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Black Sails Season 5: Starz Renew The Show? Will The Pirates Return?

Black Sails broke the common perspective of history dramas being said as boring. The series is full of adventure, and one cannot risk missing any bloody journey of the pirates. The crew of pirates sailed the ship for four seasons. With the last war in West Indies, the series has stunned its fans every time. As soon as season 4 was watching its end, fans began speculating about Black Sails Season 5. Half a decade has passed, and there are still no future chapters of the same. So, fans are anxiously hunting about the new chapter. Here’s why the series didn’t appear before the fans since 2017.

Regarded as the joint venture of Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, Black Sails is a Starz original show. Interestingly, it was only in January when a fresh season was dropped. The debut installment was released on January 25, 2014, followed by a sequel on January 24, 2015. Moreover, the final chapter wrapped itself up in April 2017. Black Sails is originally a prequel to ‘Treasure Land.’ Furthermore, the historical drama garnered mixed reviews. Also, the overall ratings were satisfying for the makers.

Will There Be Black Sails Season 5?

Black Sails, STARZ

Black Sails would have sailed more, but things are not in place. On July 20, 2016, Starz announced season 4 to be the last chapter. This washed away all the possibilities related to season 5. Earlier, there were significant expectations from the creators to bring season 5. But, clearing out the air, Starz officially shelved all future seasons. With no plans for the renewal, fans only have four seasons to enjoy the series.

Moreover, no specific and detailed reason for the same appeared. Neither Starz nor the creators uttered any major reason behind the abrupt decision. It is quite impossible for Black Sails to return.

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What Might Have Happened Next In Black Sails Season 5?

Jack and his team of pirates landed at Skeleton Island. They were trying to save the people from Roger’s attack. Many died, and some of them survived on the island. On the other hand, Jack, along with his crew, was chasing Rogers and Eurydice. The former eagerly wanted to end the clash, and hence, a final battle was called for Rogers. Using some tricks, Eurydice was seized. Meanwhile, Flint and Silver sailed back to Skeleton Island. It had a treasure, and the two were anxiously searching for it. Further, Jack was back in Philadelphia to have a conversation with Marion Guthrie. In contrast, Flint left for Savannah.

Black Sails, STARZ

With more seasons being released on Starz, the story was moving closer to ‘Treasure Land.’ Initially, there were plans to adapt the novel’s story directly. But, the idea of creating a prequel garnered a high viewership level. Few people were expecting season 5 to revolve around Luke Arnold. However, season 5 had a higher possibility of turning out as a spin-off. Since most of the main characters had a comforting ending, a spin-off would have been planned. Apart from it, the following season might have focused on Mary Read.

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Which Characters Would Return In The Next Season?

Captain of the Walrus. James McGraw was bound to return. There were no reasons why Toby Stephens would not continue doing the role. Hannah New and Luke Android might have appeared as Eleanor Guthrie and John Silver, respectively. Moreover, Tom Hopper could reprise his character of William ‘Billy Bones’ Manderly. In addition, Jessica Parker Kennedy had a possibility of returning to the screens as Max. Apart from these actors, Toby Schmitz would surely portray Jack Rackham.

Talking specifically about season 4’s characters, Chris Larkin, Clyde Berning, and Milton Schorr could have returned to season 5 as well. Mike Westcott and Dale Jackson possessed a probability to re-appear in the future.

Black Sails Season 2: Release Date

Black Sails, STARZ

January has always been the month for Black Sails. Also, except for season 4, all the installments ended in March. Thus, after 2017, January 2018 would have marked the release of the fifth chapter. But sadly, after the cancellation, Black Sails Season 5 is not happening in the future. However, if makers change their minds, a revival is possible in the coming few years.

Moreover, in case Starz picks the drama for future seasons by late 2023, season 5 could release by the end of 2024. It might also be extended to 2025. Meanwhile, we will keep updating you about the same. Keep reading at TECH RADAR 247!

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