Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 14: Geum Joo Surrenders To Stop Shi Oh!? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

While the past few episodes showed Shi Oh was all over Nam Soon, it looked like things would take a dark turn soon in Strong Girl Nam Soon. Shi Oh is aware of the mole and will try his best to find the person. But he has something else to deal with, too. Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 14 will witness Shi Oh’s other plan, bringing troubles in Hee Sik, Nam Soon, and Geum Joo’s life. Is he aware of their plan? Well, fans have been waiting to see how Shi Oh will react after learning Nam Soon is the mole he has been searching for. Surprisingly, they will soon learn the answer. This is because Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 14 will witness the greatest defeat. Keep reading to know that!

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 14: What Will Happen Next?

In the closing moment, Gil Joong Gan uses her strength to teach Shi Oh’s bodyguard a good lesson. After learning about their condition, the CEO plots another plan to kill Geum Joo. Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 14 preview teases that he will succeed in locating the latter’s husband. Soon, a group of armed men will capture Geum Joo’s husband and take him with them. Meanwhile, another ally of Geum Joo will be captured. Now, she has to decide whom she wants to save first.


Meanwhile, Nam Soon learns about the higher above who are linked to the drug dealing business. The camera in her watch will help to record the evidence. But things will take a dramatic turn when another cop joins hands with Shi Oh. Well, it appears it will be a forceful collaboration. But is Hee Sik aware of it? On the other hand, Geum Joo will question her decision and try to reach Song Bread. Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 14 will also show how Na Young returns to the safe place.

A Quick Recap!

After learning about Geum Joo’s plan, Shi Oh was determined to take her down. The previous episode began with the latter commanding his assistant to gather information about Geum Joo’s family. Interestingly, learning about Geum Joo’s husband and son didn’t take long enough. However, Shi Oh was keen to learn about the latter’s daughter. There was no such information about her. While Shi Oh planned to kill Geum Joo’s family, he was unaware of the fact that Nam Soon was Geum Joo’s daughter. On the other hand, Nam Soon confronted Shi Oh.


She asked whether he trusted her and convinced him to show her the lab. It allowed her to gather ample evidence against Shi Oh. Nam Soon also learned that the drugs had been distributed to the entire town. So, she needed to inform Hee Sik as soon as possible. As for Hee Sik, he feared for her safety. While they were trying to expose Shi Oh, the latter hired assassins to kill Geum Joo’s family. Meanwhile, Shi Oh’s bodyguards attacked the family matriarch, Gil Joong Gan. They tried to extract the information regarding Geum Joo’s daughter and the family’s secret hideout. But they failed to do so.

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 14: Release Date

It seems like the next episode will focus on Shi Oh and Nam Soon’s closeness. You will learn it in Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 14, which will air on November 19, 2023, at 22.30 KST. The show consists of 16 episodes, and now only two more are left to uncover the drug mystery. So, don’t forget to stream it every Saturday and Sunday only on Netflix. As for the local Korean audience, they can binge-watch the show on JTBC. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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