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Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5: Do Ra’s Revenge Plan Gets Pil Seung In Trouble

Since Pil-Seung saved Park Do-Ra from an ugly situation, he has come under her radar. Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5 preview also suggests that Do-Ra will watch Pil-Seung while she tries to figure out who he is. Will she learn about Pil-Seung’s truth? On the other hand, the upcoming episode’s teaser hints that Pil-Seung will face some challenging times thanks to someone close to him. Who will be that person? Keep reading to know that!

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5: Do Ra Plots Against Bi Bi

The previous episode ended with dramatic events where Bi Bi threw a cup of coffee at Do Ra, making things ugly between them. While their fight took a nasty turn, Pil-Seung stepped in to save Do Ra, quickly catching her attention. Although he did this to stop the mess, Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5 preview clip hints that Do Ra will start wondering whether they have met before.

Well, if you remember, Do Ra once proposed to Pil Seung when they were kids. So, it’s obvious that they had met before. But Pil Seung wanted to hide this from her as he had avoided contact with her. But things won’t be the same since she has returned to his life again. This time, in a prominent role, they both work on the same acting project. While this will bring them a bit closer, the upcoming episode suggests that Pil Seung will be affected by Do Ra’s behavior, who acts frantically on the set.

Pil Seung doesn’t know the reason, but Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5 suggests that Do Ra is actually plotting to use Bi Bi’s crush, Cha Bong Song, to get back to her rival. While she prepares to destroy Bi Bi’s love life and career, Pil Seung gets into a tough situation. He is even forced to deal with Do Ra’s childish act and how she makes fun of herself when Bi Bi catches Do Ra and ends up in a brawl. But the question arises: Will Pil Seung interfere again?

Pil Seung’s One Night Stand

The preview for Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5 also suggests that Pil Seung’s family, especially his mom, will be concerned about his dating life. They will even suggest some influential partners for him. However, Pil Seung is fed up with their behavior and asks them to stay away from his love life. He even insists that they let him decide with whom he wants to stay.

However, his mother goes beyond the limit and asks a wealthy woman to date her son. That makes things more problematic for Pil Seung, who is still dealing with Do Ra’s sudden arrival and her nuisance. While he decides to stay away from all the mess, Pil Seung and his colleagues hit the bar, only for him to get involved in a one-night stand. But who is that person? From the look, it seems like Bi Bi, but there’s the possibility that he might hit the sheet with Do Ra.

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5: Release Date

Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5

After Pil Seung’s one-night stand, the situation will indeed go out of control. Will he take responsibility for his actions? You will learn it on Beauty And Mr. Romantic Episode 5, which will air on April 6, 2024, at 19:55 KST. The all-new episodes air every Saturday and Sunday night, so don’t miss it. Catch it on KBS2 in the South Korean region, while the global fans can stream it on Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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