May 29, 2024

Dell XPS 15 Exploded due to Battery Failure

Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 proprietors should get their workstation batteries checked at the earliest opportunity. An inclining post on the Dell subreddit portrays how an XPS 15 detonated for no evident explanation as it charged medium-term.


Redditor composes that they had connected the PC before hitting the sack, at that point heard an effervescing sound and saw a “brilliant orange inferno” illuminating the room. The XPS 15 proprietor headed out to get water, however, he came back to discover the room loaded up with smoke.

Dell reacted to the solicitation for input and said that an examination concerning the influenced PC discovered that the blast was brought about by an interior disappointment inside one of the lithium-particle battery cells. The organization guarantees this is certifiably not a fundamental issue and that all different XPS 15s are protected to utilize, yet didn’t give proof demonstrating that other possibly in danger PCs had been investigated.

Dell’s full statement:

Safety is our biggest priority at Dell. We immediately contacted the customer, retrieved the system and conducted an investigation. The investigation concluded that the incident resulted from an internal failure within one of the lithium ion battery cells. This is not a systemic safety issue and Dell XPS notebooks meet all applicable safety standards and all other units are safe to use in the intended manner. Dell products are tested and certified to industry safety standards, including UL 60950-1, the Standard for Safety of Information Technology Equipment. We apologize for the damage this caused the customer and have worked with them to replace the unit.

On the off chance that you possess an XPS 15, you should seriously mull over keeping your PC unplugged medium-term or when you are out of the house until Dell can give proof that every single other unit are sheltered. Most worried that Dell affirmed that the blast was brought about by a battery mistake, however, didn’t give any motivation to why it may have happened harm to the PC or utilizing an unsupported outsider charger have been known to cause these sorts of episodes.

Dell XPS 15 Explosion
Dell XPS 15 Explosion

On the other hand, detonating devices are more typical than you may suspect. Harmed or deficient lithium-particle batteries can experience a calamitous chain response called warm out of control that eventually makes them touch off. It’s the dread of this response that made significant carriers forbid the MacBook Pro from flying after Apple reviewed the 2015 model when it confirmed that a few units could “overheat and represent a fire danger.”

Source: Laptop Mag

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