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Cooked With Cannabis Season 2: Check Out The Host For The Next Season!

Cooked With Cannabis, Netflix

Cooked With Cannabis Season 2: Cannabis can be used in cooking! This seemed a little weird and surprising until ‘Cooked With Cannabis’ arrived. The show focused on discovering various dishes with cannabis in them. This concept makes the show stand out from other cooking-based series. However, the format is mostly the same as that of the others. The first season dropped in 2020. But after that, it seems like the series went on an indefinite break. Following the debut installment, the makers didn’t appear with any follow-up. Hence, the curiosity for Cooked With Cannabis Season 2 is still the same. Here, we have got everything covered for the fans.

Most reality shows don’t have a proper story. Thus, it is pretty challenging for the makers to keep the viewers hooked up till the end. Since Cooked With Cannabis booked a different concept, the audience was attracted to it. In fact, the critics well received the first season. In addition, the viewership level was also convincing for the creators. With Netflix airing all the episodes, the show reached most parts of the globe. However, it was removed in Singapore as Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) ordered to take down the show.

Will There Be Cooked With Cannabis Season 2?

Cooked With Cannabis Season 2

No doubt, the viewers found the show unique, but it lacked entertainment. Even though the unique concept was appreciated, the drama failed in a couple of aspects. The usual format of judges reviewing the meals prepared by the contestants was a bit boring. The official reports on the viewership level hinted towards a convincing achievement. But one can not consider it a hit show. And most importantly, Netflix rarely compromises with its audience. Thus, it totally depends on the streaming giant whether it plans to continue with it or not.

To date, there’s no specific announcement stating the renewal of Cooked With Cannabis. But, a significant portion of the viewers is still looking forward to the second installment. There is a 50-50 chance for the culinary competition series to return. Moreover, if Netflix cancels the future seasons, the reason would probably be weak engagement. However, the competition series didn’t have many episodes. With six episodes of one hour each, Cooked With Cannabis is less uptight.

What Would Happen Next In Cooked With Cannabis Season 2?

Every episode has special judges alongside Kelis and Storrs. Such remarkable personalities can be a celebrity, a sportsperson, or an actor. The first episode was based on the theme of “Grilled Backyard BBQ.” Ricki Lake, Jo Koy, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Elle King were invited to the star panel. On the other hand, Cynthia, Nate, and Amanda were among the contestants. Nate started working with grinding cannabis while Amanda began cooking in a pot. Well, Cynthia was an experienced chef in cannabis cooking. She was the oldest of all but was the funniest one.


Being a reality show, even if a future season appears, it will follow the same format. Three chefs compete with each other in the episodes. Their task includes preparing three meals for the day. It comprises appetizers, main course meals, and desserts. It is compulsory for them to use CBD and THC. With these as the main ingredients, chefs prepare several dishes. Further, co-hosts taste the food items and provide relevant remarks. Lastly, the winner is offered prize money worth $10,000. Hence, Cooked With Cannabis Season 2 will continue showcasing the chef’s skills in cooking cannabis-based items.

Who Will Host The Next Season?

Famous American singer Kelis has a great possibility of returning as the host in season 2. She is known for many single albums, among which Food is touted as her finest work. The singer won the New York Music Awards in 2011. Later on, Kelis explored her inner chef and collaborated with many others. She came up with a milkshake recipe along with Baileys. Apart from that, she has established her supremacy in the fashion industry as well. Another host who would appear in season 2 is Leather Storrs. He is a big name in the Cannabis cooking world. Other than Cooked With Cannabis, he appeared in Bong Appétit, Extreme Chef, and The Chew.

Cooked With Cannabis Season 2: Release Date


Viewers made up several speculations concerning the release of the second chapter. Since there exist no renewal updates, a confirmed date cannot be circulated. As per our expectations, Cooked With Cannabis Season 2 might be released by mid-2024. It will again be Netflix to bankroll the project. Nevertheless, we will update the section as soon as any detail shows up. Till then, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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