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Dollface Season 3: Renewed By Hulu? Releasing In 2023?

Dollface, Hulu

As Jules Wiley struggled to keep balance in her life, humor continued to take over her life. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Jules was mending her relationship with her friends. Moreover, Dollface was not only about the comedic plot. It successfully planted the seeds of melodrama as well. So far, the American comedy series has spawned two seasons. With average reviews and a convincing viewership level, it was renewed for the second season. However, after the end of season 2, the fans are looking forward to Dollface Season 3.

Created for Hulu by Jorda Weiss, Dollface debuted in November 2019. It was followed by the sequel in 2022. Both installments were ten episodes long and remained intact to the plot. The story revolves around a young woman who begins focusing on her friendship after her relationship fails. The girl gang tries to keep a balance between the r work, love life, and whatnot. Nevertheless, Dollface is considered a light-hearted entertainment show that can make up our day.

Will There Be Dollface Season 3?

Dollface Season 3
Dollface, Hulu

After Dollface season 2 wrapped up, viewers began anticipating another chapter. Since the team was already into making more than a season, the third installment had high hopes. Things were going alright until May 2022 brought a disappointing piece of news. The series was canceled for future seasons. Thus, Dollface Season 3 would lie in the dark. However, neither the makers nor the streaming partner opened up to an explanation. Therefore, the abrupt cancellation was a bit shocking for the fans.

Since Hulu didn’t show up with a reason for its decision, viewers are already making speculations concerning it. Many of the stars who worked in Dollface have shifted to another project. Lilly Singh is busy with her next venture, The Muppets Mayhem. She, however, joined Dollface in the second season.

Brenda Song played the character of Madison Maxwell in the show. Lately, the actress is geared up for her contribution as a voice artist in the Blue Eye Samurai. It is touted as a Netflix animated series. Hence, the cast of Dollface has already parted, and each individual is focused separately. So, this might be the reason why Dollface Season 3 could not be executed by the team.

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What Could Have Happened In The Next Season?

Dollface, Hulu

Jules appeared at CAMLA for a job interview and was waiting for the results. Meanwhile, she decided to quit Woom and elaborated the entire matter to Celeste. Later on, Jules got to know that the job had slipped from her hands. The unavailability of the opportunity made her drive to the airport to meet Celeste. The latter had a flight for Maldives, and if she had left, Jules would have left repenting. On the other hand, Izzy and Liam reunited, and their relationship healed. Madison and Ruby were sorry for what they had done earlier.

Besides this, the entire group was invited to the opening event of The Gi Spot, a bar. Apart from it, Jules and Fender shared romantic moments and their feelings grew stronger for each other. Stella was eagerly ready to be in a relationship and informed the same to Liv. But the latter replied differently for Bruno. The climax showed Jules preparing a birthday present for Madison in her garage.

In the following season, the story could have picked up from where it left off in season 2. Also, it might have shown more about Jules’ life and her friendship. Nonetheless, the drama and comedic incidents would not have witnessed a significant decl ine.

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Dollface Season 3: Release Date

Dollface, Hulu

The second season was released in 2022, three years after season 1 was released. However, the second installment faced a delay due to the global pandemic. If the COVID-19 restrictions had not prevailed, the series might have been released before. Moreover, if Dollface saw a renewal for season 3, it could have dropped sometime in 2024. Scripting, production, and post-production take several months to complete. Hence, the third season had the possibility to premiere by the next year.

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