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Scream Queens Season 3 Is In “Works” Says Ryan Murphy Ahead Emma Roberts’ Confirmation!

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Scream Queens Season 3: Coming from a team of talented filmmakers, Scream Queens is highly successful in creating its place among the audience and the critics. With its sharp humor and horror elements, this TV series received mixed reviews. It debuted in 2015, while the sequel landed the following year. The drama premiered originally on Fox as well as Hulu. But sadly, Scream Queens ended abruptly, even after having a unique script and cast. The network canceled it washing away all the expectations of fans. The dark comedy had a cult following, but the network never explained the decision to cancel the show. However, Scream Queens Season 3 has returned to the trends after the creator, Ryan Murphy, shared a shocking update. His words on Twitter hint at a positive aspect of the slasher TV series. So is it happening?

Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, Scream Queens has received much appreciation for its ensemble cast. With Emma Roberts and Skyler Samuels leading the cast, the black comedy drama became more enthralling. According to the media reports, Ryan felt the story reached its saturation following the release of the first two installments. Initially, sources claimed that the director had no plans of exploring more. Nonetheless, there’s a ray of hope concerning the third installment. On the other hand, the female lead actor Emmy Roberts has also shown up with her views on potential Scream Queens Season 3. Thus everything is connected to each other. Here’s what we know about it!

Is There Any Chance Of Scream Queens Season 3? What Is The Renewal Status?

Scream Queens ran for 23 episodes, and the entire flick had a cult following throughout its run. Following its cancellation in 2017, no one ever wondered that Ryan Murphy would spill a major update about Scream Queens Season 3. In February 2019, the director expressed his wish to develop a reboot of Scream Queens. Discussing the same on social media, he went on to take recommendations and feedback from the fans regarding its format.


On the other hand, he seemed optimistic about bringing the show back on the screen. In an interview with Deadline, Murphy explained that he worked for Netflix but can return with the series if Fox wants to. Although he was teasing a revival, one of the strongest hints that we ever received was a comment on an Instagram post. When a user tagged him and asked about Scream Queens Season 3, the 57-year-old wrote, ‘Working on that.’ Well, it can be a possible joke, but it seems like Ryan Murphy is still not willing to give up on the comedy-drama.

Another factor that adds more relevance to the possibility of season 3 is the recent updates of the social media accounts. The series’ social media handles have been used for promotion and marketing from the beginning. Surprisingly, the profile picture has been updated, but the account has no mention of Fox. With this change, fans are speculating that the revival is possible, but it is likely to move to another network.

Will Emma Roberts Join Scream Queens Season 3? What Did The Actress Say?

Scream Queens is known for its uncommon blend of humor and horror. After Ryan shared his enthusiasm, Emma Roberts has also thrown light on season 3. In an exclusive interview with ComicBook.com, the star opened up about her character. She spoke about how the audience still remembers ‘Chanel Oberlin.’ The actress was happy to discover the strong impact she made on people who loved Halloween and horror.

Scream Queens Season 3

Adding more to her statement, Emma said that she was ready to show up in another season. She felt that now was the time when Scream Queens Season 3 would be perfect to be developed. Although Roberts was clueless about the broadcast network, she seemed interested in making a future installment. Concluding her words, the actress mentioned her interest and willingness to return to Scream Queens.

Besides this, the female star also sat down with ET and confessed that a revival was not dependent on her. Many users have asked about the same on her social media handles, as it has made Emma ready to reprise her role again. Hence, the reunion of the cast and crew is highly anticipated, and we might hear about the expected revival soon. On the work front, Emma Roberts will be seen in the upcoming comedy movie titled Space Cadet. Some of her popular roles include Serena Belinda in American Horror Story: Cult and Brooke Thompson in American Horror Story: 1984.

Scream Queens Season 3: Release Date

Things will become clearer after an official announcement. So far, Scream Queens has landed only on various speculations, and no confirmations have been made. According to media insiders, the drama is likely to shift to the streaming giant, Netflix. It is because Ryan Murphy is currently working for the platform. On top of that, none of the social media accounts have mentioned Fox’s name after the recent changes. 


However, if revived, Scream Queens Season 3 will take almost a year or more to complete its filming and post-production process. Keeping these factors in mind, we expect it to drop sometime in early 2025. But it can be pushed ahead as well. Meanwhile, if any update drops in, we will update the section as soon as possible. Till then, keep reading at TECH RADAR 247 for more updates on your favorite shows!

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