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Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date: Checkout How The Trilogy Holds The Potential To Return!

Bad Ass

Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date: The Hollywood industry has witnessed several changes, particularly in the content, over the years. While several other genres have emerged, the action category has always been an evergreen choice for the makers. So, opting for the latter choice, Craig Moss came up with a film titled Bad Ass, released in 2012. Even though it opened up to negative reviews, the movie was followed up by two sequels. Many people wondered if it was a real film or just a hoax. However, despite such circumstances, it was successful in creating fans on a convincing level. That is why they have been curious about the fourth installment of the film series. However, it has been years since the last movie had its theatrical release, but the curiosity for Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date is still the same. Let us look at the updates!

Written collectively by Elliot Tishman and Craig Moss, Bad Ass was released in 2012 with Danny Trejo in the leading role. Talking about the entire direction, the team had Craig Moss as the captain of the ship. Interestingly, the filmmaker has most of his movies in a negative light. So when Bad Ass and the other two sequels earned unfavorable responses, it was no surprise for him. Coming to the story, the action film is said to have been loosely inspired by a 2010 viral video. Well, the American clip showed a heated dispute between two men as they boarded an AC Transit bus in Oakland. Nonetheless, Bad Ass revolves around a Vietnam War veteran Frank Vega who has faced several challenges in his life. From finding employment to personal life issues, he has very much to deal with. But his unexpected rise to fame forms the primary plot.

Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date
Bad Ass

Is Bad Ass 4 Movie Happening? What Is Its Current Status?

The first installment was released on April 13, 2012, while the sequel titled Bad Asses dropped in 2014. The latter was also known by the name Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses but was written solely by Craig Moss. Further, taking the story ahead, The filmmaker decided to develop the third part, and then, viewers had Bad Ass on the Bayou (Bad Ass 3) on March 6, 2015. So, going by the release pattern and the trend, it is quite clear that the makers did not take much time to turn the film into a franchise.

As far as Bad Ass 4 Movie is concerned, the chances for it to show up in the future is next to impossible. This is because of certain factors that are pretty unfavorable, and hence, the fans might not witness another part of the film. Firstly, the Bad Ass franchise is touted to be a trilogy. So, such a fact completely eliminates the possible chances of the fourth part, as the Bad Ass trilogy signifies only three films. Secondly, the negative critical reception and lukewarm response from the audience has already decided its fate. Therefore, with such circumstances covering the trilogy, there is very little chance for Bad Ass 4 Movie.

Bad Ass 2

On the other hand, it has been more than eight years since Bad Ass 3 was released in the theatres. If the makers had planned to restore it, we could have already heard some plans from them. But at the moment, Bad Ass 4 Movie stands on an uncertain status. Although the official team has not revealed their plans, the trilogy is not likely to continue in the future. So, we can certainly say that the third part was a farewell installment. However, we cannot say anything confirmed until we receive an official statement.

What Will Happen In Bad Ass 4 Movie?

Before delving into the future storylines, let us have a quick recap of the previous happenings. The Bad Ass trilogy followed Frank Vega, a Vietnam War veteran who, after returning from war, faced numerous challenges. He struggled to find a job and was also devastated when he learned that his girlfriend got married to someone else. Therefore, Frank decided to sell hot dogs, but one day, he ended up beating two abusive skinheads on a bus. This particular incident earned him the media limelight, and people around him viewed Vega as a celeb. However, his life took a drastic turn when Frank’s mother passed away, leaving behind her house and dog.

The last installment of the trilogy had Frank Vega and Bernie Pope back on the screens. The duo was in Louisiana as they made every possible effort to rescue their kidnapped friend. Well, coming to the future plotline, there are no major cliffhangers that Bad Ass 4 Movie is bound to answer. So, in case we come across a new part of the film, we will have a different setting and story. Moreover, fans can also expect some significant changes in the characters.

Bad Ass

Who Is In The Next Movie?

While Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date is one of the most asked queries, fans are anxious to dig out details concerning the cast as well. Well, as already mentioned that the possibility of Bad Ass 4 is the bare minimum. So, at the moment, there are no official details that can confirm the future faces of the trilogy.

Nevertheless, the pilot film had Danny Trejo as Frank Vega and Charles S. Dutton as Panther. In addition to them, the cast included Christine Clayburg as a news anchor, while Chris Spencer signed the dotted lines as Martin Sr. Furthermore, Bad Asses marked the return of Danny Trejo. Besides him, the film featured Danny Glover, Jacqueline Obradors, and Charlie Carver. Moreover, the last part of the trilogy did not have the same actors but featured the prominent return of Trejo and Glover.

Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date

Bad Ass 2

Given the above-mentioned factors, we currently don’t have any certain or confirmed details related to Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date. It is yet to be confirmed whether the makers will take the trilogy ahead or will settle down with Bad Asses on the Bayou. So, discussing its release date is a completely vague topic for now. Neither do we have a formal statement nor a trailer that could clear the air. However, it is for sure that even if Craig Moss comes up with a plan to continue the film series, it will take years to arrive at a certain decision.

So, this is all about Bad Ass 4 Movie Release Date. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. For more details, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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