Google Launches A New Privacy Policy For Its Users

Google Launches A New Privacy Policy For Its Users

In an effort to give users extra control over their privacy online, Google has released a wide variety of new updates for YouTube and Google Assistant.

Google announce up an auto-delete function capable of disposing of a user’s location history and app activity to its Maps app earlier this year and the feature used to be so well receive up; the business has hence decided to deliver it to YouTube. Now users can set time duration from 3 to 18 months and the service will automatically delete their shopping and viewing history.

Latest Updates on Google Assistant

Google Assistant is getting an update as well. This will permit users to apprehend as well as manage the statistics their non-public assistant stores. In the coming weeks, users will be capable to delete statistics from their account. This can be perform all through by asking the Assistant to do so by using announcing something like “Hey Google, delete the whole thing which I stated to you closing week”.

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Password Checkup Privacy Feature By Google

Earlier this year, Google released its Password Checkup Chrome Extension which scans the internet for usernames and passwords that have been got by hackers and tells customers which ones fit theirs. The extension is all in all pretty popular and has already been down load 1m times.

Now Google is building on this technology to figure out Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The company hence recently launched Password Checkup in user’s Google accounts to help take a look at all of their saved passwords towards safety threats with a single click.

Integration of Password Checkup extension in Chrome

By the end of the year, the Password Checkup extension will hence even be integrated in Chrome as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to mechanically shield user’s information across the web.

As consumer expectations for safety and privacy evolve, Google is all in all making a concerted effort to do extra to guard its users from latest developing cyber threats and to assist them better manipulate their statistics online. Protect your privacy online with the first-rate VPN services.

This has been a great act by the Google to protect the overall privacy of their users. So many complains were coming around in the last few months. So many users of Google have complain about getting their private data leak out by any third party organizations. This was awful to figure out.  Many of us know that how Amazon has fired so many of their employees. This is just because they leaked their customer private information. It might happen that Google will hence take such a step as well. But till now they have just upgrade upon their privacy policy features which is soon to be launch out separately for the users. This will definitely help them to secure their data and private information.

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