Home News Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12: Finale! Yi Joo’s New Beginning! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12: Finale! Yi Joo’s New Beginning! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

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Now that Yi Joo has dodged the bullet, she needs to find a way to start a fresh life. Well, her life has already been sorted, and now it seems like her time will be over soon. However, Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12 hints at another challenging situation. The previous episode has already paved the way for Do Guk to reveal his true identity. But how his spouse will react remains to be seen. Will she accept him? On the other hand, Yi Joo’s family is expected to deal with some significant changes. Does it have anything to do with Yi Joo and Do Guk’s marriage? Keep reading to know that.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12: Is It The End? What Will Happen Next? 

Yi Joo’s life spirals after noticing the same marks on Do Guk’s wrist. She has no idea why her husband carries the same mark, and now it pushes her into the dark. As she wonders whether she knows her husband, Do Guk has something to confess. In Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12, he will finally reveal the truth he has been hiding over the years. Initially, it won’t be that easy for Yi Joo to handle the situation. But it is expected that it will bring them closer than ever.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12

Since a year has passed, the couple needs to make a tough decision, whether they want to dissolve their marriage. However, Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12 hints that after learning about each other’s past, the duo will work to convert their contract marriage into a real one. On the other hand, Yoo-ra will confess about her pregnancy, which will significantly affect her position in the family. As for her father, he will work on his way to reunite with someone from the past. Will it lead to a happy ending?

A Quick Recap!

The penultimate episode

picked up from where the last week’s episode left. Jung Hye and her partner in crime were about to drive over Yi Joo. However, Do Guk arrived in time and saved her. While the situation appeared tense, everyone ended up at the police station. There, the assailant surrendered and confessed that he had been following Jung Hye’s order to kill Yi Joo. Soon, the table was turned as the latter’s stepmother was forced to admit her crime. She later revealed her dislike for her stepdaughter and started behaving differently.

On the other hand, a lady wished Yoo-ra could have seen that. While the latter wasn’t there, she was trying to deal with her pregnancy news. That had caused chaos in her life. She even tried to figure out who the father of her baby was. On the other hand, Yi Joo managed to save the art pieces and expose Jung Hye’s crime. But a year had passed, and now it was the time to end their contractual marriage. However, Do Guk wanted to turn it into a real marriage. But there was a catch. He was hiding something from her, and by the end of the episode, it was revealed he had followed the same fate as Yi Joo.

Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12: Release Date

This episode will serve as the final episode of the K-drama Perfect Marriage Revenge, and it’s expected to unveil the mystery. So, what is Do Guk’s true identity? You will learn it on Perfect Marriage Revenge Episode 12, which will air on December 3, 2023, at 8:05 pm KST. It will be on the local Korean network, such as MBN. As for the global audience, they can catch it on Viki or Wavve. The K-drama airs every Saturday and Sunday. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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