying drama that the audience enjoyed. Coming to the reception, El Cid bagged an IMDB rating of 6.4 out of 10. Hence, the overall setting received favorable reviews. Going through all these factors, El Cid Season 3 has the chance to happen in the future. Presently, there is no update that claims the cancellation of the series. Hence, fans are not willing to accept such a disappointing point. Concluding the scenario, El Cid Season 3 is in limbo, and we might hear an announcement soon that will clear out all the perplexion.

What Will Happen In El Cid Season 3?

El Cid, Amazon Prime Video

The central part of the story takes place following Ruy’s father’s death. Ferdinand ascended the throne of Leon and was declared king. Moreover, he was not the only one to be crowned as the king. Bermudo’s sister, Sancha, did hold the eligibility too. But her brother lost the battle to Ferdinand. Hence, the defeat suppressed all her chances to sit on the throne. Despite being Ferdinand’s wife, Sancha began plotting against him. She identified herself as the only individual to which the throne belonged by law. Further, she approached Count of León, Flaín, and Rodrigo (Ruy’s grandfather) for her rebellious plans. However, Sancha’s strong wish to be addressed as queen took her away from her love.

In the finale episode of season 2, Sancho created most parts of the story. Being Ferdinand’s eldest son, he decided to kill Alfonso and his supporters. He eagerly wanted him to show up as Leon’s king. On the other hand, Jimena pleaded for Alfonso’s life to the king. At the same time, she wanted Ruy to save Orduno’s execution. Amid such political circumstances, Ruy was offered the title of Count. Surprisingly, Sancho canceled his decision to kill the nobles on the condition of staying loyal to him. In addition, Orduno was also left alive, for which Jimena thanked heartfully to the king. Then after, she meets Ruy, and both of them exchange romantic gestures. The kiss between them assured their reconciliation.

On the other hand, Urraca found a way to save Alfonso’s life. If the latter would agree to lead a monastic life, the king could think of changing his mind. Meanwhile, she helped Alfonso exit the prison; thus, Sancho was thrilled to take revenge. He blocks the castle and lets the citizens face death-like situations. The king desperately wanted Urraca to accept her deeds, but her pride was not allowing so.

As far as the story of season 3 is concerned, there are many aspects that fans can explore. Ruy has turned against his king. Thus, it will form the most important setting of the future season. Moreover, the makers might continue Urraca’s story as well.

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Who Will Be Returning To The Second Season?

Most of the main characters will return to the expected season. Jaime Lorente will reprise his role of Ruy, aka El Cid. Further, Lucia Guerrero and Elia Galera would mark their entry into season 3 as Jimena and Queen Sancha, respectively. Equally important, Francisco Ortiz is bound to return to the role of Sancho. Further, Alicia Sanz will join the cast as Infanta Urraca alongside Jaime Olias as Alsonso. Apart from these actors, Nicolas Illoro and Amparo Alcaraz will appear as Garcia and Alberta accordingly. Moreover, the chances for new faces to join in are less. Even the second season had a few new hybrids. Thus, the next installment might feature the previous cast only.

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El Cid Season 3: Release Date

Since El Cid Season 3 has not been announced yet, it will likely undergo various processes before being released. If renewed by this year, scripting will most probably take three to four months for the final draft. It will be followed by casting and figuring out several filming locations. Furthermore, the entire shooting might take more than six months to complete. Hence, El Cid Season 3 might hit the screens by late 2024.

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