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Billy The Kid Season 2: Under Development! Set To Release This Fall!

Billy The Kid Season 2: With horses racing around the field and scarecrows in the farmlands, Billy The Kid is an American drama series that help escape the time. The Western-period setting of the story has contributed a lot to the show’s popularity. Even the filming locations have also been a center of attraction for the fans. Plus, the beauty of America and the wildlife have added a cherry to the cake. The series landed on Epix last year and captivated the audience with its gripping storyline. Thus as soon as the first installment finished airing, viewers began demanding another chapter, making Billy The Kid Season 2 one of the most-anticipated projects so far. Fans’ curiosity increased to such an extent that they have left no aspects untouched to know about the second season.

Created by Michael Hirst, the period drama showcase the journey of an Irish boy who gradually rise to prominence. He emerges as a well-known cowboy and gunfighter named Billy. Eventually, he became an important personality in Mexico during the war. Touted as a historical romance series, Billy The Kid is full of adventures. Beautifully shot in Kananaskis Country and Calgary, the series has created its own fanbase all over the world. Although it was released on different platforms in different countries, the series managed to maintain a decent performance.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Undergoes Production!


All those who were eagerly waiting for renewal can finally cheer up. Now, you all don’t need to know hustle as we have got you a positive piece of news. Streaming partner Epix has already announced the development status of Billy The Kid Season 2. On January 10, 2023, the platform greenlit the series for the sophomore installment fueling the interest of the people. Therefore, the Western drama is all geared up to return to the screen. With such an update in the pockets, how would one resist waiting for the upcoming chapter to release?

As far as production is concerned, there’s a lack of formal information in the media. Despite the renewal announcement, Billy The Kid has an unclear status regarding its development. Moreover, there are a couple of media reports claiming the filming for the second chapter to have started in May 2023. The first shooting schedule reportedly began in Alberta on May 23. On the other side, it might be wrapped up on September 1, 2023. Meanwhile, Paramount Plus announced open positions for the actors as the network is looking for more faces to cast in season 2. The casting call is for all the people lying between the age group of 5 to 85 years old. In addition, the actors can be of any gender, viz children, men, and women. Talking about the current scenario, Billy The Kid Season 2 might enter post-production in the next month.


Undoubtedly, it is the audience response and critical acclamation that maintained the series’ popularity. Talking about the reception, critics appreciated the cinematography and the performance of the main cast members. However, many of the platforms have provided mixed reviews. Despite that, Billy The Kid proved to be a success in reaching thousands of viewers throughout the first season.

Billy The Kid Season 2 Sets To Explore “The War!”

Billy recalled his father when he lay on the field. He thought of how his father inspired him while referring to stars. The following day, he crossed paths with Senorita and thus decided to start a conversation. Billy approached her, and they talked for a while. Meanwhile, McSween showed up with an important piece of information at a meeting. He confirmed that the war was to take place with Murphy and The House.

On the other hand, Murphy’s business venture was witnessing a downfall, and he feared that he might have to do rounds at the court. Due to all the illegal activities he committed, the court could have punished them severely. Interestingly, the law was on his opposite side. Since his friends were in high positions, he hoped for a settlement. Despite that, Murphy was already ready to face the worse. He then hired six more sharpshooters. So, it was very evident that he was planning to initiate the war. Meanwhile, Tunstall mentioned an advantage that could confirm their win in the battle. But surprisingly, Billy The Kid appeared and took over the situation. It all ended with The Lincoln Country War officially hearing the sounds of the conch shell.

MGM+ (formerly known as Epix)

Billy The Kid Season 2 will focus on the war that has already begun. Billy and Tunstall will make all their efforts to win over Murphy. Thus, the second installment will be much more exciting and interesting. Moreover, it will also explore Billy’s relationship with Senorita. Things will receive more clarity after a trailer for the upcoming season drops.

Who Will Return In The Next Season?

Tom Blyth has no reason to deny returning to the role of Billy the Kid. Thus, he is bound to appear in the second season and spread his charm over the audience. Vincent Walsh as Lawrence Murphy and Sean Owen Roberts as Bob Olinger are also set to join the cast in the next season. Besides them, Dakota Daulby, Ryan Kennedy, and Eileen O’Higgins are likely to reprise their roles as John Beckwith, Ash Upson, and Kathleen McCarty, respectively. Well, Billy The Kid Season 2 is expected to have more faces in pivotal roles, but the exact names are not confirmed.

Billy The Kid Season 2: Release Date


Despite a blurry production scenario, Billy The Kid Season 2 release date is announced. As per the media reports, the debut episode of the sophomore chapter is scheduled to release on October 15, 2023. A week later, fans will have the second episode on October 22. So it hints that the second run will follow a weekly release pattern. Produced by Epix, Nordic Entertainment Group, and MGM International TV Productions, Billy The Kid Season 2 will be made available on MGM Plus. Thus, it will be interesting to see how the makers have framed the story for the forthcoming season. Comment down your expectations from the plot. Keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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