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Jorja Smith Weight Gain: Singer Suffering From Eating Disorder?

Jorja Smith

Celebrities are often expected to live according to society’s expectations. This is one of the common reasons why people always brutally troll them. Now, Jorja Smith is also facing the same regarding her figure. It began when her new pictures surfaced, raising fans’ concern about Jorja Smith Weight Gain. Well, the English singer gained popularity with her debut album ‘Lost & Found.’ The same year she was given Brit Critics’ Choice Award too. Not only this, but she also went on to receive a prestigious nomination for the Grammy Award in the category of best new artist. Smith then released EP in 2016 and 2017. Four years later, the singer came up with a third EP ‘Be Right Back.’ The experimental song structure and the complexity of ideal womanhood portrayed in it were critically appreciated. But Jorja Smith is currently a hot topic because of Jorja Smith Weight Gain.

Who Is Jorja Smith?

Jorja Smith Weight Gain
Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith was born on June 11, 1997, in West Midlands to Peter and Jolene. Her father was a former musician, and her mom worked as a jewelry designer. It was her dad who influenced Smith and formed her interest in music. She was enrolled in piano classes at the age of eight and also received a music scholarship at Aldridge School. Jorja Smith also used to post her singing cover songs on YouTube, and that was when she was scouted by a manager. Shortly at the age of 18, the singer moved to London and continued to write songs. Although there were several videos on YouTube, she rose to prominence after her first two singles received global attention. Interestingly, Smith penned her first song when she was only eleven. Moreover, many don’t know that Jorja Smith is highly influenced by the Barbadian singer Rihanna’s fashion which inspires her.

Jorja Smith Weight Gain: Is She Pregnant?

After looking at one of the recent videos, people have started attacking the 26-year-old and showed curiosity about Jorja Smith weight gain. While many wondered what could have been the reason behind it, a few netizens speculated her to be pregnant. However, such rumors have been discarded by the official media outlets as the singer did not show up with the confirmation. Therefore, Smith is currently not expecting a child, and the rumors seem baseless. Well, the rumors began when she was spotted with Burna Boy in a concert. There, people noticed her belly to be bigger than in the past.

Shortly after, the celebrity posted a picture holding her stomach. Soon, social media users received a new target. Trollers consistently commented on her unconfirmed pregnancy. But that incident held no accuracy as well. Despite these factors, the Lost & Found singer never showed up in public to clear the air. Well, Jorja Smith Weight Gain is not a new concern that has found its place on social media. It has been several years since Grammy Award-nominated is facing such body shaming comments.

Jorja Smith Weight Gain: What Is The Reason For Her Curvy Look?

After the pregnancy rumors were nullified, her fans were more curious about Jorja Smith Weight Gain. They have often compared her before and after images. Although she is known for her distinctive angelic vocals, Smith is currently dealing with weird things being said on the internet. According to the insiders, the award-winning singer has gained 50 pounds. There is a couple of videos and photographs of hers whose comments section is full of body-shaming statements.

Since the reason behind her apparent weight gain has not been stated, things are uncertain. Despite being trolled online, Jorja Smith has not addressed the negative comments. But, she is not stressed about her looks and is setting another example for body positivity. If you have been following her on Instagram, you might have noticed Smith posting her pictures fearlessly, smoothly avoiding Jorja Smith Weight Gain stories. In fact, she explained that reading backlash statements is not a part of her routine. Talking about her diet plan, Jorja has not revealed specific details about it.

Fans Supported Jorja Smith

On the other hand, she is reported to have been visiting the gym on a regular basis. It is quite possible for her to see a trainer to exercise effectively. Nevertheless, some of the fans’ theories suggest that Jorja Smith might have been suffering from an eating disorder that could have led her to put on some carbs. One of the users also claimed Jorja had neglected her healthy diet. But then, none of the assumptions are said to be true. Twitter is full of reactions and a few meme materials that are centered upon Jorja Smith’s videos. In contrast to this, her fans have shown their support and referred to her as beautiful as always. For them, the singer is such a personality who only minds her business and does not worry about anything else.

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