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Damaris Phillips Weight Loss: MASSIVE Transformation Leads To Health Concern!

Southern At Heart star Damaris Phillips is known for various reasons. Well, the TV personality has achieved great heights after appearing in the Food Network Star Championship 2013. Since then, fans have loved her excellent recipes and are excited to see her on the Summer Baking Championship Season 2 judging panel. However, she looked different when she made her media appearance, thus sparking Damaris Phillips weight loss rumors. Now people are keen to get bottom into it to learn whether or not the star chef has shed some pounds organically. Let’s see what Damaris says about her weight loss journey and how she has achieved this milestone.

A Look At Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Journey

Damaris Phillips is known for her brilliant and mouth-watering style of cooking. She gained recognition after participating in the 2013 Food Network Star Competition. Interestingly, she won the cooking reality show and earned the top chef title. Soon after, the star chef returned with her own “Southern At Heart” season before co-hosting “The Bobby And Damaris Show.” However, over the years, fans noticed her in her curvy state. Damaris looked way too puffy and busty back then. But things have changed now. Recently, fans have noticed a drastic transformation in Damaris Phillips’ figure. It quickly sparked discussion regarding Damaris Phillips weight loss journey.

Damaris Phillips

However, Damaris has yet to open up about her transformation and what led her to work on herself. Well, it’s common for chefs to develop unhealthy food habits, as it’s challenging to resist the temptation of the delicious food they make. The same goes for Damaris Phillips. But the star chef decided to break the norms. Although little is known about Damaris Phillips weight loss transformation, she has changed her unhealthy food habits. As per the source, the 41-year-old started following a healthy lifestyle. She opted for carb-free meals and changed a little in her food supplement.

The reality star was once overweight but lost considerable pounds after removing simple carbohydrates and sweets. She achieved the picture-perfect figure by consuming low-carb, high-fiber, and fewer greasy meals. Besides this, Damaris Phillips weight loss journey is also the result of her consistent workout regime.

Damaris Phillips’s Five Secrets To Staying Healthy

While Damaris Phillips weight loss transformation is buzzing, the celebrity chef opened up about her philosophy of building a healthy and strong bond with her body in 2014. Southern At Heart host said that it’s essential to learn and focus on how your body works instead of how it looks like. The star chef believed that people needed to know about their bodies before fasting or cutting carbs. Even body health can determine whether the person can lose or put on some pounds. Thus, the celebrity discussed her secrets of staying healthy and balanced in her Food Network Show, Southern At Heart.

Stay In The Moment When You Eat

Damaris Phillips

Well, being a culinary instructor, Damaris Phillips has to frequently taste-test her student’s dishes. So she believes it’s important for her to be present when taste-testing. This is because it avoids triple-taste foods. Even this minor detail can help prevent the development of fat in her waistline. Further, by focusing on each bite, she can also enjoy the food and its taste. This same practice also helps her to realize when she’s full.

There’s Nothing Like “Good” And “Bad” Food

Damaris Phillips addressed in the show that people should consider the delicious part instead of focusing on which food is healthier for them. She said one should forget about “good” or “bad” food. In fact, preparing your diet plan based on which food is healthful is not the right thing. As per Damaris Phillips, one should eat as per their taste, but they should also know its pros and cons. She added, “I should eat broccoli,” not because it’s healthy but because it’s tastier when roasted.

Eat Small Meals

It’s easy to binge on junk food when the place tempts you. However, eating small meals throughout the day has proven to help in Damaris Phillips weight loss transformation. The celebrity chef revealed that instead of eating everything at once, she believed consuming a little at a time was better. She also stated that she snacks a lot and used to eat almond milk-nut butter smoothies, almonds, avocado with tuna fish, or peanut butter throughout the day.

Skip The Deep Fryer

Well, it’s quite challenging to avoid deep-fried dishes, especially when you live in a Southern area. This is because most Southern foods are deep-fried. However, Damaris has developed a strategy that helps her savor deep-fried food without even deep frying them. She revealed that it’s better to pan-sear the dish and finish it in the oven later. It helps her enjoy such food without even deep frying it.

Smart Experiments

Another significant move that helped in Damaris Phillips weight loss journey was smart swaps. She revealed that instead of removing the fat from her meal, she added nutrient-rich foods. She said she added food that could help her muscles build and the vitamins she needed. Thus she added protein-rich Greek yogurt in her meal and omega-3-rich walnuts into her salads to start a healthy routine.

Fans Doubted: Damaris Phillips Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

While many appreciate Damaris Phillips weight loss, several rumors claim that the chef has undergone surgery to shed such a considerable amount. Well, it remains unclear how much she weighed before. But the TV personality is currently 143 pounds which is ideal for her. Further, the amount she has shed has yet to be disclosed. Despite that, many claim that she has performed surgery for speedy transformation. Her loyal fandom has supported her while surgery rumors are doing the rounds. They believe she has gradually lost some pounds, and the credit goes to her dietary adjustments and exercise regime.

Is Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Because Of Severe Illness?

Besides weight loss surgery, people also believe Damaris has been fighting cancer. Such rumors have surfaced following Damaris Phillips weight loss transformation. Many outlets claimed that the chef had breast cancer. But it turned out to be a complete hoax. She’s doing fine, and there’s no sign of breast cancer. Thus all such rumors are baseless, and the TV personality lost pounds by organic method. She has been working on herself and hasn’t yet consumed drugs or suffered a severe illness. As of now, the star chef has lost 11-22 lbs and recently launched a website that contained several of Kentucky Derby’s party recipes.

Damaris Phillips Is Back With Summer Baking Championship Season 2!

After a brilliant freshman season, Food Network has renewed Summer Baking Championship Season 2. Well, the “Baking Competition” has recently arrived on the network featuring ten talented bakers competing for prize money worth $25,000 and the title. The contestants have to showcase their style by competing in summer-theme baking challenges, which test their knowledge of food. Recently Variety has reported that the network has announced its second run, including the cast details. Jesse Palmer will be back as the series host. Along with Jesse, Damaris Phillips, Duff Goldman, and Carla Hall will return to the judging panel.

Summer Baking Competition, Food Network

As per the reports, the show has gained an overall 1.20 rating among women and reached 12 million viewers across the network as well as Max and Discovery+. The food content at Warner Bros also said that Summer Baking Championship was the perfect lineup for their network. And after watching its perfect and successful first season, they are ready to return with Summer Baking Championship Season 2. The production is set to start later this year. Meanwhile, the second season will air the following year in the summer.

While the star chef hasn’t spoken about her weight loss journey, people still believe her transformation is natural. But what do you think about Damaris Phillips weight loss journey? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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