Whatsapp Launched a New Feature “Create Your Own Whatsapp Stickers” For Whatsapp Users

Whatsapp Launched a New Feature “Create Your Own Whatsapp Stickers” For Whatsapp Users

Are you ready to create your stickers on Whatsapp to share it with your friends? If yes, then here we have a complete guide for you! We all know that all the Whatsapp users are fond of sharing exciting and colorful stickers with their Whatsapp friends all the time! And therefore, they are always the time looking for some more brilliant and awesome stickers for them.

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Whatsapp has recently given its users complete freedom to create their stickers and share it with their friends. Do you want to know how it is possible?

Is It Easy To Create Your Own Whatsapp Stickers?

First of all, you have to first of all open the Google Play Store app and search for the best sticker maker application for your Whatsapp. You have to look for the sticker maker, which is linked with the Whatsapp application. Now select and create upon a new set of the sticker pack.

You have to enter a new name for the sticker pack and add the author’s name on it. If you have created the stickers on your own, then you can add the author’s name by your name. Now, as you are done with it, you will be able to view around 30 different trays or the tiles. This have to be used for creating the stickers. You need to tap on some empty trays or the tiles and make it add up with the sticker.

Later on, you will be given away three options. This will include clicking on a new photo, selecting a photo from your gallery. You can also select the image from the file manager.

After this step, the user has to crop or cut down the picture. You can do this by using the fingertip according to his choices. Now, as you are all done the image cropping and editing, you have to click on the yes option. Then click the “save” sticker option.

Later on, in the end, users will be asked upon for the confirmation on top of their screen devices. This is possible in case if they are looking forward to adding these stickers on their Whatsapp. If you want to have some extra fun on Whatsapp, then you should be accepting this feature.

Now you can open your Whatsapp application. Just tap up the emoji icon, and then visit the option of stickers on the bottom side. This is the location where you can view all your created sticker packs. If you want to delete any sticker pack, hence click on the pack option. You have to choose three dots on the right side and click on the delete option.

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