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Lego Movie 3: Returns With “Live Action & Animation” Amid Rights Dispute!

Lego Movie 3 Release Date: A few franchises in the entertainment industry have gained classic status over the years. And while discussing them, we cannot miss to mention The Lego Movie franchise. Talking about its journey in the film industry, the franchise earned immense popularity following the release of The Lego Film. Since then, it had dropped a couple of movies before the audience that opened up to a generally positive critical reception. Moreover, the most recent film of the franchise was released in 2019, titled The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part! Therefore, it has already been years since we saw the characters taking up challenges in their hands. This is why fans are curious about the Lego Movie 3 Release Date. They are curious to know whether or not the makers are planning to bring another film to the screens. Here’s what we know!

Well, we can say that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord put up the foundation of The Lego Movie franchise. Since they served as the director and writer of the 2014 film, the two have created an irreplaceable legacy. Besides this, the massive success of the movies led to the production of a couple of spin-offs as well. However, there are a few projects that have also been shelved or put on the back burner due to certain reasons. Moreover, the pilot film is based on the LEGO line of construction toys and follows the adventures of Emmet Brickowski. But what makes the entire franchise so appealing is the animated cinematic universe of its own. In addition to this, mini-figures and characters from DC and Marvel add more intriguing factors. This is the reason that even spin-offs have proved to be a substantial commercial and critical success.

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Is Lego Movie 3 Happening? What Is Its Current Status?

As already mentioned, the first film was released in 2014. Further, the makers took almost five years to bring a sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which was dropped in 2019. It is true that in between, a few spin-offs took control of the franchises, but fans are still waiting for a third one. With time, the curiosity has gone beyond the limits and has shown no signs of being sidelined. Interestingly, a couple of fan-made videos claiming as official trailers have also surfaced on the Internet. This ultimately indicates the level of anticipation among them concerning the Lego Movie 3 Release Date.

According to the reports, The Lego Movie 3 might happen in the coming months. Well, the franchise is already busy making a few spin-offs and untitled projects at the moment. Meanwhile, the buzz surrounding an untitled Lego film has broken the Internet. On August 5, 2022, Producer Dan Lin revealed that a new Lego film was in development. He also insisted that the entire creative team has made efforts to reinvent the entire LEGO world. Since then, the project has been said to be a major step for the creators. However, the team hasn’t dropped updates concerning it. The most recent detail that was unveiled was in July 2023 when Aaron and Adam Nee were brought on board to direct the film.

Is The Future Secure?

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Well, even after such reports, many media outlets believe that the franchisee will take time to come up with The Lego Movie 3. To support this fact, they have been consistently citing the gap of 5 years and is still counting. Moreover, a few sources claim that the franchise could also bring The LEGO Chima Movie, but nothing is confirmed yet. Therefore, with such circumstances around, the possibilities for a third movie have retarded for a bit.

Besides this, the creators are yet to spill official words on the potential third movie, thereby clearing the air. Nonetheless, the future of the Lego movie is in limbo. A renewal statement is still pending, and in such a case, we cannot give our confirmation. So, it is safe to conclude that the Lego Movie 3 is standing at an uncertain point. We need to wait for a formal statement that can bring clarity to the blurred scenario.

Lego Movie 3: Are The Other Projects In Development?

Apart from the untitled film directed by Aron and Adam Nee, The Lego franchise has joined hands with Universal Pictures to develop and distribute future films. However, the rights for the original characters and films are still with Warner Bros. Furthermore, talking about the other projects, The Billion Brick Race was announced in 2015 and was considered a third Lego movie spin-off. The film even entered into the development phase, but the internal conflicts and complications led to its cancellation.

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The other name on the list is Lego Superfriends. The movie franchise called it a sequel to The Lego Batman Movie and confirmed its development. As per the plans, the film was scheduled to hit the theatres in 2022, but the project was ultimately canceled. It was because of the Lego film rights issue between Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures. Well, experts believe that both these projects would have proved to be a game changer for the franchise if released successfully.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Ending Explained!

Talking directly about the movie’s ending, the film ended with Rex’s disappearance from the timeline. Not only this but Emmet fought against evil and ensured the proper use of the power of friendship. Meanwhile, Finn and his sister were shown playing happily in the real world. Besides this, their mother brought them some toys, thereby hindering the arrival of ‘Armageddon’ in the LEGO world. So, basically, it was a kind of time travel that was satisfying to some and not to others. However, the film was not the talk of the town because of its ending but a core twist.

The Lego Movie 2 revealed that Rex Dangervest was actually a twisted version of Emmet from the future. Diving deep into the theory, it was unveiled that Rex’s ship crashed in an asteroid field and got abandoned. Over the years, he turned himself to an evil side and created a time machine for himself. Rex took several references from many films to build the machine as he wanted to exist in the future. This was the reason that he always wished to overpower Emmet and win over him.

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Coming to the overall summary of The Lego Movie 2, the film showed an alien invasion in the Lego Universe and several destructions. So it was evident for the other creators to feel stressed, but on the other hand, Emmet was carefully observing everything. Unfortunately, such behavior led to certain adverse effects on his relationship with Lucy. Meanwhile, a few of his pals were captured, and Emmet went on a mission to save them. Surprisingly, he realized that Rex was masterminding the entire destruction and invasion.

So, in order to win over the aliens, Emmet had to defeat him. But at the same time, circumstances saw a drastic term when Rex turned out to be Emmet’s version. However, despite several difficulties and unfavorable situations, the Lego world was saved. Well, the ending has definitely opened doors for a third film. It is one of those factors that could act positively for the fate of The Lego Movie 3.

What’s Next?

Coming to the future plot, the story is quite unpredictable at the moment. However, we can expect the continuation of the closing scenes in the second movie. Besides this, sources say that since the movie has Universal Pictures as its distributor, it cannot include LEGO Batman. It is because it falls under Warner Bros properties, and hence, the upcoming Universal-Lego movie is not allowed to use it. Nevertheless, it is important to know that the upcoming movie will be an animated hybrid film similar to that of the previous two installments.

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In contrast to all these concepts, the third original Lego movie might witness a possible time leap. If it happens, we will have Finn in a grownup age and Bianca be a teenager. Nonetheless, until any solid talks of the Lego Movie 3 appear, the story will not land on a certain conclusion. We definitely need a trailer or an apparent hint from the makers to frame the future plot. But if you have your own theory, let us know in the comments.

Who Will Return For Lego Movie 3?

It has been years since fans are looking forward to the Lego Movie 3 Release Date. However, apart from this particular query, the audience is also concerned about the cast. Just like the story factor, the cast is standing with the same fate. We cannot confirm the actors who will be on board as voice artists in the third movie. But regardless of it, fans speculate that the previous crew and cast might return to bring the charm back.

The Lego Movie 2 had Chris Pat giving voice to Emmett Brickowski and Rex Dangervest. Joining him were Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett as they voiced Lucy and Batman. In addition to these artists, the cast had Stephanie Beatriz as General Sweet Mayhem, Alison Brie as Princess Unikitty, and Charlie Day as Bennie. Furthermore, the cast also comprised Maya Rudolph, Brooklyn Prince, and many others. So, if the story moves in such a way that these characters return, we are likely to have the previous cast back in their seats. Wouldn’t it be exciting?

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Lego Movie 3 Release Date

It is probably the most asked and searched query on the Internet and social media. Sadly, even after a long gap, there is no exact answer to the Lego Movie 3 Release Date. We can only have a certain date concerning it following an official announcement. Moreover, relying on the release pattern, the third movie could have been dropped by 2023. But, keeping in mind the present scenario, it is not likely to happen soon. Regardless of such factors, fans are still expecting The Lego Movie 3 to drop by the first quarter of 2024 as an untitled film is in development.

This is all about the Lego Movie 3 Release Date. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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