Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 8: The Red Dragon Possesss Threat In “Dragon’s Nest!” WATCH HERE

Now that the anime is inching closer to its finale, Naofumi and his party continue to train for the looming threat. Well, the previous episode has seen Sword Hero joining the group to help maintain the peace in the village. But the closing moment hints at another dangerous situation. Now, Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 8 will show how Naofumi will deal with the impending threat when someone close to him gets hurt. Will he lose control? As for Sword Hero, he is all set to support the team at a greater level. Will he sacrifice himself for the greater cause? Keep reading to know how things will move now.

Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 8: Someone Is In Danger! What’s Next?

After Gaelion swallowed the jewel, it became difficult for him to control his strength. Although he has fled to the mountains, things aren’t that great. Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 8, entitled “Dragon’s Nest,” has recently dropped the stills. That shows Naofumi and his group will start a rescue mission. They will head to find the red dragon to stop him from causing more trouble in the village. Well, Naofumi is already not fond of him, so he may go to any extent to stop the dragon. However, the demi-humans can’t watch it suffer. While they try to save Gaelion, he attacks someone close to Naofumi.

It will eventually make things more problematic. Further, Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 8 stills hints that the red dragon will lose its control. It will ultimately lead to a massive battle between the two. Gaelion’s adoptive father will use his techniques to seize the dragon. On the other hand, it seems like Ren will play a massive role in the rescue operation. Well, he has been trained with Eclair, which may help him to help support the group. On the other hand, Ratotille’s experiment is also expected to create chaos in the village in the absence of Naofumi.

A Quick Recap!

Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 7 saw Naofumi continue to work on preparation for the Phoenix’s rising. That would rise in just two months. While he worked on his duties, Ren started training with Eclair. Meanwhile, the Queen sent a woman named Ratotille Anthreya to breed the monster, who was cast out of her village due to her experiments. However, Naofumi refused to let her in. But later, he allowed her to experiment with his imprisoners. On the other hand, Siltvelt sent a package with a dragon egg.

Initially, Naofumi wasn’t planning to raise it, but he decided to do so after one of the demi-humans, Wyndia, insisted. For this, he was forced to carry that egg with him to help with its growth. While it annoyed him, everyone was amused to see that. Meanwhile, Atla slept in Naofumi’s bed, which irritated Raphtalia and Fohl. S’yne, on the other hand, created a doll to help communicate with others. But for that, the former used an accessory from the enemies. Finally, the day came, and the egg eventually hatched.


And Naofumi welcomed a baby red dragon, which they named Gaelion. Later, Wyndia and Gaelion grew closer and played together. However, the latter was upset as Naofumi refused to play with him. While things were moving peacefully, the dragon ended up swallowing the Emperor Dragon’s Core jewel, leading him to grow suddenly. It later became unmanageable for him to control his strength, and he briefly attacked the others. After the attack, Gaelion had to fly off the mountains.

Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date

The forthcoming episode, “Dragon’s Nest,” will finally reveal the future of the red dragon. You will learn it in Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Episode 8, which will air on November 24, 2023, at 9 pm JST. The anime airs every Friday on the local Japanese network, such as AT-X. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Crunchyroll at 8 am ET. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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