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Coyote Season 2: Releasing In 2024? What’s Next For Ben Clemens?

CBS All Access has always provided its viewers with several intriguing series to watch. Coyote lies on the same list. The crime drama was first released on January 7, 2021. Initially, it was planned for a ten-episode long season, but later on, it was reduced to six episodes. If you have watched the drama, you might have also explored the possibility of a second installment as well.

After the release of the first season, Coyote Season 2 witnessed a lot of attention. Coyote is the joint project of David Graziano, Michael Carnes, and Josh Gilbert. Earlier, the makers opted for Paramount Pictures, but the series was then sent to CBS All Access. The story centers upon Ben Clemens, played by Michael Chiklis. He has dedicated 32 years of his life to working as a Border Patrol officer. Later, he worked for those people he always wanted to keep out of the US.

Will There Be Coyote Season 2?

Coyote, CBS All Access

Even before the release of the first season, Coyote faced a challenging situation. The shift of the broadcasting partners was not addressed by the team officially. But it was already a serious issue for the team. Moreover, it was never discussed by the official team. So, it is unknown to the fans whether the makers will consider a second part or not.

However, talking about renewal, there are certain factors that are looked into carefully. The future of the drama highly depends upon the reception level and the viewership. The popularity is also reviewed by the team. Coming to Coyote, the drama bagged favorable reviews. On the other hand, it was pretty popular for CBS All Access to plan another installment. Also, the cliffhanger ending opened up more possibilities for the second season. Presently, there is no announcement regarding Coyote Season 2. The future of the drama is still uncertain, and the expected follow-ups are yet to receive a green light.

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What Will Happen Next In Coyote Season 2?

In the first season, a retired Border Protection agent, Ben Clemens, had to work for the people who he always kept from the country. While serving his post as an agent, he used all his powers and pushed those people away from the US forcefully. Interestingly, Ben was involved in illegal activity. Although his image of an honest officer prevailed, his morals and ethics were questioned. During his service, he broke his honesty and went on an unimaginable path.

Coyote, CBS All Access

Later on, Ben was completely surprised to see a tattoo on Maria Elena as it resembled his daughter’s tattoo. Further, Maria’s father wanted to protect her from a local gang. The gang arrived with the intention of harming Maria and gang rape her. To settle the dispute, her father chose death in exchange for her safety. Besides this, Ben Clemens began working for an underworld don. He got involved in the vicious chains of human trafficking and drug dealings.

Coyote has lots of aspects that are left unexplored. Hence, the second installment will answer the cliffhangers that season 1 left off. In addition, the story can dig into Ben’s past and prior work experiences.

Who Could Return In The Next Season?

Michael Chiklis will indeed reprise his character of a former agent, Ben Clemens. Juan Pablo Raba could return to the screens as Juan Diego “El Catrin” Zamora. In addition to them, Kristyan Ferrer and Octavio Pisano would appear as Dante and Sultan, respectively. Moreover, Adriana Paz can step in as Silvia Peña. In addition, the other main cast members will also return in the second season. Moreover, a couple of new hybrids might join the series.

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Coyote Season 2: Release Date

Coyote, CBS All Access

Ever since the first season concluded, various speculations appeared concerning the release date for the second installment. According to the latest reports, Coyote will be renewed after a few months. So, we expect it to drop sometime in 2024. However, it might face more delay as well.

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