May 19, 2024
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App Store Made a Record of 204 Billion App Downloads During 2019

2019 was a pretty thrilling year for an app store. 204 billion users pressed the Download button and spent around $120 billion on subscriptions and apps. This is so amazing!


App store has broken records. Users set a record of 204 billion download in 2019. This is up around 6% from 2018 as well as 45% from 2016. $120 billion was spent on subscriptions “in-app” via users. The average person is hence spending about 3.7 hour’s daily using apps.

According to the report, rising economies led to this growth. India, Brazil, and Indonesia are leading this boom style with quotes of 190%, as well as 40%, and 70% respectively. App usage in the United States has receded to 5%. China’s mobile usage is up by using 80% in terms of growth.

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Report On Consumer Spending on App Shops

Consumer spending on app shops is hence growing. $120 billion was spent in 2019 alone. This is a 2.1% extend from the 2016 levels. Games nevertheless lead the pack with 72%. A new trend is hence forming in the direction of subscriptions a well. 28% of consumer spending had been for subscriptions alone, up from 18% in 2016. This is all in all definitely a big success for the app stores in terms of consumer spending. What do you think?

App Stores Generating Record Profits from Subscriptions

It appears that subscription apps are hence the range method of generating money for non-gaming apps. 97% of Apple‘s iOS Apps

generated revenue from subscriptions (the first 250) from consumer spending. 94% of the Apps in the keep had subscriptions. Google‘s Playstore additionally had 91% of the apps being subscription-based (using customer spending). The top 250 had integrated subscriptions as well.

Dating and video apps topped the charts in terms of client spending. This was once pushed via subscriptions. In terms of countries, China had the largest share of the market for client spending (about 40%).

Mobile App Spending Is on Rise

Ad spending plus customer spending is anticipated to reach all in all $380 billion as forecasted through App Annie. Games are hence going to be big given their attraction. Mobile gaming was once 2.4 instances higher than PC/Mac gaming. It used to be also 2.9 instances higher than in normal gaming devices.

The mobile markets appear to be taking over standard markets. The contribution of the cellular business to the international GDP will hence attain about $4.8 trillion in accordance to App Annie.

This offers a special chance for these inclined to take the bull by means of the horn. Generation Z hence seems to be center up on the use of mobile phones is just about everything. Anyone who sees this possibility and makes use of it will make a huge profit. Mobile devices will without a doubt rule the next decade.

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