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Tfue Net Worth: Fortnite Streamer Announces His Retirement! Here’s The Reason


Tfue Net Worth: Today, the world has progressed a lot. With the emergence of esports, streamers from across the world have established their career in this field. One of the popular streamers on YouTube is Turner Tenney. Though he is into a couple of esports, the young personality is best known for his skills in Fortnite. Originally named Turner Tenney, the player is also known to have streamed Destiny, Call of Duty, and H1Z1. But he then shifted to Fortnite after analyzing the popularity of the game. This is because it has continued to gain a special place in the world of esports.

Before landing on YouTube, Tfue was active on an American streaming service called Twitch. Surprisingly, he was banned from Twitch as he used a racial slur in one of his streaming videos. But after switching to YouTube, his popularity has risen to its peak. Since he has earned huge subscribers and has a decent fan following, Tfue Net Worth is the current concern of his admirers.

Why Did Twitch Ban Tfue?

But do you know the young player has faced a couple of bans on his streaming accounts, including permanent suspension of his Epic Games account? According to the reports, Tfue was accused of the illegal selling and buying of accounts. This act was completely against the company’s conditions. Hence, his account was never revived again on the platform. Moreover, apart from the 30 days ban on Twitch, the company again imposed a two-week suspension because of unknown reasons.

Tfue Net Worth

Talking about Turner’s education, the 25-year-old hadn’t completed his study. He went to the school only for a week and then was homeschooled. Currently, the Fortnite player lives in Florida. Prior to this, his residence was in California, and he had shared the room with other members of the FaZe clan.

Tfue Announces His Retirement Through A Video

The gamer, Tfue, had been at the top of his game over the years. His skills as an esports player have been a learning factor for other gamers. Despite huge subscribers on YouTube and other services, Turner has made an unexpected decision. He has announced his retirement from the world of esports and internet streaming. The 25-year-old posted a long-form video on YouTube and addressed his journey over the years.

While announcing his retirement, Tfue felt thankful to the people who supported him in his difficult times. He made his first appearance on YouTube in 2007, and since then, he has accomplished various achievements. The momentum of his channel was in a positive direction, but no one expected that Tfue would quit streaming Fortnite. For the unversed, Turner Tenney was not seen anywhere on the internet for about two months before retiring. While some fans came up with different theories, a few netizens were curious about how Tfue Net Worth would have gone down due to his internet absence.

Tfue Net Worth: How Much Does The Esports Player Earn?

Well, the former streamer, Tfue, is not dependent on a single platform. As already mentioned, the gaming sensation has been using several services, including Twitch. Talking about Tfue Net Worth, the figures reported are not exact. However, he is likely to earn millions through his video game streaming career. According to the media reports, Tfue is estimated to have an income of around $6 million. The numbers have significantly seen a steep rise in the last few months. But now, the American-born will no longer have such a source of earning. Since he has already retired, game streaming is apparently sidelined for now.


But prior to his retirement, Tenney earned a handful of income from Twitch and playing Fortnite. Tfue was one of the most followed and popular streamers on Twitch and was often compared to Ninja and Myth. His account surpassed over 7 million followers, and overall views on his videos touched the mark of 165 million plus views. On top of that, more than eighteen thousand subscribers were associated with the paid version. That means they had donated a specific amount to Tfue’s account on a regular basis. That ultimately boosted Tfue Net Worth. However, the exact amount earned by him on Twitch has not been determined yet.

Fortnite Collection!

However, the esports player would have definitely earned millions on an annual basis. Coming to his Fortnite tournaments, Tfue was promoted to the professional level of the game. He used to play on every advanced level and never feared the complexities. The young guy participated in a series of tournaments and made around $602,550. In 2018, when the game had its Fortnite Fall Skirmish Grand Finals, Tenney joined hands with Debbis Cloakzy Lepore and won the game. In addition to it, Tfue used to play Call Of Duty and PUBG. So, he would have earned from these games as well, boosting Tfue Net Worth.

Tfue Net Worth: Did He Earn From Social Media?


The gamer was active on all popular social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. He often agreed to paid promotions and collaborations. A few gaming companies had also approached him for endorsements of their products. The most recent deal that the Fortnite player was offered amounted to $140,000. But, due to unknown reasons, the offer was turned down by him. As of 2023, he has neither sponsorship nor an endorsement deal.

Moreover, in one of his YouTube videos, Tfue showed how he celebrated his birthday. The young mind claimed that he spent $1 million and met his fans. Not only this, but Turner Tenney also gifted Microsoft points to Xbox One players. All of his gadgets were of the latest model, and he owned a customized keyboard worth $3500. Thus, it’s safe to believe that Tfue Net Worth is estimated around $6 million.

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