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Billie Eilish Sexuality: Pop Star Reveals Her Female Crush On Social Media Handle!

Billie Eilish Sexuality: If young age and a bag full of accolades will have a face, it must be none other than Billie Eilish. The American singer is one of the most successful artists ever born in the music industry to date. Not only this, but the 21-year-old has also won seven Grammy Awards and an Academy Award. Well, she gained mainstream recognition following the release of her debut single, Ocean Eyes. But apart from her music career, Billie Eilish is also known for being outspoken regarding a few topics, including gender equality and body positivity. However, lately, the Bad Guy singer has been targeted for her sexuality concerns. While many people believe that she might be gay, others think of her as bisexual. Nonetheless, Billie recently addressed every gossip and cleared the air. Here’s what we know about Billie Eilish Sexuality.

Billie Eilish Sexuality: How Did The Rumors Sparked Off?

It is not easy for artists to avoid media headlines, especially when one’s popularity has reached the sky. The case is the same with Billie Eilish, who is under the radar for doubts regarding her gender identity. It is true that the singer has dropped numerous chartbusters, but one cannot ignore the music videos of her tracks. The musician is known for inculcating varied themes and choreography in MVs. But, following the release of ‘Lost Cause,’ things have changed. While Billie Eilish might not have expected, people accused her of queerbaiting. It is because of a few instances in the video that somehow seemed weird to the fans, and thus, Billie Eilish Sexuality concerns began doing rounds on the internet.

Lost Cause MV

Lost Cause shows a group of girls gathered over for a sleepover. They all eat snacks, play games, and dance around the house freely. Well, all these seemed fine until the girls began rolling over each other and, hence, attracted criticism. Many alleged Billie Eilish to have queerbaited her LGBTQ+ fans. Besides this, netizens believed that the 21-year-old might be calling herself queer without actually pursuing that particular sexual orientation. So, what’s Billie Eilish Sexuality? Well, the rumors strengthen when Eilish shared a few behind-the-scenes photos on her social media handles. Captioning the pictures, the musician wrote, ‘I love girls.’ Hence, many wondered whether Billie was just coming out of the closet and confirming her sexuality before the fans.

Not The First Time!

One thing to remember is that this is not the first time when Billie Eilish has been accused of queerbaiting. In fact, before Lost Cause, the Academy Award-winning musician received negative criticism for the track ‘Wish You Were A Gay.’ This track has also caused fans to be concerned regarding Billie Eilish Sexuality. But it apparently seemed like an attempt that the singer wanted an explanation for unrequited love. However, later on, she appeared in an interview and said that her song was misinterpreted. Explaining further, Billie Eilish said that the song was written when she was fourteen years old and loved a boy madly. She again added that it was supposed to be a playful and fun way to deal with the rejection. So, isn’t she queer?

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Sexuality: The Singer Addresses The Gossip And Speculations!

There is no second thought that the Bad Guy singer has been the subject of various controversial statements. In fact, Billie Eilish’s outspoken nature sometimes attracts huge attention but in a negative manner. Moreover, after being scrutinized for sexuality concerns, the Happier Than Ever star opened up about the criticism she had been facing for months. Billie was consistently accused of queerbaiting in the video of ‘Lost Cause,’ and thus, she faced backlash on the internet, too. Netizens were lashing out their anger at her and disapproved of the released MV. So, to address it, Eilish turned to Instagram and posted a series of video shots on her handle. Interestingly, her post fueled the rumors instead of clearing the air.

Furthermore, Billie Eilish appeared in an interview with Annie and asked why the media isn’t focused on the sex lives of male stars. In another explanation, she added that while everyone has an intense obsession with her sexuality, people don’t pay much attention to male artists. Clapping back at Billie Eilish Sexuality rumors, the star insisted that it is no one else’s business but her own concern. Initially, the No Time To Die singer was not bothered by the backlash or negative remarks on her life. In fact, she never intentionally created them. Billie always thought that a relentless drumbeat of criticism was bound to arrive with growing popularity in the industry.

Quitting Social Media!

Billie Eilish

Moreover, explaining her condition in a more exact way, the Grammy Award winner admitted to being tired of the rumors, including Billie Eilish Sexuality. To avoid the negative chatter and mean comments, she even wished to quit social media. Meanwhile, Billie also called herself jealous of those who don’t have any such accounts. In addition to this, the American star wants to delete her account but still remain connected with the fans.

On the other hand, Billie Eilish also decided to make a huge change to her green and black hair. The trademark hair color was kept for nearly two years before transforming to Blonde. Explaining the alteration, Eilish said that with such a hair, she could not go anywhere and wanted anonymity. Opening up about one of her experiences, My Future star revealed that after visiting a park, she could not take off her hoodie publicly.

Billie Eilish Sexuality: The Happier Than Ever Star Reveals Her Female Crush!

It is not strange for celebs to have multiple hookups in the industry. And when it comes to Billie Eilish, the fact becomes a bit more evident. The Los Angeles-born has had a couple of high-profile relationships. But after her split with Jesse Rutherford, the singer did a small Q&A session on her Instagram. While the pop star connected with her fans over several queries, she revealed a surprising fact before the netizens. That further fueled Billie Eilish Sexuality concerns.

Billie Eilish and Maya Hawke

As reported by Out Magazine, one of her fans asked Billie about her honest celeb crush. Responding to the question, the Bad Guy singer took a photo of Stranger Things star Maya Hawke and called the actress her celeb crush. As soon as the singer made such a revelation, social media was brimming with several speculations. Out of them, one is connected to Billie Eilish Sexuality. One of the online users posted a screenshot of the answer on Twitter and asked, ‘Did Billie just… soft launch???” However, the American singer did not address any aspect of the gossip and remained silent over the gossip. Well, it is common for famous artists to praise each other and their respective works.

After calling Maya Hawke her crush, Billie’s fanbase has divided itself into two categories. Some people believe that the pop star has indirectly come out and declared herself queer. In contrast to this, fans claim that appreciating Maya in Stranger Things is not a big deal. Calling someone your crush can be seen as a regular act, too. Hence, a specific population of fans are not exaggerating the situation and have requested not to make a fuss about it.

Billie Eilish Opens Up About Abortion Laws!

While Billie Eilish Sexuality is a major concern for her fans, her recent statement left them stunned. The Ocean Eyes singer Has always been vocal about several issues, including abortion laws. The unconventional pop star Billie Eilish has never stepped down from sharing her opinion on what she believes and accepts. After the release of one of the most popular albums, Happier Than Ever, the young sensation became even more vocal. While attending the Austin City Limits Music Festival in 2021, Billie Eilish reflected her opinions on the state’s new abortion laws. According to the new regulations, women cannot undergo any medical procedure after six weeks of pregnancy. Further, she raised her middle finger towards the cheering audience and declared, ‘My Body, My F*cking Choice.’

Billie Eilish

Earlier in 2021, the pop star gave an interview to British Vogue for its June cover story. The interview basically ranged from discussing abusive misbehavior to sexual relationships. Eilish has always been vocal about body positivity and even addressed rumors criticizing her physique. Moreover, while speaking to the interviewee, she spoke up about her new single, which addresses an abusive old man. The 21-year-old explained how women suffer sexual misbehavior and such an issue affects not only young women but everyone. Further, she added that it doesn’t matter with whom we should surround ourselves, but people can always take advantage regardless of situation or circumstance.

The Pop Singer Admitted To Watching P*rn!

It seems like Billie Eilish has many things to reveal before the fans. We are saying so as the Your Power singer opened up about watching p*rn and being addicted to it. In an interview on The Howard Stern Show, she put forward her opinions on the lack of consent in adult videos. While Billie Eilish Sexuality concerns are making a stir, the singer felt the need to voice how p*rn clips can play a role in shaping young minds towards s*x. Eilish said that she started watching p*rn at the age of 11 and felt that her brain was completely destroyed. It was these clips that made her learn about s*x and various other factors related to it.

Billie Eilish

Further, she opened up about her preference for watching abusive p*rn videos. The singer found it interesting and thought of it as an accurate portrayal of real-life intimacy. With such a thought process in her mind, Billie Eilish believed that she had to be attracted to violence to have a sexual relationship in reality. Unfortunately, the adverse effects of watching such videos contributed to sleep paralysis. On the other hand, the Bad Guy singer said that watching p*rn is not harmful and can be a good way to have healthy opinions about sexual relationships. Besides this, Eilish vented her anger on how p*rn videos show women’s bodies. Explaining the statement, she complained to herself for calling such clips and portrayals OK.

Billie Eilish Relationship: Who Is She Dating Now?

No matter who the celeb is, invading one’s personal life is the favorite job of fans and other people. Well, as far as Billie Eilish’s relationship status is concerned, she is single and is involved in no romantic linkup for now. However, she does have a brief dating history that you might find surprising, especially when Billie Eilish Sexuality concerns are growing among her fans. The 21-year-old dated Brandon Quention Adams, aka rapper Q. It is unknown how they first met, but they started seeing each other in 2018. Sadly, the couple split in the same year. While their relationship timeline is unclear, her relationship with Q was featured for the first time in an Apple TV+ documentary.

Billie Eilish

Released in 2021, the documentary gave a brief sneak peek into the singer’s life and showed how Billie was not happy with the things going on between her and the rapper. But in the same year, she was allegedly dating Los Angeles-based actor Matthew Tyler Vorce. An agency photographed them together and reported his age to be around 29. As per the reports, Billie and Matthew broke up in 2022 following the rumors stating the latter had cheated on her. However, he addressed the gossip and said that there were no cheating factors between him and the pop star.

Are Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford Together?

Following several heartbreaks, Billie Eilish started a brief relationship with singer Jesse Rutherford. The pair were spotted cozying up in Los Angeles, sparking dating rumors. Since then, both of them have been seen together at different public outings, and hence, people speculated that they were definitely an item. Surprisingly, on November 1, 2022, Billie officially confirmed her relationship with Rutherford through an Instagram post. However, the pair was consistently criticized for having an 11-year age gap. Later, Page Six reported that they broke up after less than a year together. However, it left fans doubting Billie Eilish Sexuality, following her several breakups with famous male celebs.

Billie And Rutherford

Billie Gives An Electric Performance In Ireland

Besides Billie Eilish Sexuality, fans remained stunned with her latest gesture. Despite being really sick, Billie Eilish stunned her fans with a scintillating performance in Ireland. The Academy Award winner marked her presence at the Electric Picnic 2023 and greeted her fans in Country Laois. Although she coughed and sniffled during the show, Billie managed to impress the audience. The singer remained on the stage for about 70 minutes and closed her performance by saying that she had fallen ill just before the concert.

This is all about Billie Eilish Sexuality. For more updates, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247!

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