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Hide Episode 5: Moon Young Is TRAPPED! Will Sung Jae Help? Know The Release Date!

Hide Episode 5


Although Moon-Young thought that after winning the case against CEO Ma Kang, she would be free from more legal drama, her case is far different than she thought. Hide Episode 5 preview also hints at the same direction. The K-drama recently dropped the latest preview clip that suggests Moon-Young will soon find herself stuck in a bigger trap when layers of her husband’s lies surface. Especially when someone makes a deal, she doubts her husband Sung-Jae’s intentions. Is he hiding something from her? Let’s see!

Hide Episode 5: Moon Young Gets In Action, Sung Jae Hides A Big Secret

The previous episode was an eye-opener. Moon Young trusted her husband, Sung Jae, and even bought his lie that Tae-soo died of alcohol poisoning. While she decided to keep supporting her husband, Moon Young’s life turned dark when CEO Ma Kang’s people started targeting her. In order to protect herself from all the legal drama, poor Moon Young decided to sue Ma Kang and clear the dirt on her family’s name.

Fortunately, Moon Young won the legal battle after providing ample evidence against Ma Kang. But the latest preview clip of Hide Episode 5 suggests that Moon Young will soon find herself trapped in a bigger game. That’s because Ma Kang has been killed in custody, hinting someone is plotting against Moon Young, trying to use her as a pawn. That someone seems to be Yeon-Joo as she informs Moon Young about Ma Kang’s death and even offers her a bag of cash as her prize. But what does it have to do with Moon Young?

Hide Episode 5 suggests that her husband, Sung Jae, is hiding something heinous, and he could be the one behind Tae-soo’s death. So, to find out about the murder mystery, Yeon Joo asks Moon Young to work for them. She even tells Moon Young that her husband is supposed to do this job. While Moon Young doesn’t get it, things start falling down for her. Her daughter soon finds herself in a miserable position.

So, she will rush to save her daughter. However, their appearance might create problems for their neighbors. Even in the preview clip, Moon Young’s neighbors are seen badmouthing her. While she deals with such a miserable position, the eavesdropping continues.

Detectives Find The Missing Piece

Elsewhere in the police station, the detectives work on dashcam footage. They try to figure out the real culprit behind this mess and soon get to the point that Tae Soo has some connection to this case. Soon, the case picks up pace as the detectives begin to locate Tae Soo. But surprisingly, the Hide Episode 5 preview hints that the mystery will get more twisted when the detectives discover that Moon Young and Tae Soo’s locations overlapped back then.

It quickly points their suspicion on her, forcing Moon Young to deal with the consequences of her husband’s action. As for Sung-Jae, he will soon get kidnapped. Now, it remains unclear who kidnapped him and why. While the mystery continues to become more tenser day by day, Jin Woo will once again intervene in Moon Young’s business. Hide Episode 5 also hints that prosecutor Shin Hwa has something up her sleeve. Will it create more mess in Moon Young’s life?

Hide Episode 5: Release Date

As the drama unfolds, it seems like Moon Young is getting more involved in Sung Jae’s affairs. Can she find a way out? You will learn it on Hide Episode 5, which will air on April 6, 2024, at 10.30 pm KST. The all-new episode airs every Saturday and Sunday night on the South Korean network JTBC. Meanwhile, global viewers can catch it on Viki. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247

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