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Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin? Is The Star Kid Following His Dad’s Steps?

Seven Sirius Benjamin

Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin: Being born into a celebrity family comes up with lots of problems. Apart from all the luxuries and fame, sometimes being a star kid might prove troublesome. Seven Sirius Benjamin is such a personality that has gained much attention as a child of popular public figures. He is one of those young personalities who loves leading a private life and keeping things to himself. Apart from being a musician, he is a college student, too. But most of his life is under the shells. Many people are still unaware of who Seven Sirius Benjamin is. If you are also the one wondering the same, we have got everything covered for you. So, let’s see Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin?

Just like the other celeb kids, Seven Sirius Benjamin has also faced the pressure of deciding whether to follow his father’s footsteps or walk on an entirely different path. The question becomes more tricky when you look like your father’s carbon copy. The same goes for Benjamin, who has inherited his father’s look and is considered an exact copy of him. However, when Andre was asked about his son’s career, he mentioned that Seven Sirius would decide on his career based on his skills and interests.

First, Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin?

Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin
Seven Sirius Benjamin with Andre 300

Born on November 18, 1997, Seven Sirius Benjamin is an American musician. His parents, André Lauren Benjamin and Erica Abi Wright are popular in the music industry. The former is popularly known as Andre 300, while the latter is famously called Erykah Badu.

Talking about his parents, Andre 300 is a renowned singer and rapper. He has also acted in a couple of films and TV shows. On the other hand, Sirius’ mother, Erykah Badu, is famous for her work as a songwriter and singer. She rose to prominence following her debut album, Baduizm. Thus, they belong to the same industry and have worked together several times. Moreover, Seven Sirius has two siblings from another father.

What Does Seven Sirius Benjamin Do?

Apart from the question: Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin? Fans are also curious to know what Andre’s kid is up to. As far as his career is concerned, Sirius has not been doing anything big in the film or the music industry. Even if he has done any significant work, it has not appeared in the media. As per t he reports, the young personality seems to focus on his studies as he is still in college. Apart from this, more details about his professional life are not available. Since he rarely remains in the spotlight, many aspects of his profession and career are unknown.

Andre 300 with son Seven Sirius Benjamin

As already mentioned, Andre 300 wants his son to pursue his interests and talent in the future. However, people are already speculating about Benjamin continuing his dad’s legacy. He might step into the industry as a singer, songwriter, rapper, or music composer. We might get a clear idea about it after a few years. Moreover, his secretive life has led to a lack of information. That led people to question: Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin? In fact, they seem more concerned about his net worth as well.

Is Seven Sirius Benjamin Active On Social Media Platforms?

As a person, Seven Sirius Benjamin is very shy and barely steps out in public. Because of this, the online sites don’t have many photos of him, and interestingly, the star kid is not on social media as well. He is not available on such platforms and has never posted any photographs or videos himself. Even though Seven Sirius belongs to the famous family clan, his popularity is not much. But if he had not been the only son of Andre 300 and Erykah Badu, he might have never received the limelight.

However, his mother posted a video online that showed him driving a car with Erykah in the front side seat. People also spotted him grooving to Lil Yatchy’s song in the Instagram video. It portrayed his healthy relationship with his mother. Moreover, many people commented on his looks. Netizens thought of him as Andre’s twin and could not spot the difference. However, he once appeared in a TikTok video along with his sister, Puma Curry.

Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin Dating?

Seven Sirius Benjamin

Just like every other information, the relationship status of Benjamin is not known to the people. It is unclear whether the young personality has involved himself in a relationship or is still single. His name has never been linked to a female. Since he has no social media accounts, no such pictures are available that can confirm his romantic relationship. Thus, his affairs and private life are unexplored at the moment.

This is all about Who Is Seven Sirius Benjamin and what he’s doing currently. Stay tuned to TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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