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The Santa Clause 4: Tim Allen Hints At Franchise’s Theatre Return As The Easter Egg!

The Santa Claus movie franchise will always be the most preferred film series to binge on during the Christmas holidays. The third part of the film series, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, came out in 2006. However, with the holidays nearing, even after fifteen long years, fans still wonder if The Santa Clause 4 will ever come into existence. The comedy movie series has been one of the highest-grossing franchises for Disney, making an overall profit of $470.1 million for its three films. But will it return with the next installment? Besides this, the actor and executive producer have recently spoken about the future of the franchise. Keep reading to know that.

Based on Steve Rudnick and Leo Benvenuti’s original story, The Santa Clause franchise follows the misadventure of Scott Calvin after his transformation into Santa Claus. The first movie hit the theatre in 1994, focusing on divorced dad Scott, who received custody of his son on Christmas Eve. However, his life took a dramatic turn when he accidentally caused an accident, leaving Santa injured. Immediately after this incident, he was transported to the North Pole and asked to take Santa’s place. Soon, his life changed, and he embraced the new role, becoming the permanent Santa Claus. The film series has stretched out for three successful movies over the course of twelve years. But will there be The Santa Clause 4? Let’s find out!

The Santa Clause 4: Is It Officially Renewed? 

Fans last saw The Santa Claus movie back in 2006. The franchise has seen a gap between several years before dropping the new installment. Thus, many believed it would soon return with The Santa Clause 4. However, it never happened. As of January 2024, there’s no official news regarding the franchise’s fourth movie. But we have delightful news as Scott’s actor Tim Allen has been vocal about returning with a subsequent film. For those who are unversed, the movie lately returned with the Disney+ series. It returned after 16 years, focusing on 30 years after the pilot movie. 

Credit: Disney

In November 2022, Allen explained his return to the Disney series to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. He wanted to ensure the remaining story arc could be explored in the shows. “At this time of year,” Allen continued, “it’s become (common to return with) this iconic piece.” And the only reason he returned was he wanted to do it again. He was a sci-fi freak and wanted to explore all the loopholes of the films. He said he didn’t know about the other guy when he and his kid hoped in the sleigh. 

So, because of this, he wanted to return to the series to explore this loophole. Later, in November 2023, Allen discussed the possibility of The Santa Clause 4 in an interview with He revealed the movie could return to focus on the storyline left behind in The Santa Clauses Season 2. The second season finale opened the door to explore Scott’s children’s DNA. While it can focus on significant storylines, Allen discusses why they could return with the next movie. 

Tim Allen Addresses Major Storylines Of The Santa Clause 4 

Speaking with, Allen hinted that his son could also have new abilities. The actor said he hadn’t yet realized his son Cal’s potential. He believed that he might have the same Santa-given DNA. But there’s nothing confirmed about this at this moment. Besides this, Allen reflected on Sandra’s potential story arc. He said that she would see some changes in her life. Sandra will realize she’s a human with magical abilities. She might do what the witches used to do in the past. As of now, it remained unclear where things could go, but he knew it might plan a significant storyline in The Santa Clause 4. 

Tim Allen as Santa Claus

But Allen also stated that the story could be explored in The Santa Clauses Season 3. As per the actor, Disney+ could rather green-light the next season of its series than return with The Santa Clause 4. But again, there are no official words. So, the next installment stands uncertain. Since Eric Lloyd is returning as Scott’s older son, Charlie, the fourth movie could explore this angle. He might be older now. But Scott’s younger children, Cal and Sandra, are still in the picture, and it might create a problem for him to select who would take over the family business. 

Apart from this, a few threats are still lurking to create a mess with Christmas safety. While it remains unclear how these threats will be pulled off, the next installment will indeed bring more trouble in Scott’s life.  

The Santa Clause 4 Could Explore Its Own Original Storyline 

As per the report, The Santa Clause 4 could explore its own emotional storyline. While the second season left several characters’ storylines unexplored, the next movie could explore different angles. It might bring other Santa Clauses onboard. However, nothing is confirmed at this moment. This is because Scott is planning to retire from the franchise. So, his first son’s return might bring new challenges. It might also explore Charlie’s journey and what he has been doing so far. 

The Santa Clause 4: Will The Franchise Return For The Fourth Installment?

The first film of The Santa Clause series came out in the year 1994. With a budget of $22 million, the first part managed to gross an overall profit of $190 million alone. However, the profit degraded over the next two installments, with $172 million for the second part and a reasonably low profit of $110 million for the third installment. Meanwhile, the budget had also degraded through three installments.

Credit: Disney

No doubt, the first movie was a banger. However, the franchise’s gross revenue declines with the next installment. This hinders the chances of its return. Tim Allen and Disney+ could return with The Santa Clause 4 despite that. This is because they wanted to end the franchise. It would be interesting to put a bow by sending it to the big screen for the one last movie. If it happens, the movie will hit the theatre 20 years after the debut of the third film. Considering the success of the Disney+ series, the streamer could return with The Santa Clauses Season 3. 

Will There Be The Santa Clauses Season 3? 

Rejoice, we have pleasant news. The series executive producer Jason Winer recently told Behind The Lens that the team could return with The Santa Clauses Season 3. He stated that “the show has a ‘good shot'” at returning with the next run. He further mentioned that the show was a huge success on Disney+. So, it feels like the streamer might return with another season. He also hinted at some more cameos in the third season. Winer said that season 3 could focus on more cameos, including Judy the Elf. 

They had finally figured out her storyline, and she might make a secret cameo. Her story would bring a fresh perspective as she might return as the proprietor of Judy’s Hot Cocoa Stand at Centopolis. He also added that they are currently looking back to the original movies to make the show more creatively explored. They wanted to create Easter eggs for the franchise’s fans. So, The Santa Clauses Season 3 would “scratch all those itches for the fans.”

Disney Plus’ The Santa Clauses Season 2

Winer also cited that they would release a proper combined soundtrack for three seasons if they could bring another season. Further, he told TVInsider that The Santa Clauses Season 3 might bring gnomes. The first season saw that the elves hate gnomes. So, the following season would get them. It would also explore the funny storyline associated with this hatred. Further, he added that gnomes hate the trolls. So, the hate story will continue in the next arc as well.  

Who Could Return For The Santa Clause 4?

If the fourth installment happens, Tim Allen will likely reprise his role as Scott Calvin. Moreover, Reic Llyod as Charlie Calvin, Judge Reinhold as Neil Miller, Wendy Crewson as Laura Miller, Peter Boyle as Mr. Whittle, and David Krumholtz as Bernard the Elf could also return.

Further, Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Newman Calvin, Liliana Mumy as Lucy Miller, Spencer Breslin as Curtis the Elf, Aisha Tyler as Mother Nature, Jay Thomas as Easter Bunny, Kevin Pollak as Cupid, and Art LaFleur as Tooth Fairy could join the cast. Fans could also see some new faces if Disney confirms The Santa Clause 4.

The Santa Claus 4: Release Date

Disney has not confirmed The Santa Clause 4 yet. It’s been more than 15 years since the last installment was released. So, predicting a tentative release date would be unfair, with no assurance of the franchise’s future. However, fans can stream all three parts on Disney+. Further, Winer has already hinted at the Easter egg. Perhaps the team might return with another installment in Christmas 2024. But nothing is confirmed now. It’s likely that the team will return with The Santa Clauses Season 3 in 2024. We will update you. So, stay tuned for more thrilling updates about your favorite movies and TV shows on TechRadar247.

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