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Romantic Killer Season 2: Finale Hints At A Potential Sequel! Will Netflix Renew?

Well, Netflix is famous for its vast entertainment collection in several languages. But when it comes to anime, the streaming giant never disappoints anyone. The global audience loves its anime collection, and its latest anime, Romantic Killer, is making everyone go insane. Soon after the first season wrapped up, fans couldn’t wait for Romantic Killer Season 2. The series ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, leaving fans with many questions. But will it happen? Or will it ever explore the female lead’s life? There are so many questions left to explore. But don’t fret. This is because we have got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know.

Romantic Killer, the rom-com manga written and illustrated by Wataru Momose, was serialized from July 2019 to June 2020. Soon after its success, Netflix picked it for an anime adaptation. The series dropped in 2022 and soon became one of the most-watched anime on the streaming platform. It focused on Anzu Hoshino, a high school girl who had no interest in romance. But suddenly, her life changed when a love cupid Riri entered her world and asked her to help her with his project.

Romantic Killer Season 2: Recent Update

At the time of writing, there’s no recent update regarding Romantic Killer Season 2. Well, it’s only been seven months since the streaming giant dropped the series’ first season. So, it’s quite early to guess when Netflix will make its official announcement. But the fans have already speculated what to expect from the second season. If you remember, the series ended on a cliffhanger; thus, there’s hope that it will return soon.

Romantic Killer Season 2

Romantic Killer Season 2: Renewal Status

Since Netflix dropped the first season in October 2022, fans have been waiting to know the future of Romantic Killer. No doubt, the anime captures the audience’s attention in its reverse harem-esque while exploring the choices protagonist makes in her life. However, it’s been more than five months, and neither DOMERICA (the studio house behind the series) nor Netflix announced an official statement. The series has yet to renew. But you may know Netflix anime don’t get greenlit right away. It sometimes takes longer time than expected to make a decision. So no need to give up.

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In fact, the anime secured a place in the top-ten Netflix anime within a few hours of its debut. Not only this, but the show also received a positive reception from its audience as well as critics. Many critics stated the anime was beautifully crafted. Apart from the streaming giant, the show did well on IMDb by earning 7.6 stars. Besides, it gained 8.1 stars out of 10 on MyAnimeList. Well, it can be a good help for the makers to return with the second run, as the anime is already highly critically acclaimed. In fact, the good part is the streaming giant hasn’t yet canceled the anime, hinting at its hope to return.

Is It Happening?

Although Netflix is yet to renew it for Romantic Killer Season 2, the series finale hints at a potential sequel. The anime ended with many cliffhangers, which set several storylines for the second season. In the end, Tsukasa and Junta started seeing Anzu as their potential love interest. But instead of picking up her partner, Anzu convinced the wizard Kate to consider Riri as one of her love interests. The credits rolled before the audience could get all the answers. Typically many animes do this to hint at the next run. However, there are several animes that ended on a cliffhanger but never had been returned. But let’s see the positive side now and hope the streaming giant will soon return with Romantic Killer Season 2.

Romantic Killer Season 2: Is There Enough Source Material?

Romantikku Kira is a romantic comedy manga by Wataru Momose that started serializing in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ in June 2019. It dropped the first manga in 2019 and released three volumes in 2020. Currently, the manga only has four volumes, and the anime adaptation has covered all four of them. But it doesn’t mean the streaming giant can’t explore the anime more. The manga also ended on a cliffhanger leaving the three characters’ life on the edge. So there’s a chance that the mangaka will return with more chapters, providing more material for the anime.

Romantic Killer Season 2: What Might Have Happened?

The first season introduced the female lead Anzu who was tasked to find the love of her life before graduating from high school. Her first love interest was Tsukasa. However, the anime took a dark turn when it revealed that Tsukasa’s distant nature was because of a stalker situation. Next was Junta, her childhood best friend who had a huge crush on her. Anzu’s third love interest was arrogant tsundere prince Hijiri, and the fourth one was bad boy Ryuya. However, they weren’t close to her as Junta and Tsukasa. While the entire season revolved around her interaction with her four suitors, it also introduced Riri, the antagonist who stirred problems for her.

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But in the season finale, everything changed. It explored Tsukasa’s stalker, Yukana. Despite being physically assaulted, Anzu stood beside Tsukasa and fought against Yukana. Hijiri stepped in, and with his family’s connection, he helped Tsukasa fight against Yukana. As for Riri, he wanted to protect everyone. So he used his magic, making Yukana lose her memories, especially those related to Tsukasa. After learning about the case, Tsukasa finally felt relief from his trauma and worked toward Anzu. However, Junta and Tsukasa appeared upset and admitted that Anzu only saw them as her friends. Meanwhile, Anzu asks the wizard Kate to accept Riri as her love interest.

Who Will Anzu Select As Her Love Interest?

While other anime like Ouran High School Host Club has a similar concept with the female leads, Romantic Killer proves that Anzu is relatively immune to falling in love. However, her bold proclamation to protect her friend, Tsukasa, shows that she does has feelings. But the first season-ending hints that she values her friendship more than her romantic relationship. Though she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for her any of her love interests, the second season may focus on how she develops feelings. Further, she insists on adding Riri as her love interest, hints that she somewhat likes this person and may explore their blossoming bond.

It Could Focus On Growth And Understanding

Although the stalker case is ended, Tsukasa will take time to heal. He may be hit with anxiety in the second season, but it won’t be as bad as he faced before. There’s also the matter of his feelings for Anzu and how he approaches her. Well, he’s aware of her nature and knows she rejects romance and values friendship more, just like him. But the second season may explore how the two bonds closer.

Meanwhile, the second season may focus on Riri. He always comes up with toxic love and the worst romantic cliches. But during his time in the human world, he learns more about friendship and its importance to Anzu. He even sacrificed himself to save them all, which shows the beginning of his character development. So now, the second season can focus more on his character development and how far he will go to make things workable in Anzu’s life.

Yukana May Return

Though it was brief, the finale included a glimpse of the wizard’s next assignment. In the short scene, Kate flew toward a purple-haired woman standing outside a hospital. Although her face wasn’t visible, one may speculate that the woman could be Yukana. So in the second season, Kate may help Yukana find the love of her life. It may also explore the redemption arc. Well, the first season hinted that she’s mentally unstable and needs psychological help. So the next season may bring some changes in her character.

Romantic Killer Season 2: Release Date

As mentioned above, Netflix has yet to renew the anime for the next season. Well, the streaming giant generally takes time to renew the anime. Further, the show has already covered the entire volume of the manga. But no need to fret. The cliffhanger hints that the mangaka will soon return with the next book, and considering he had released three volumes together, we can expect the same this time. So considering this, Romantic Killer Season 2 may return in 2025. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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