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Destined With You Episode 13: Hong-Jo Leaves Sin-Yu For Jae-Kyung? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Netflix, JTBC

While Destined With You started with a theme of the history-old curse, the previous episode shifted its focus to the murder mystery case. Now, everyone is curious to learn who is the murderer. But it seems like Sin-yu will soon uncover the mystery in Destined With You Episode 13. This is because the murderer is after Hong-jo, and he will indeed make his move towards her. That will help the former to map a plan to stop this heinous act. But there are other things that will also take place in the upcoming episode. Fans will also witness heartbreak and revenge in Destined With You Episode 13. So, let’s see how the couple deals with the looming threat.

Destined With You Episode 13: How Will Things Move Now?

After meeting the Shaman, Sin-yu and Hong-jo learn that the latter is behind the curse. Hence, Hong-jo decides to leave him for his sake. She doesn’t want him to have more delusions, but Sin-yu believes they are meant to be together. So, he pursues him in Destined With You Episode 13. However, their breakup news will allow Jae-kyung to hit Hong-jo. Although he lacks hope and doesn’t think she will give him a chance, he still tries to comfort her.

Destined With You Episode 13
Netflix, JTBC

Meanwhile, Joong-beom will try his best to capture Hong-jo once again. But this time, his actions will become more dangerous, creating problems for both Sin-yu and Hong-jo. Destined With You Episode 13 will give more insights into the couple’s past life and why Sin-yu is bearing that curse. He is now eager to learn why he has killed Hong-jo in the past life. On the other hand, Nayeon will try her best to take her revenge on Hong-jo.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Joong-beom attempting to bury Hong-jo into the pit. He revealed that he loved her yet wanted to see her die. Meanwhile, Sin-yu was worried when Hong-jo didn’t pick up his call. Things quickly turned dark when the former found the skeleton and called the City Hall to deal with the matter. After receiving Sin-yu’s call, Joong-beom left Hong-jo in the pit and rushed to see the skeleton. But it helped the latter save her soul, as she finally picked up Sin-yu’s call, and he managed to rescue her.

But during that, Hong-jo had a vision of her past life. She tried to discuss that with Sin-yu, but he helped her to sleep. On the other hand, Jae-kyung was upset after spotting Sin-yu’s car outside Hong-jo’s apartment. Seo-goo told everyone to be careful after finding the skeleton the following day. Sin-yu believed Joong-beom could be the murderer. While everyone shared their thoughts on this theory, others congratulated Hong-jo as her scandal with Jae-kyung was brushed under the rug.

JTBC, Netflix

Later that day, Sin-yu and Hong-jo investigated the matter, and the CCTV footage hinted that Joong-beom was the one who tried to bury her alive. While the murder mystery made things challenging for everyone, Sin-yu and Hong-jo found time to flirt with each other. They later ended up in Sin-yu’s bed. The following day, Hong-jo revealed that she had asked the shaman to help Sin-yu with his curse, and the episode ended with Sin-yu’s past life.

Destined With You Episode 13: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will take a trip to the past life. Fans will finally learn about Hong-jo’s connection with the henious curse in Destined With You Episode 13. It will air on October 4, 2023, at 10.30 pm KST. The K-drama consists of 16 episodes that air every Wednesday and Thursday night. You can catch it on Netflix an hour after it wraps up airing on the local Korean network JTBC. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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