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Making A Murderer Season 3: Set To Return This Year Along With Its Spin-off?


Netflix’s docuseries, Making A Murderer, undoubtedly gained immense popularity throughout its run. But apart from the fame, the series also attracted several controversies. It was hit by fire and left many questions unanswered. So, will it return with Making A Murderer Season 3 to answer them? Well, fans are curious to know what happened with Steven Avery and his nephew after the second season ended. So, will they ever get to know it? While several speculations hint at its potential return, let’s see what Netflix says about it. Apart from this, keep reading for other brilliant news.

American true crime docuseries Making A Murderer tells the story of the infamous Teresa Halbach murder case. The show focuses on the story of Steven Avery, who is convicted of the Halbach murder. Avery had already served 18 years in prison for his wrongful conviction for sexual assault and attempted murder. Back then, he was charged with doing wrong deeds with Penny Beerntsen. But the Halbach murder case drew everyone’s attention. The story was also connected to Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, who was accused of helping him in the murder.

Making A Murderer Season 3: Latest News!

Since fans last saw Making A Murderer Season 2 in 2018, they have been curious to know whether the show is still on the cards. Well, Netflix crime docuseries gained immense popularity in the span of two seasons, but it also hit with controversies. Thus, fans are curious to know whether the show will return with Making A Murderer Season 3 to clear all the misleading allegations it has received. However, Netflix hasn’t yet dropped any update regarding Season 3. But we have something to cheer you up and answer all your questions. Keep reading to know it.

Making A Murderer Season 3: Renewal Status!

At the time of writing, Netflix hasn’t renewed Making A Murderer Season 3. Well, it’s been almost five years since fans last saw the intense true crime docuseries, and everyone is looking forward to some answers. The series left plenty of questions as it only explored one side of the story, increasing fans’ curiosity to unearth the mystery behind the infamous murder case. However, Netflix never revisited it after wrapping up the second season. Typically, the renewal is based on the viewership the show has received.

Making A Murderer Season 3

When it came to Making A Murderer, the show broke all the records. The pilot season gained an approval rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and 84 out of 100 on Metacritic. Sadly, the rating dropped in the second season. In the following season, the series only gained a 71% positive reception from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. The ratings continued to fall on Metacritic as well, where it only managed to receive 67 out of 100. Despite the drop in ratings, the show earned several awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards. Yet, Netflix hasn’t renewed the show for the next season.

It Drew Many Controversies

Soon after the pilot season hit Netflix, the Sheriff criticized the series for misleading the audience and called it “skewed.” Even the former Calumet County district attorney, Ken Kratz, who prosecuted Avery, claimed he didn’t get a chance to give his side of the story. Thus, the series seemed crafted. Also, it didn’t explore the main evidence of the murder case. However, the filmmaker revealed that they asked Kratz for the interview, but he denied it. While many officials called the story baseless as it only focused on one side of the murder case, others believed it gave ample evidence to justify the six-week trial. But it created a buzz around the nation as everyone sought the answers. However, Netflix never announced Making A Murderer Season 3 till now.

What Happened At Making A Murderer Season 2?

The second season ended on a sad note for Brendan Dassey. After Dirizin and Nirider worked their way to the 7th Circuit Court, Dassey’s conviction was upheld by the 7th Circuit. Later, the legal team took the matter to the United States Supreme Court, but they declined the case and shut down all possible hope for appeal. Well, the defense presented solid evidence that pointed out Dassey was to blame in this murder case. However, the defense tried their best to portray his side of the story as they believed he was framed.


In the final recording, Dassey thanked his supporters and hoped he would go home one day. Meanwhile, Zellner was still pushing for an evidentiary hearing to present her forensic evidence against the prosecution. But things didn’t work well, and now Steven Avery is serving a life sentence at Waupun Correctional Institution with no hope of parole. Since then, little progress has been made in Avery’s case. Dassey will now spend his years in prison until 2048. Zeller is still working on the way to free Avery. Even the public appealed to the President to free Dassey and Avery from the wrongful conviction. However, the President stated that he could not pardon a state criminal offense.

Will Making A Murderer Season 3 Ever Happen?

Both seasons focused on Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, who were accused and convicted of Teresa Halbach’s murder. The two seasons series revolved around the trials and evidence that shed light on the infamous Halbach case. However, the US Supreme Court has already denied exploring the case, so currently, there’s no hope for another trial session. But the defense is trying to help Avery and Dassey free from the charges. However, the docuseries had no other content left to explore. Thus, it could be why Netflix hasn’t yet renewed Making A Murderer Season 3. Currently, its fate is in jeopardy.

But Makers Did Return With A Spinoff


While Netflix has yet to renew Making A Murderer Season 3, Shawn Rech returns with a spinoff series, Convicting A Murderer. The series is a response to Netflix’s popular crime docuseries. The firebrand commentator Candace Owens has narrated it. It re-examines the facts surrounding the case and offers new public discourse opportunities. The series also provides closure to the victim’s family. It took almost six years to make this ten-part series that finally gives the answers the fans want.

Making A Murderer Season 3: Release Date

Netflix hasn’t yet renewed the show for the third run. So, it’s hard to say when Making A Murderer Season 3 will air. But the series returns with its spinoff Convincing A Murderer, which was already released on September 8, 2023. However, the spinoff series didn’t air on Netflix. It, in fact, was released on DailyWire+. Thus, it remains unclear whether the streaming giant will return with Making A Murderer’s next season. As of now, the show stans uncertainty. But we will update you shortly after learning the news. Till then, stay tuned. TecRadar247 will keep you updated.

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