Alchemy Of Souls Season 3: Cast Finally Teases Potential Sequel Amid “CALLED IT OFF” Words!

Since fans last saw the epic saga of Alchemy Of Souls, they have been craving for more. Well, there’s no denying that K-drama has been one of the most popular and enchanted dramas among its audience. Since it debuted, it has been topping the viewership chart. Hence, there’s no brainer that fans are going crazy over Alchemy Of Souls Season 3. But is it on the cards? Well, this question is currently buzzing a huge part of the audience. So, will they ever get their favorite saga back on the screens? Well, we have bittersweet news for K-drama lovers. But Lee Jae-wook has recently spilled the beans on his role in Alchemy Of Souls. So, let’s see what he wants to say.

The show focuses on the stories of young mages who deal with the earth and heaven affairs. Alchemy Of Souls is set in a fictional country named Daeho, where two young mages get entrapped in their twisted fate. The first season features Nak-su and Mu-deok accidently switching their bodies. But it later helps them deal with the hurdles they face together when she encounters Jang Uk. Meanwhile, the second season explores the aftermath of Mu-deok’s death. Jang Uk becomes a ruthless hunter and decides to kill all the soul shifters before meeting another potential lover.

Is Alchemy Of Souls Season 3 Renewed?

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Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 ended on a pleasant note in January 2023. While the show neatly wrapped up the story, fans are clamoring for Alchemy Of Souls Season 3. However, neither Netflix nor tvN has opened up about their decision to renew the third season. Well, K-dramas are typically known to air for only one season. But for a couple of years, the trend has changed. And now it’s quite common to see fans’ favorite show returning on the screen. The same is currently seen in the case of Dr. Romantic, which has recently wrapped up its third season.

And it’s believed to return for another season. So, considering this, we can expect the same with Alchemy Of Souls. But one thing to note here is that the show has already wrapped the loose ends. So, the chances of extending the storyline are pretty low. In fact, as per the source, the show has already been concluded. So, there’s no chance for Alchemy Of Souls Season 3. But again, nothing has been confirmed to this moment. Netflix has yet to make an official announcement. Despite that, the show can return.

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This is because the second season has remained in first place among the demos of 20 to 49 across all cable channels. According to Nielsen Korea, Alchemy Of Souls Season 2’s first episode scored an average of 6.7% viewership. However, the finale scored a rating of 9.7%, which is higher than its pilot episode. Thus, considering the viewership graph, the chances for Alchemy Of Souls Season 3 are quite high.

Lee Jae-Wook Discussed Potential Alchemy Of Souls Season 3

In an interview with Soompi, Lee Jae-wook, who played Jang Uk, talked about his role. He discussed the challenges he had faced while filming the first two seasons. While the period drama looked great on screen, the actors faced complications while switching roles. Jae-wook said that he took a week to reorganize himself after finishing filming Alchemy Of Souls Season 2. The actor added that initially, he faced challenges while adapting to the second season storyline. In fact, his story arc made things more dramatic and heartbreaking for him.

This was the reason why it took him time to accept Jang Wook, which later slowed down the filming. Though Lee had a tough time adapting to the changes, he brilliantly portrayed his role. As for Alchemy Of Souls Season 3, Lee revealed that he was satisfied with the second season’s ending. But he would love to return for the next season if the script tempts him. However, the actor also reflected on the changes in the story arc. He talked about being replaced by the new characters, given how the last season ended.

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So, there’s a chance that Alchemy Of Souls Season 3 may return as the series prequel. But the network hasn’t yet revealed anything about this. So, it currently remains unclear. However, we will update this section once official news drops in.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 3 Has Slim Chances To Return

As mentioned above, the show has wrapped up its story arc. The second season began with Nak-su losing her memories when Bu-yeon’s soul was removed. However, the entire second season saw Jang Uk falling in love with her all over again, unknowingly her true identity. Amid her, Jang Uk was also in pain as he had the Ice Stone. Although it gave him immense power, he was in pain. But as the show progressed, the couple finally reunited and learned about their true potential. They even reunited to fight against the evils. The show ended with Bu-yeon using all her powers to stop Firebird.

Following the great defeat, the duo traveled across the country to kill the rogue souls. Meanwhile, the rest of the characters faced their perfect ending as well. Nak-su later started her new life while the rest of the characters had moved on. With such an ending, it doesn’t seem like the show will return with Alchemy Of Souls Season 3. Hence, the chances are slim. But another theory suggests the pair will return to stop a looming threat. It will eventually bring back most of the characters back to stop this mess.

But The Cast Wants To Return

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No doubt, Alchemy Of Souls is a life-changing experience for the cast members. Well, Lee has already discussed the tough time he had faced while filming the second season. But the actor is ready to return if the story tempts him. Meanwhile, Shin Seung-ho has seen the show as a stepping stone to success. Hwang Minhyun has also discussed how Alchemy Of Souls has changed his acting career. He told Soompi he received his first major intense lead role in Alchemy Of Souls. It has helped him combine his age and time in the story.

It has helped him pave his path in the entertainment industry. He discussed that he had learned a lot while working with the actors. Further, this experience helped him discover what he lacked and how to improve everything in the future. While discussing this, Hwang stated that he did want to return for Alchemy Of Souls Season 3. Although the show has been wrapped up, if they want to continue, Hwang will undoubtedly return. However, Netflix has yet to announce its future.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 3: Release Date

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As stated above, Netflix and tvN have yet to confirm the renewal status of Alchemy Of Souls Season 3. So, it remains unclear whether the show will return with another season. However, there’s a chance that the show may return following its incredible performance. Speaking of the Alchemy Of Souls Season 3 release date, there’s no official announcement so far. But it is expected to be released sometime in 2025 if the show gets restored in late 2023. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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