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Our Flag Means Death Season 2: Filming Completed! Releasing In 2023?

Our Flag Means Death, HBO Max

Our Flag Means Death Season 2: There would have been a few instances when period dramas featured romance more than historical wars. One of the best series that perfectly suits the period romance genre is ‘Our Flag Means Death.’ Although the title is more like battles and war, the series is highly praised for its story and concept. The series was developed originally for HBO Max and debuted in 2022. Set in the 18th century, the show is known for being a swashbuckler drama. The ten-episodes-long season 1 succeeded in attaining popularity not only in the native country but also earned recognition in other parts of the world.

Upon its release, the entire romantic series bagged attention and received significant media coverage. However, ever since the season finale finished airing, the American show has returned to the trends. Fans are curiously searching for Our Flag Means Death Season 2. Here’s everything you must know about it!

Created by David Jenkins, Our Flag Means Death has not only included romance and humor but is labeled as a witty sitcom series too. With a compelling story and an amazing cast panel, the drama has left an everlasting impression on the viewers. Moreover, we can say that the story is loosely based on the life incidents of an English pirate, Stede Bonnet. In the series, this character is played extraordinarily well by a New Zealand actor, Rhys Darby. The plot introduces us to a pirate born into a rich family. To prove himself a capable pirate, he leaves his comfortable life and piles of money behind. Later, he meets Edward Teach and quickly falls for him. The couple then faces a lot of struggles together.

Will There Ever Be Our Flag Means Death Season 2?

Our Flag Means Death Season 2
Our Flag Means Death, HBO Max

Of course, yes! The pilot episode of Our Flag Means Death was released on March 3, 2022, and the season finale dropped on March 24, 2022. Currently, the drama series is exclusively owned by HBO Max, and despite such restrictions, it garnered a huge viewership. The numbers increased over the course of its run, and it resulted in an impressive viewers count. On the other hand, the ratings and the reception are also convincing for the team as well as the original broadcast network. It also received appreciation from critics for its fresh take on the pirate’s world. On top of that, the LGBTQ+ representation seemed realistic, and the positivity in the characters took away fans’ hearts.

When it comes to Our Flag Means Death Season 2, fans can be happy as Our Flag Means Death has been renewed for another installment. In June 2022, season 2 was officially confirmed, and HBO Max picked it up for a new batch of episodes. Last December, a social media post revealed that the filming for the upcoming season had wrapped up officially. Samba Schutte and creator David Jenkins both took to their social media handles to share a snap of the clapperboard. Talking about the current status, it is expected that Our Flag Means Death Season 2 might be in the last stages of the post-production phase, and a trailer could drop anytime soon.

Is Our Flag Means Death Based On A True Story?

Our Flag Means Death, HBO Max

According to the media reports, the series is not completely based on a real-life incident. It rather draws loose inspiration from the life of Stede Bonnet. Even the creator, David Jenkins, was thrilled when he exclaimed about his drama accounting the real events. Despite adapting some of the aspects of a true story, Our Flag Means Death has many variations when compared to it. As per the details stated in Folger Shakespeare Library, originally, Stede was only 28 when he went for the pirate thing. However, the queer pirate rom-com shows the central character as a middle-aged man. Similarly, there are other aspects that have been modified to fit the story. Therefore, we can say that a strange true story has acted as a source of Our Flags Means Death.

Since Our Flag Means Death Season 2 is also on its way, it will be interesting to see whether or not the makers have taken a reference from history. Nonetheless, fans are expecting the reunion of Stede and Ed. Their relationship saw some complications in the previous season. So fans can expect the queer couple to reconcile. Well, HBO has yet to unveil the official synopsis of the planned second season. But one thing is clear Ed will embark on his journey alone with his crew, while Stede will reunite with his family in an attempt to figure out his true feelings for Ed.

Which Actors Will Return In The Next Season?

Our Flag Means Death, HBO Max

Rhys Darby is returning into the shoes of Stede Bonnet, while Taika Waititi is geared up to return as Edward ‘Ed’ Teach. In addition to them, Ewen Bremner as Nathaniel Button and Con O’Neill as Israel ‘Izzy’ Hands are expected to return. Joel Fry is also set to return as Frenchie, with Samson Kayo as Oluwande and Vico Ortiz as Jim. Fans will also get a chance to see Samba Schutee as Roach, Nat Faxon as Swede, and Mathew Maher as Black Pete.

The other remaining cast includes Kristian Nairn as Wee John, David Fane as Fang, and Guz Khan as Ivan. Interestingly, a couple of media outlets are claiming the return of Nathan Foad in his role as Lucius. The finale episode of the first season witnessed Blackbeard throwing him in the water. According to Den Of Geek, Jenkins tweeted a photo that included a hashtag, #justiceforluciusrip.

Our Flag Means Death Season 2: Release Date


Though the team has not revealed any date that might confirm the release of Our Flag Means Death Season 2. Since filming was completed the last year, the chances for it to return to the screens lie in 2023. We expect it to release on HBO Max in the last quarter of the year. Things will become more clear after a trailer is revealed. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates on the historical romantic drama, Our Flag Means Death!

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