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Tell Me Lies Season 2: Will It Be Back Soon In 2023? Find Out Here

No doubt, Tell Me Lies Season 2 is currently in buzz. But do you know Hulu’s enticing drama Tell Me Lies soon grabbed the fans’ attention the minute the streaming platform announced they were adapting Carola Lovering’s novel? Well, no doubt, the book has a huge fan following, and its avid readers are already aware of the twisted relationship it delves into. So, as soon as the show introduced the fans to the highly toxic romance between Lucy and Stephen, the fans clamored for more. So, is Tell Me Lies Season 2 on the cards? Grab your seats because we have pleasant news for the series fans. Hulu has finally dropped the most-anticipated news. So, without waiting too long, let’s learn about the sophomore run.

Created by Meaghan Oppenheimer, Tell Me Lies is an adaptation of a 2018 novel by Carola Lovering. The series takes place in 2007, where a freshman, Lucy Albright, meets Stephen DeMarco. Well, the series mainly focuses on the campus romance and how the couple gets closer. But as the show progresses, it gets darker than ever. Throughout the first season, the couples focus on their twisted relationship and how they are not perfect for each other. However, after a series of events, their college life gets messier.

Tell Me Lies Season 2 Is Back!

Tell Me Lies debuted in September 2022 and gained immense popularity. Since then, fans have been clamoring for the next season. The show’s unique blend of romance and tragic accidents has undoubtedly captured the fans’ attention, leaving no space to escape. It later drew the global audience’s attention, and the show received a positive reception of 86% on Rotten Tomoates. In fact, the series also turned out to be a highly critically acclaimed series of the year. Thus, it comes as no surprise why the audience loves the show so much.

Considering the viewership, Hulu quickly made its official announcement. Back in November 2022, the streaming platform officially renewed Tell Me Lies Season 2. Indeed! The series has always been fated to return based on its gripping storyline and massive cliffhanger in the end. Hence, as soon as the first season wrapped up airing on Hulu, the streaming platform announced the delightful news on Twitter, confirming it’s happening. The post read: “See you for Tell Me Lies Season 2,” leaving fans all excited and glad.

But Tell Me Lies Season 2 Production Is On Hold!

Sadly, we have not-so-delighted news for Tell Me Lies fans. Although the show secured a place in its fans’ hearts, it seems like it won’t manage to return soon. This is because the show has yet to undergo production. Well, despite getting an early renewal, the filming for Tell Me Lies Season 2 hasn’t started yet. Many believe the cast’s busy schedule is to be blamed. This is because the series star Jackson White (who plays Stephen DeMarco) is all set to join the Pet Sematary: Bloodlines cast. Well, the supernatural horror film will serve as the prequel to the 2019 movie of the same name.

Hulu, Disney+

The movie hit the records back then, and it’s expected to happen again. But the filming for Pet Sematary: Bloodline is already wrapped up. Now, the film will be released in September 2023 at Fantastic Fest. Hence, it implies that Tell Me Lies Season 2 production halt has nothing to do with the cast’s busy schedule. However, the show is believed to have fallen victim to the SAG-AFTRA strike. Because of the writers and actors strike in the US, it remains unclear when the second season will undergo filming. This is because the strike is expected to continue for a while.

A Quick Update On Actors-Writers Strike!

On May 2, the Writers Guild of America strike started when some 11,500 Hollywood writers left. Later, 160,000 actors did the same on July 14, leading to SAG-AFTRA another strike. Since then, the strike sees no point in stopping. In fact, things are getting worse, as one of the writers told in the interview that Hollywood decided not to produce more movies or shows. That can cost many people’s jobs. As of now, the strike continues while many writers want to return to work. Many also fear the changes in the workplace after the end of the strike. Hollywood is currently in the mixed emotions state, while Conlan, The Daily Show writer, said in the previous week that “the studios could end this tomorrow.”

Who Will Join Tell Me Lies Season 2?

Disney+, Hulu

Of course, the show will only be with Lucy and Stephen. So, undoubtedly, Grace Van Patten and Jackson White will return. They will once again bring some twisted but passionate romance to the audience’s plate. Besides them, Spencer House will join Tell Me Lies Season 2 as Wrigley. Catherine Missal as Bree, Alicia Crowder as Diana, and Sonia Mena as Pippa will also join the second season. Other cast include Zoe Renee as Charlie, Branden Cook as Evan, and Benjamin Wadsworth as Drew. However, Lily McInerny’s Macy was killed in the first season in a car accident. So, the chances of her return are little to none. But fans can expect to see her in some flashbacks.

What To Expect From The Next Season?

The first season ended on a cliffhanger, and it’s expected to explore the angle in the second season. Meaghan Oppenheimer has also teased what fans can expect from Tell Me Lies Season 2. Meaghan stated that the second season will get messier. Lucy dislikes Stephen’s closeness with Diana, which will later be reflected in her behavior. She will undoubtedly turn toxic, which will further affect her relationship. Additionally, the sophomore season will finally explain how Lucy’s best friend, Lydia, engages with Stephen. Besides this, Stephen is trapped in an accident when their relationship turns dark.

Hulu, Disney+

Well, Macy died in a car accident, but it’s believed that Stephen has some connection with her death. Things will become more dramatic when Macy’s death angle is explored. The more it delves deeper into her death, the more the situation will affect Drew. Besides this, Tell Me Lies Season 2 is also expected to focus on betrayal and retaliation. It will focus on Lucy’s toxic nature and how her desire for vengeance will impact everyone’s life.

Tell Me Lies Season 2: Release Date

While Hulu and Disney+ jointly renewed Tell Me Lies Season 2, it remains unclear when the sophomore season will return. Well, this is because the show’s filming has yet to begin. In fact, it remains unclear whether the scripting has concluded. Speaking about the Tell Me Lies Season 2 release date, it doesn’t seem like the show will return this year as the strike continues to play a crucial part. As for a tentative release date, the first season took almost six months to wrap up production. So, if the second season undergoes production later this year, it will return sometime in mid-2024. We will update this section soon. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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