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Hilda Season 3: The Blue-Haired Toon All Set For “Final” Adventure! Gets Fall Release Window!

A world full of magical creatures, elves, and cute animals is returning with Hilda Season 3. Following the recent movie, the critically acclaimed animated show is finally making a return. Hilda is often considered to be one of the best children’s shows in recent times. As a result, the show has gathered a dedicated fan base who want to follow Hilda’s journey in Trolberg. However, there are several questions regarding the show’s future. Will the upcoming season mark the end of the series? What lies ahead for Hilda and her friends? Let’s dive in and explore when we can expect to see the 11-year-old again.

Hilda is an animated show about a young girl with blue hair. She lives in the walled city of Trolberg, and her deer fox, Twig, an elf, and other fantastical creatures join Hilda on her journey. Well, the recent movie Hilda And The Mountain King has set up the plot for the upcoming Hilda Season 3. As a result, parents and kids worldwide are curious about when the next season will be released and what the story will be. Well, read on to find out.

Hilda Season 3 Is Finally Back!

Hilda Season 3

Since Hilda has received abundant praise from fans and critics, it is unsurprising that the show would get renewed. Following the first season’s premiere in 2018, Netflix extended the show for another season shortly after. Moreover, in 2020, the creators also announced that a new movie was in the works. With the momentum in favor of the show, Sony Pictures Television Kids made an announcement in November 2021, officially confirming Hilda Season 3.

The First Look At Hilda Season 3!

Recently, a promotional trailer gave fans the first look at the upcoming season. Take a look at it below!

The trailer shows Hilda and her companions in the Woff’s nest. Well, they are in a dangerous place with nowhere to go. Moreover, the cliff is collapsing while Woffs surround them. However, the group manages to escape the nest by jumping on a Woff and flying out of the place. The fantastic soundtrack and the high stakes have made fans more excited to see what lies ahead in Hilda Season 3.

What Is Hilda About?

When it comes to shows aimed towards children, there is a flood that comes out each year. However, very few managed to stand out, and Hilda did just that. The animated TV series is adapted from Luke Pearson’s graphic novel of the same name. The fantasy world of Hilda closely resembles 20th-century Scandinavia. As a result, the series features stories inspired by Scandinavian folklore. Initially, the blue-haired kid lives with her mom in a cottage surrounded by mountains but later moves into the city of Trolberg. The young girl encounters many magical creatures and other interesting characters in the city.

What Can You Expect In Hilda Season 3?

Following the second season of the hit children’s show, fans were treated to a movie. Hilda And The Mountain King premiered on December 30, 2021. The movie’s plot saw the titular character turning into a troll and following her as she tried to return to being a human. The movie’s end resolved the conflict between humans and trolls. However, now Hilda will have to deal with fairies.


Additionally, the official synopsis gives fans an idea of what they can expect in Hilda Season 3. The upcoming season will see the main character and her friends embark on a journey to a new town, Tofoten. What starts as a peaceful and relaxing trip soon turns mysterious when Hilda encounters a fairy mound and befriends a new magical creature. Moreover, something dangerous lurks in the shadows, and Hilda Season 3 will uncover the truth.

Is This The Final Season Of Hilda?

Although many fans were joyous about the kid’s show returning for a third season, it is, unfortunately, the last season. The upcoming season will be adapting the previous three graphic novels. In other words, the stories of Hilda and the Laughing Merman, Hilda and the Faratok Tree, and Hilda and the Fairy Village will be adapted in Hilda Season 3. As of now, all the books for the Netflix tie-in have been adapted. Moreover, Netflix adapted the last book in the original series into the movie Hilda And The Mountain King. Although Luke Pearson said that he would be working on more graphic novels in the future, fans will have to wait for a while before another Hilda season is in the works.

Cast And Production Of Hilda Season 3!

The upcoming season of the magical animated show will see most of the fan-favorite characters return. Moreover, the voice actors of the previous seasons are all set to return to voice their respective characters. As a result, Bella Ramsey will voice Hilda, while Ameerah Falzon-Ojo will voice Frida. Oliver Nelson, Daisy Haggard, and Rasmus Hardiker will voice the characters David, Johanna, and Alfur Aldric, respectively. Additionally, John Hopkins and Lucy Montgomery will voice Erik Ahlberg and Gerda Gustav, respectively.


Luke Pearson and Kurt Mueller are the executive producers of the show. At the same time, Mercury Filmworks and Silvergate Media are the production companies for Hilda Season 3.

Hilda Season 3: Release Date

Although fans don’t want the series to end, they eagerly wait to watch the enchanting show again. Luckily, fans will not have to wait for long as Hilda Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on December 7, 2023. Season 3 is right around the corner, and fans of the show can’t wait to tune in again. Despite the upcoming season being the final installment in the series, fans will always remember the numerous memories and entertainment the animated show has provided. For more updates about Hilda, follow Techradar247.

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