Natalie Nunn Parents: Where Are They Now? Meet Earl & Karen Nunn

Natalie Nunn Parents: The Baddies’ cast was just superb! The ladies did not only increase the temperature but also made the series a hit. And when talking about the show, how can someone not mention Natalie Nunn? She is the Queen of the reality television world and has also served as the executive producer of Baddies. Isn’t it impressive? Further, the 38-year-old also appeared in Bad Girls Clubs Seasons 4 and 13. Besides this, Natalie has been a part of Hair Battle Spectacular, Celebrity Big Brother, and even Bad Girls: All-Star Battle. So, her professional career has always been an open book for her fans. But do you know about Natalia’s personal life and family background? Well, it is one of those aspects that is not discussed much in the media. Hence, speculative theories related to Natalie Nunn Parents are around the table. Let us have a look!

Natalie Nunn Parents: Who Is Her Mother And How Many Siblings Does She Have?

The bad girl attitude of Natalie Nunn is what makes her a star. Initially, she was quite interested in sports, but later on, she developed an immense interest in reality TV. It was the fear factor series that viewed her enthusiasm about the reality TV world. So, it has not been inherited by her parents. Well, talking about Natalie Nunn Parents and her family members, she was born to Karen and Earl Nunn on December 26, 1984. Furthermore, the TV personality also has a brother named Ronald Nunn. Well, Natalie was raised in Pleasanton alongside her brother Ronald.

Natalie Nunn

Further, as far as her ethnicity is concerned, Natalie Nunn does not belong to a particular race. In fact, the Baddies star has a mixed ethnicity as she is of Puerto Rican, African, American, and Brazilian descent. Despite such circumstances, she holds American nationality, which is quite evident in her upbringing. Nevertheless, there are no details about the specific ancestral background of Natalie Nunn Parents. Regardless of this fact, they have raised Natalie and her brother Ronald pretty well. Moreover, during their childhood days, Karen took two jobs to raise them. However, information about Earl’s profession is not known. It is quite clear that the family had an ordinary background, but they grew popular after Natalie entered reality TV.

Did Natalie Nunn Marry Someone?

While the internet is flooding with Natalie Nunn Parents’ concerns, people are also looking forward to more details about her personal life. This is the reason why her fans are curious to know whether or not she is married. According to the official records, the 38-year-old is married to football player Jacob Payne. The latter proposed the celeb in April 2012, and they got married later that month and the ceremony was aired on TV as well. However, the media reports suggested the couple split after being together for seven years in 2019. In fact, the industry insiders claimed that Natalie was caught in an explosive threesome scandal. Due to this, Jacob dumped her and decided to split.

Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne

The entire drama was so intense that social media flooded with many theories. Meanwhile, there were a couple of pictures that circulated online showing Jacob moving out of the marital home after he reportedly asked for a divorce from her wife. But even after the scandal, the Baddies star has consistently tried to save her marriage. Not only this, but Nunn has also moved out of the threesome allegations. However, things did not seem to have changed much between them. Did Natalie Nunn Parents talk about this incident? Unfortunately, not! But the interesting fact is the couple is still together, and Nunn has recently celebrated her husband’s birthday.

Their Daughter Is A Millionaire!

On the other hand, the couple shares one daughter together, Journey Ruth Payne. Born in 2017, the young girl is pretty popular on Instagram and has thousands of followers on Instagram. Before giving birth to Journey, Natalie Nunn was expecting her first child with Jacob Payne in 2014. Sadly, she suffered an unfortunate miscarriage, which she revealed in February 2015. Nevertheless, Journey Payne is already sitting in the position of CEO at Journey Hair Payne, a company that specializes in all-organic hair care products for children.

Who Is Natalie Payne’s Ex-Boyfriend? Did He Meet Her Parents?

Before getting married to the Arizona Rattlers football player Jacob Payne, Natalie dated Olamide Faison. The two started dating in 2003 and remained together for about six years. But following a huge misunderstanding, the ex-couple got separated in 2009. Well, other than him, there are no linkups that have been reported officially by the insiders. In fact, Nunn does not talk about her past relationships on a public platform. This is because of the fact that the Bad Girls Club alumnus does not wish the media to bring up her personal life for baseless discussions. Coming to the other concern, whether or not Olamide met her ex’s parents is not known. However, given the fact that her family is open-minded, Natalie Nunn Parents could not have minded meeting him.

What Actually Is The Natalie Nunn’s Threesome Scandal?

Dan, Chloe, and Natalie

It is true that Natalie Nunn Parents allowed their daughter to follow her interests and passions. So, there is no denying that the reality TV personality is one of the ‘Baddies’ of the industry. But, after Nunn’s threesome scandal came into the limelight, things changed drastically. Coming to the details, the US native has apparently confirmed that she slept with Dan. It would have been fine if the former had not been married to the I’m a Celebrity champ Jacqueline Jossa. Not only this, but Dan Osborne also bedded with model Chloe Ayling. After such revelation, the entire scandal brought about a storm on the internet, with people gossiping about it consistently.

Furthermore, in an interview, the Baddies star opened up about how Dan begged her to deny spending that night with her. But, the 38-year-old already confessed to the fact that she admitted having sex with Dan in her hotel room. Besides this, Natalie also said that the story narrated by Chloe is also true. For those who are known, in an exclusive interview with The Sun, the model admitted to spending a night with Dan and Natalie in the same hotel room. However, Ayling also said that she felt bad for Jacqueline and she must know about Dan properly. Well, Osborne and Chloe met for the first time on the sets of the Celebrity Big Brother.

Public Apology!

However, even after the revelations, Dan has denied the romp with the pair. Furthermore, the threesome scandal happened after a boozy dinner on September 12, 2019. The three of them had dinner and drank together. Following the night out, they went to the hotel and entered their room. What happened next is already known to many! Dan and Natalie had sex while the latter performed a sex act on Chloe. Well, ever since the news broke, the reality TV celeb has apologized for a mistake and confessed to being drunk. However, it remained unclear how Natalie Nunn Parents responded to this scandal. On the other hand, Dan Osborne also issued a public apology to Jacqueline.

Jacqueline and Dan

Natalie Nunn Net Worth: How Much Is She Earning?

Now that you have a clear answer related to Natalie Nunn Parents, let us move to another aspect. We cannot deny the fact that she has earned a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Whether Bad Girls Club or Hair Battle Spectacular, Natalie has given her bets in every show she went in. However, her major breakthrough was being the executive producer and the main cast member of the reality TV show Baddies. Well, coming to her net worth, Natalie Nunn is making approximately $1 million. Well, a major source of her income is predominantly her career as a TV personality. Reportedly, Nunn also owns a couple of real estate properties worth millions, making her financial background stronger.

So, this is all about Natalie Nunn Parents. For more updates, stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247!

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