Big Mouth Season 8: Nick Kroll Will Continue To Work For Netflix Till 2026!

Big Mouth Season 8: American sitcoms surely are an amazing entertainment source. And when it comes to the animated ones, Big Mouth is the winner. The show debuted in 2018 and is still one of the most enjoyable sitcoms on television. Well, ever since it premiered, Big Mouth has spawned seven seasons. So, eventually, fans became habituated to it for a long time. This is the reason why fans are looking forward to Big Mouth Season 8. Interestingly, the animated show is one of the longest-running scripted shows on Netflix. Therefore, it is obvious for the fans to anticipate the release of a new season. In fact, social media is also brimming with several speculative theories, thereby showing the fans’ excitement towards the series’ future. So, are the makers planning to come up with Big Mouth Season 8? Is there any update? Here’s everything we know!

Exploring various themes, Big Mouth is an adult animated sitcom hailing from the creative minds of Andrew Goldberg, Nick Kroll, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. Delving into issues like puberty, the show is appreciated for its writing and pace of storytelling. Talking about its story, Big Mouth is all about a group of teenagers who go through different struggles. Whether masturbation or sexual arousal, the show is known for giving out messages of acceptance. Well, apart from the main series, the makers also came up with a spin-off titled Human Resources. Given its success, it ran for about two seasons and concluded on June 9, 2023. Nevertheless, Big Mouth is also known for its characters, who are known for adding hidden humour to the show. As far as Big Mouth Season 8 is concerned, we are here with a piece of bittersweet news. Let’s have a closer look.


Is Big Mouth Season 8 Happening? What Is Its Current Status?

Big Mouth debuted in September 2017, and since then, every season has been very successful. This is the reason why makers have continued the story to date. But after the seventh season’s finale, the chances for its continuation seem a bit difficult. Well, before discussing it, let us find out whether or not Big Mouth Season 8 is happening. As per the official reports, the sitcom has already been renewed for the eighth season. It was in April 2023 that the show was restored for a new batch of episodes. Thereby confirming the arrival of a new installment of Big Mouth. However, while the future of the show seems secure, there’s a piece of sad news associated with it.

Unfortunately, Big Mouth is ending with its season 8. This means that following the seventh installment, people will only have a single chapter to look forward to. It is true that the series is one of the biggest hits of the streaming giant. But still, the creators have decided to end Big Mouth. Although fans are sad to know that the series is ending with its season 8, the goodbye makes some sense. The last season showed that the group of teenagers finally entered high school and anticipated a new life. Hence, the upcoming season will feature the characters in a grown-up stage as they try to move on.

Similar Contents On The Way!

Even after Big Mouth is about to say goodbye to its native audience and loyal fans, the creators will still be working with Netflix. According to industry insiders, the streaming giant has announced that the officials had already made a three-year deal with Nick Kroll and other members. Going by the agreement, the group will continue to work for Netflix and produce animated projects for it. Therefore, it would not be wrong for us to conclude that despite Big Mouth Season 8 being the final season, we might have similar content from the creator’s side.


Big Mouth Season 7 Ending Explained: What Happened In The Pen-Ultimate Season?

The latest season of Big Mouth has been recently dropped on October 20, 2023. The ten-episode-long season 7 was released in bulk on Netflix. Therefore, fans have already finished watching it and are excited about the last installment. But aren’t you curious about what has happened in the recently released batch of episodes? As always, as Netflix celebrated the new season, Big Mouth once again explored themes related to puberty. Jessi and Missy were already on the verge of ending their mid-school era and moving into their high school days.

However, as these characters prepared themselves for high school, Missy and Jessi had some challenges to face. One of the biggest issues was Jessi’s enemy. Since his enemy was a high schooler, Jessi had to confront him in the coming days. Well, as far as the end is concerned, Season 7’s finale showed that the teenagers got admitted to the high school but were stressed. Among everyone, Andrew was the one who was scared the most as he touched Timon’s girlfriend Pumba’s breasts. At the same time, fans were at ease as they enjoyed watching Leah and Jessi in the same high school. But the former had different desires. Leah wanted to be popular everywhere in the school. But the situation pushed her into awkwardness.


What Else?

On the other hand, Missy was excited to start her life in high school with her asexual boyfriend, Elijah. But, there came a twist. Elijah announced that he wouldn’t be attending Bridgerton High and revealed that he was going to a religious school somewhere. So, all her excitement went in vain. Missy then tried to convince her father to homeschool. While her dad agreed with the idea, Missy’s mother was not in favour of such an idea until it was meant only for a temporary basis. However, Mona reminded Missy that if she didn’t attend the school, her chance to meet other boys would completely dissolve.

Now, as far as Matthew was concerned, he finally made it to the Bridgerton High’s Queer Choir. Also known as B-High Quee-Choi, the boy was expected to make huge progress. Besides this, his family had also started teaching a few aspects of LGBTQ relationships to Matthew and his siblings. Hence, there was no doubt that there were many interesting factors in the Big Mouth Season 7. However, the finale episode ended on a quite predictable cliffhanger.

Is There Any Update On Big Mouth Season 8 Story?

It has been a few months since Big Mouth Season 8 received an official confirmation. However, the creators are yet to drop significant details related to the upcoming chapter. However, despite the absence of a formal plotline, fans are well-prepared for the last batch of episodes. As the teenagers embark on their journey as high schoolers, we will have a few more adult jokes. Nevertheless, coming to the speculative theories, fans might have Matthew looking for a new boyfriend while moving on from Jay. On top of that, the creators will be making an interesting part for Missy.


As she wants to be homeschooled, Mona requests her to come to Bridgerton High. Meanwhile, the next is likely to show Andrew fighting for the position of Nick’s best friend. However, things will become clear only when a trailer will be dropped. Well, the team will take a couple of months to show up with an official trailer. Nevertheless, whatever the case, Nick and Andrew’s friendship is sure to play an important factor in Big Mouth Season 8.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Big Mouth Season 8?

So far, a confirmation on the cast part has not been made. But the cast of the Big Mouth Season 8 is likely to be the same as of the recently released outing. If it happens, we will again have Nick Kroll back in his seat. He not only voices Nick Birch and Hormone Monster but also lends his voice to characters like Lola Ugfuglio Skumpy, Nick Starr, and many others. In addition to him, we might also have John Mulaney as Andrew, Jessi Klein as Jessica, and Ayo Edebiri as Missy.

Furthermore, the other artists who are expected to be onboarded are Jason Mantzoukas for voicing Jay, while Connie is speculated to have the voice of Maya Rudolph. The same goes for Richard Kind and Paula Pell. Additionally, the return of a couple of voice artists is not certain. The list includes Megan Thee Stallion, Lupita Nyong’o, Brian Tyree Henry, and Zazie Beetz. Well, the same could be said for a few other stars, including Ali Wong’s Ali, Chris O’Dowd’s Flanny, and Peter Capaldi’s Seamus.


Big Mouth Season 8: Release Date

As per the media reports, Big Mouth Season 8 is expected to drop on Netflix sometime in 2024. Now, since the actors’ and writers’ strikes in the US have come to an end, the project should not be pushed into any kind of delay. Nevertheless, we will keep updating the section as soon as any details drop in. So, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247 for more such content!

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