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Justin Herbert Gay: NFL Star Agrees To Contract Extension Amid Sexuality Rumors!

Justin Herbert Gay: It is common for the players to extend their agreements with their respective teams. But what Justin Herbert has agreed to is completely extraordinary. The Los Angeles Chargers player agreed to an extension deal worth millions, grabbing one of the top positions in the NFL. He has a history of a couple of multi-million dollar sales, giving groundbreaking moments for sports lovers. Apart from it, Justin’s on-field performance has also created captivating headlines. But this time, what has kept the show going is Justin Herbert Gay speculations. The star quarterback of the Los Angeles Chargers is assumed to be gay, and it has eventually led people to doubt his sexual orientation. Well, there must be certain reasons behind such assumptions. So, is Justin Herbert Gay? Here’s the entire backstory!

Is Justin Herbert Gay? Who Is His Guy Partner?

Most of the time, fans have always noticed Justin giving his best in NFL. Every sports enthusiast is well aware of his attractive figure and physique. So, it is quite evident for female fans to develop an uncontrollable attraction for him. However, the scenario has changed a bit following the arrival of Justin Herbert Gay speculations. There are a couple of posts on social media that have commented deliberately on Justin Herbert’s sexual orientation.

Justin Herbert

Talking more specifically about them, the NFL star has never been linked to any guy. The reason why such assumptions are making rounds on social media is Justin Herbert’s looks. Initially, his long blond hair and clean-shaven face lay down the foundation of gay rumors. Further, over the years, the assumptions gained more spotlight and are still intact. However, the professional football player has not addressed the issue publicly. In addition to this, there are no reports that confirm him being gay or having a guy partner. Hence, it will be safe to debunk Justin Herbert Gay rumors that currently have no valid and convincing reasons.

Justin Herbert Gay: Is He Dating Someone?

The American Football Quarterback, Justin Herbert, is believed to be dating Taylor Bisciotti secretly. Like most sports celebrities, the 25-year-old has never discussed his personal life on camera. But despite his efforts to keep a low-key romantic life, we have already found a name that could be her rumored girlfriend.

Justin Herbert And Taylor Bisciotti

Netizens believe that Herbert and Taylor are dating each other and are going out. But neither of them has acknowledged the rumors nor clarified anything on this ground. But a few sources suggest that the pair were seen together in 2021 and that too several times. Bisciotti even shared an interview clip on social media with the NFL player. But it seems like even being together as a couple, the duo is not interested in making their relationship public.

Justin Herbert Net Worth: The Sports Star Agrees To A Deal Worth Millions!

There’s no second thought that Justin Harbert has made himself to the list of the highest-paid players in the NFL. His position gained more strength after he agreed to a massive extension deal worth millions. According to the latest reports, the Los Angeles Chargers player has given his nod to terms on a 5-year, $262.5 million contract extension. The deal saw the light of day before the Chargers opened up the training camp. As of what ESPN reported, the contract has a no-trade clause. Further, the official agreement consists of full guarantees worth $133.7 million and $193.7 million in injury guarantees. However, specific terms are yet to be disclosed by the officials. Last year Justin’s rookie card fetched around $1.8 million. He has ultimately joined the ranks of other NFL icons, such as Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady, which has boosted Justin Herbert net worth.

Justin Herbert

Coming to Justin Herbert Net Worth, the Chargers quarterback is reported to be earning around $6 million, thanks to his successful career and other endorsement deals. Undoubtedly, his income will have a steep rise following the agreement extension mentioned above. Not only this but Justin’s career is also expected to witness an extraordinary achievement and might have an increment in his base salary. Apart from all this, Herbert is speculated to grab more endorsement deals. In 2021, he had Nike as his endorsed company.

Justin Herbert Career: When Did He Join Los Angeles Chargers?

It was since high school that Justin Herbert was interested in football, baseball, and even basketball. His keen interest in football led him to pursue it even in college. The player was a significant figure in both his junior and senior seasons. In 2016, he entered his true freshman season at Oregon and started at quarterback. Later on, he entered his third collegiate season, and in 2019, he announced his return to Oregon for his senior season. Coming to his professional career in NFL, Justin Herbert was selected by the Los Angeles Chargers in the 2020 NFL draft. Now after signing the five-year extension, he will remain with the team until the 2029 season. This is all about Justin Herbert Gay. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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