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Carson Daly Weight Gain: The Voice Host Reveals Suffering In “Silence!”

Carson Daly Weight Gain: If you have been following The Voice for a long time, you must have appreciated Carson Daly’s interactive hosting skills. The TV personality has been on various successful shows, including MTV’s Total Request Live. Carson is also a well-known radio personality and producer. Though he has been on a couple of shows, NBC gave him more prominence in the industry. Well, Carson Daly has always been interested in working in radio. As a result of which, he ended up being one of the most popular TV personalities in the US. But the concern that has made him appear in the headlines is his physique. It has been a few months since social media is witnessing the circulation of Carson Daly Weight Gain speculations. This is because he looked puffier in his recent pictures. Well, the ubiquitous TV presenter is said to have put on weight. Is it so?

Carson Daly Weight Gain: what led him to put on extra Pounds?

It is common for celebrities to deal with anxiety and stress due to hectic schedules. Either work pressure or complications in personal life can lead to bad health. This is what happened with Carson Daly. The TV personality has always spoken and acknowledged his life aspects. The Total Request Live host recently opened up about battling generalized anxiety disorder and discussed its ill effect on his life.

Carson Daly

A few years back, Carson took to Twitter to discuss his experience. According to the tweet, he was trying to cope with his feelings of panic, fear, and worry. This ultimately led him to opt for anti-anxiety medication. Hence, fans believed that Carson Daly Weight Gain resulted from the side effects of the treatment. The American radio personality also felt the same until his doctor clarified. However, there is a small percentage of truth in saying that his anxiety issues have apparently contributed to Carson Daly Weight Gain.

After finding a significant change in his physique, The Voice host contacted his doctor. He asked whether his weight gain had anything to do with the prescription of drugs. While he believed his recent weight gain to be a side effect of the anti-anxiety drugs, the doctor denied such claims. The latter discarded the theory of side effects and called Carson Daly Weight Gain a byproduct of his happiness.

Deleted The Twitter Post!

Carson Daly

It seems like, after realization, Carson Daly deleted the Twitter post that he made regarding his weight gain. Hence, the statements are no longer available on his official account. However, there were several Twitter users who thanked him for his honesty. They even shared their experiences and revealed facing such disorders. Moreover, according to experts, when Carson Daly discussed the disorder and confessed to taking medications, it helped to break barriers in society. When a celebrity addresses such issues publicly, people start creating conversations openly.

Carson Daly Weight Gain: The Host Opens Up About Mental Health!

Like many other TV stars, Carson Daly also opened up about mental health. He posted an inspiring message on Instagram on the occasion of World Mental Health to spread awareness among people. The post showed his gratefulness towards those who help others. The Today correspondent revealed about suffering in silence. He asked people to consider their mental health since it’s as important as their physical health. The 50-year-old emphasized being OK with not being OK about something.

Replying to this Instagram post, fans appreciated the host being candid about his struggle. That further led to Carson Daly Weight Gain. One of his fans wrote that he admired him for his honesty. His public revelation has helped the audience to break negative stereotypes related to mental health disorders. Moreover, Carson Daly has also thrown light on the ways that he uses to cope with his anxiety. The entertainer has mentioned doing exercises and mindful breathing for relaxation.

Carson Daly’s Health Update!

The NBC star has always been vocal about his health and other issues. For the last few years, he has been suffering from chronic back pain. The pain was so severe that he had to undergo surgery for the second time in three months. Carson Daly has given an update on his health post-surgery check-up. He shared a photograph of his X-ray on Instagram and captioned it with “Hello, quick update.” Soon, his followers wished him for his speedy recovery.

For those who are unknown, the TV star took a break from work to recover from the surgery. He had a spacer in his spine that made him difficult to do his job effectively. The chronic lower back pain resulted from a past injury that happened in the nineties. In July 2022, Carson Daly had his first back surgery, but he needed a follow-up as well. As of now, The Voice host looks fine and healthy regardless of Carson Daly Weight Gain.

Carson Daly Mocked A Correspondent’s Outfit!

During the show, Today In the Wild Segment, Carson Daly made fun of a correspondent’s outfit. He, along with Savannah Guthrie, brutally mocked one of their wildlife reporters, Sam Brock. In one of the segments, he was recorded wearing a mesh hoodie over a collared shirt. The reporter was actually talking about crocodiles in the wild during the episode. Savannah Guthrie started the mocking incident, and then Carson Daly joined her. However, the conversation did not spark any controversy, but everyone on the show had a good laugh.

Carson Daly Net Worth: Is He A Millionaire?

As per the different online media sources, Carson Daly net worth is estimated to be $40 million. Most of his fortune comes from his career as a TV Producer, radio personality, and show host. Since he is again on The Voice 2023, his earnings will see a significant surge. The fifty-year-old also hosts a special event for NBC. Hence, it is not entirely surprising for him to be making millions annually. In 2013, he purchased a property in Long Island worth $6.5 million. As of now, his total real estate assets are speculated to stand at $20 million. This is all about Carson Daly Weight Gain. For more details, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247.

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