The Resident Season 7: Boss Discussed Potential Plot When Fox Vowed “Not To Explore Any Further!”

Being the longest-running medical drama on Fox, The Resident has amassed an enormous fan following throughout its run. But the show has unfortunately met with a dark fate, leaving the hope for The Resident Season 7 up in the air. The speculation about the medical drama began earlier this year when The Resident Season 6 reached halfway. Although the sixth season answered all the questions, it has yet left some loose ends to be explored in the upcoming season. But will it? While the central hospital has helped several patients in the past few years, it won’t be able to help save the show from the looming crisis. Sadly, we have a disappointing update about the upcoming season. Keep reading to know that.

Created by Roshan Sethi, Hayley Schore, and Amy Holden Jones, The Resident follows the lives of the fictional Chastain Park Memorial Hospital staff. The series initially focused on the senior resident internist Conrad Hawkins. But later, it brought several key players on board. The show delved deeper into Conrad and Nicolette ‘Nic’ Nevin’s relationship as the show progressed. The couple faced several ups and downs before Nic left the show. After her demise, the show shifted its narrative as it closely focused on other characters’ lives while bringing another love interest for Conrad. Did he find someone? Let’s see!

Is The Resident Season 7 Officially Renewed?

Sadly, Fox canceled The Resident after its six successful seasons. The Resident Season 7 cancelation news appeared months after the medical drama neatly wrapped up its sixth season. Well, it was a bit surprising for its die-hard fans as they were looking forward to pleasant news. Many are also left disappointed after learning this news. This is because The Resident has been the longest-running series on the network. In fact, the series has given a tough competition to ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Despite that, Fox confirmed The Resident Season 6 would be the series’ final installment.

The Resident Season 7, Fox

Following this announcement, the series co-creator Amy Holden Jones tweeted on X (formerly known as Twitter), “It was a great run.” Amy further stated that fans can catch the show on Hulu while expressing gratitude to their exceptional cast and crew members for making this experience worth it. Besides this, Jones also told TVLine that the sixth season finale was written in a manner to provide perfect closure to each character’s story arc. She also reflected on the making of the show. Jones said that it was the hardest work she had done.

But The Resident was her personal privilege and joy. In fact, the series’ cast was the happiest cast she had come across. Jones further reflected on the brilliant work done by her incredible crew and said she always felt proud of what they had done so far. Although the end has brought sorrow in everyone’s life, Jones is glad to leave such a mark on everyone’s life.

But What Was The Reason Behind The Resident Season 7 Cancelation?

Despite its stellar performance, Fox decided to axe The Resident Season 7. Following this announcement, fans are curious about why the series was canceled. Has it something to do with its reception? Indeed! As per the source, the sixth season’s ratings were down. In fact, the final installment was marked as the lowest-rated one so far in the history of The Resident. In terms of viewership, it averaged 0.53 among 18-49 demos over seven days of The Resident Season 6 debut. It was lower than the fifth season, which garnered 0.7 demo.


Further, Fox confirmed that The Resident Season 6 saw a 12% fall from its previous outing among the cross-platform audience. Not only this but the series was also hampered by the ownership issues. Following the merger of Fox and Disney in 2019, Fox has made to co-own its shows. However, 9-1-1 and The Resident are the only shows in which Fox Entertainment doesn’t have a stake. Thus, it made things a bit complicated for the medical drama. Considering such conditions, The Resident met with a dark fate, shunning all hopes for potential The Resident Season 7.

Did The Show Explore All The Loose Ends?

The Resident faced a significant setback when Emily VanCamp, who played Nic, announced her exit before the fifth season’s debut. She was instrumental in the series, and her relationship with Conrad had earned a highlight. Despite that, the creative team decided to explore Conrad and Billie’s relationship. In fact, Nic appeared in the season 5 finale in flashbacks to help her spouse make an important decision. Thus, the fifth season helped plot the next arc in Conrad’s life.

Billie And Conrad’s Love Story!


In The Resident Season 6 finale, Conrad was visibly happiest after finding a new love. Well, after Nic’s demise, he had been dealing with grief and remorse. However, Billie Sutton’s entry had changed everything. In the finale, they both confessed their feelings for each other, and the show ended on a pleasant note, at least for them. So, if The Resident Season 7 had been renewed, it would have explored the relationship between Billie and Conrad and how the two deal with all the odds.

Devon And Leela Finally Said, “I Do!”

It’s not only Conrad who found his true love, but Devon has also found his soulmate in the finale. Well, it was a bit complicated for the series fans to handle this, especially when the duo spent the entire final season forgetting each other. They tried hard to move on. However, their destiny had something else planned for them. Finally, in season 6’s finale, the couple said ‘I Do,’ and fans finally got to see the Indian nuptials, which they had been craving since season 2. This was because, in the second season, Devon was this close to tying the knot with his ex-fiancee Priya.

Dr. Bell Would Have Returned As A Professor In The Resident Season 7

Dr. Bell saw several ups and downs in the sixth season when his multiple sclerosis hit him hard. It later forced him out of the operating room. However, with his years of experience, it was imagined that Dr. Bell could have returned in The Resident Season 7. Jones told TVLine that the seventh season could have explored how challenging it would be for him to adjust to his new life. Since he had been a key player in the operating room, dealing with the proper academic setting would become hard.


James Yamada Story Arc

Initially, James Yamada (Ian Anthony Dale) had one job: bringing Conrad and Billie together. However, as the sixth season continued, it peeled down several interesting layers of his life. It included a soft corner for his med school mentor and unexpected chemistry with Cade Sullivan. So, if The Resident Season 7 had returned, it would have explored this story arc. Further, Dale could have been promoted to a series regular.

AJ/Padma Romance In The Resident Season 7

The sixth season focused on AJ co-parenting with Padma. Throughout the final season, he helped her to deal with her postpartum depression. However, Jones promised that The Resident Season 7 could have focused on a new romantic interest in AJ’s life. While she didn’t want to replace Mina, she stated that the show had a knack for filling the gap. Hence, the upcoming installment could have explored this angle.


But sadly, Fox has axed The Resident Season 7. Hence, there’s no chance that the show will return in the future. However, we will update you shortly after receiving an official announcement. Till then, stay with TechRadar247.

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