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The Purge 6: Boss Teases “Shocking Update!” In Development?

The Purge 6: All the horror fans gather up! When discussing horror films, The Purge cannot be in the backseat. The dystopian setting and thought-provoking plots are enough to define its legacy. The journey that started in 2013 still has a compelling take. None can deny that The Purge is the most popular horror franchise in the industry. As per the official records, the makers have already sparked five films and have performed satisfactorily. In addition to the convincing commercial success, the franchise is known for iconic dystopian movies. Although The Forever Purge seems like the last chapter, The Purge can have another movie. This speculation has ultimately increased the level of excitement of the fans. They are now wondering whether or not The Purge 6 Release Date is on the way. But the insiders have recently dropped an important update about it. Let’s see!

Is The Purge 6 Happening? Did The Production Begin?

Directed by James DeMonaco, The Purge was released on June 7, 2013. A year later, the makers dropped a sequel titled Anarchy, and the journey continued till 2021. However, The Forever Purge was said to be the last installment of the franchise, but that situation has changed. It is rare for the horror franchise to stop producing more installments until it lands on a final conclusion. Therefore, there is a possibility for The Purge 6, and the probability eventually made it one of the most-anticipated projects of the horror genre.

The Purge 6

Well, it is quite uncertain whether or not The Purge 6 would develop. But, according to the latest updates, director James DeMonaco already has an idea about the future chapter. Initially, he believed that the franchise would end with The Forever Purge. But now he is convinced to continue things and has got the inspiration for a follow-up. However, James admitted that Universal Studios is not ready for the sequel because of budget factors. In addition to this, Jason Blum has said that The Purge 6 has not been tagged as the confirmed project. So, things are uncertain at the moment.

The Script Is Ready!

But according to Collider, the creator of The Purge, James DeMonaco, has already finished working on the scripts. It also reported that Frack Grillo would be in the lead role, and the story would delve into the aftermath of The Forever Purge events. In fact, the Wikipedia page of the franchise has already created a separate section for the untitled sixth Purge film. But the entire team has not been decided. This ultimately claims that the producers and other crew members are not decided.

What Will Happen In The Purge 6?

As of now, the story for The Purge 6 is not confirmed. But, sources have claimed that the untitled film would continue from the point where the fifth installment left off. So, it is quite important to discuss the tales of The Forever Purge.

The Purge 6

The film was set in 2048 and had several political events running simultaneously. Eight years after the presidential election, the NFFA was again in the government. Following their restoration, racial supremacy and nativism came into existence across the country. Meanwhile, Juan and Adela illegally crossed the border and entered Texas. The couple was actually trying to escape from a drug cartel. They even joined the migrant community. But in the last scenes of the film, the country is divided.

The latest updates suggested that DeMonaco highlighted issues like sexuality and religion that might play a vital role in The Purge 6. On top of that, the filmmaker is planning to make it on a more massive budget than any other sequels.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of The Purge 6?

It is difficult to say who will be back in the cast of The Purge 6. It has been a decade since the franchise had its last film. Thus, the chances for the cast to return is almost nil. However, we can expect Frank Grillo to be back on the screens. Other names on the list that are expected to be back are Ana de la Reguera as Adela and Tenoch Huerta as Juan. Apart from them, anti-Purge politician Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) from Election Year is also speculated to reprise their respective roles in The Purge 6. However, a proper confirmation of the cast is yet to be made public.

The Purge 6

The Purge 6 Release Date

Since the development of The Purge 6 is uncertain, nothing is clear at the moment. Therefore, it is obvious that The Purge 6 Release Date has no details as of now. Unless and until the creators will make an official statement regarding its production, we cannot have an exact date. Moreover, fans are expecting The Purge 6 to drop sometime in 2024 or 2025. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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