May 30, 2024
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Google is going to Release a USB-C Titan Security Key

USB-C Titan

Last August, Google discharged its initial two Titan security keys, which can be utilized as ultra-secure techniques for two-factor validation for some online administrations over USB-A, NFC, or Bluetooth. Presently, Google says it’s including another USB-C key to the lineup, which will be accessible tomorrow from the Google Store for $40.


The USB-C key seems to have comparative usefulness to Google’s USB-A key and Bluetooth keys, which are all worked to the FIDO standard. A representative affirmed to The Verge that the USB-C model comes up short on the NFC capacities that its other two keys have. This may not be an over the top misfortune, however, as you’ll all the more effectively have the option to plug the USB-C key legitimately into ongoing telephones and PCs without utilizing a cumbersome USB connector or depending on Bluetooth.

Google’s new USB-C key is perfect with Android, Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows gadgets, as per the organization. (Just the Bluetooth key works with iOS, and it requires the establishment of Google’s Smart Lock application.) Like its past keys, Google says the USB-C key’s firmware is for all time fixed into a safe component equipment chip, making the key progressively impervious to physical assaults.

Image: Google

Google says it joined forces with security key-producer Yubico to make its new USB-C key, and it appears: Google’s key looks a great deal like Yubico’s YubiKey 5C. The two keys are truly comparative, yet Google’s key doesn’t bolster the total of the FIDO2 spec (it just supports WebAuthn for two-factor validation), so Yubikey may be the better choice, contingent upon what you need.

Google’s other two Titan security keys were beforehand just accessible as a $50 pack, however, Google says you’ll have the option to get them separately beginning tomorrow. The USB-A/NFC key will cost $25, while the Bluetooth key, which can likewise be connected over Micro USB, will cost $35.

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