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Richard Simmons Sexuality: Fitness Coach Claimed Of Undergoing Gender Change!

Richard Simmons Sexuality: Usually, it is the actors or singers that remain in the media limelight. But among them, Richard Simmons stands as an exception. The American celeb is a fitness personality. This is the reason many believe him to have gained popularity due to his dedication to the fitness industry. But the 75-year-old is more popular for his flamboyant and energetic personality. Isn’t it interesting? Moreover, he received the limelight after defeating his weight loss and even opened a gym for the same purpose. But, lately, he has been under the radar for his sexuality concerns. Many social media users claim the fitness personality to be gay in real life. Since he has a flamboyant personality, speculations have grown wilder over the years. Hence, Richard Simmons Sexuality concerns are making quite a stir on the internet. Here’s everything that you should know!

Richard Simmons Sexuality: Is He Gay In Real Life?

Although Richard Simmons is a fitness mogul, the 75-year-old is also a well-known talk show guest. He often appears on The Howard Stern Show and Late Show with David Letterman. Most of the time, he has been spotted promoting health and exercise but has also expanded his opinions to politics. However, it has been years since Richard showed up publicly, and so his disappearance has added fuel to the Richard Simmons Sexuality gossip. But don’t you want to know how the rumors actually sparked?

Richard Simmons

There is no second thought that Richard Simmons is one of America’s most famous weight loss coaches. His career spans several best-selling books and exercises video. But his popularity saw a huge turn after the fitness coach was targeted for wearing flashy and bright clothes. Many a time, the 75-year-old was seen dressed in shorts and sparkly tank tops, which led the people to assume he was gay. So, one of the most important factors that ignited the Richard Simmons Sexuality flame has always been his flamboyant nature.

Moreover, in an interview, the fitness freak even said that he is not a typical man’s man. Richard also explained that his persona has always been very different from what a typical man should ever have. Hence, while many thought of him as gay, others referred to him as outrageous, silly, and crazy. However, even in the last few years, the gossip has shown no signs of slowing down.

Richard Simmons Sexuality: What Did He Say Publicly About His Sexual Orientation?

Even after being a popular public figure, Richard has never come out of the closet and announced being gay. The fitness guru has neither confirmed nor denied the sexuality rumors, leaving the speculations hanging in between. In fact, Simmons had always avoided discussing the issue whenever he was asked about it in a public interview. But it does not mean that the celeb has never slammed the backlash he has been facing over three years.

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons appeared in a press event for the promotion of his 1999 autobiography “Still Hungry After All These Years: My Story.” While answering several questions, the coach was even asked about his sexual orientation. Responding to the same, Simmons did not reply directly. Instead of discussing the long-term Richard Simmons Sexuality gossip, the workout instructor began talking about his persona and the things included in his book. However, the interviewee again confirmed whether Richard Simmons was interested in talking about his sexual orientation.

Replying to the query, the Louisiana-born said that he does not talk about two things. Firstly, he does not prefer discussing his personal life, and secondly, about death. Furthermore, he appeared in an interview with Men’s Health in 2012. The 75-year-old apparently took the command over the consistent gossip. Well, Richard quoted that whenever a king is depressed, he does not call his wife or the cook. Adding more to his statement, he explained that the ruler turns to the little man with the pointed hat. Concluding his words, Simmons referred to him as a court jester. So, for the moment, the only person who is well aware of his sexuality is Richard himself.

Richard Simmons Sexuality: The Fitness Coach Files A Law Suit!

Registering defamation legal cases has been a usual act in the entertainment industry. But the cases have seen an increase in the last few years, and one such incident happened with Richard Simmons. The famous weight loss coach filed a lawsuit against two media outlets, National Enquirer and Radar Online. According to the reports, these media houses claimed Richard to be undergoing a sex reassignment surgery and hence has not appeared publicly since 2014. Since the case fell in the defamation category, it reached the courts.

Richard Simmons

While Richard Simmons Sexuality was already a hot topic of discussion, the case turned the tables upside down. But the judgment did not favor the Sweatin’ to the Oldies star, and the court dismissed the suit. As a result of this, Richard had to pay around $130,000 in legal fees for the defendants. Since then, gossip related to Richard Simmons Sexuality has become even more obvious. However, a concrete answer about the entire issue is yet to see the light of the day.

Is Richard Simmons Married? Who Is His Wife?

While Richard Simmons Sexuality remains a big question, people are curious about his relationship. Ever since he stepped into the fitness industry and became a weight loss coach, it was impossible for Richard Simmons to avoid the media limelight. But in the last few years, he has stepped away from the spotlight due to unknown reasons. Even though the speculations over his sexuality have reached new heights, the 75-year-old did not appear to clear the air. In the meantime, people have shown keen interest in his marriage and relationship status.

Interestingly, Richard has never been a married man. Although his personal life is none of anyone’s business, the fact has attracted much attention online. However, there are certain factors that might have pulled him back from getting married. Firstly, the fitness personality has always had a busy schedule, traveling around the world and hosting shows. Therefore, it was a bit difficult for him to manage his professional career and get married. In addition to this, in 2016, he cleared up the doubts regarding his disappearance. Simmons explained that he wanted to avoid the limelight to stay in his shell.

Richard Simmons

Besides all this, the most important factor that might have stopped him from getting married could be Richard Simmons sexuality gossip. While everyone was expecting him to talk about it, the fitness guru decided to remain silent on this issue. Therefore, talking about his current relationship status, Simmons is likely to be single and is enjoying his life. Also, it does not seem like he is into marriage at such an age. Don’t you think so?

Where Is Richard Simmons Now?

As already mentioned, the American public figure made his last public appearance in 2014. After a few months, speculations about his well-being began surfacing on the Internet. In fact, TMZ even released a documentary titled “What Really Happened to Richard Simmons,” claiming the celeb to be dealing with a knee problem. Moreover, after being fed up with the rumors, Simmons issued a statement to the New York Post. The fitness coach said that he is happy and healthy.

As per the media reports, he is currently living in his Beverly Hills house with three Dalmanation dogs and a couple of housekeepers. Moreover, talking about his net worth, the fitness instructor is expected to be earning around $20 million. A major part of his fortune comes from his fitness studio and his career as a host. However, the figures might see a downfall as he had stopped appearing before the public.

This is all about Richard Simmons Sexuality. Let us know your opinions in the comment box. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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