Everything you need to Know About PS5 Upcoming Release in February 2020

As we are near the stop of Sony’s fourth-generation console, it’s time to start digging for rumors about its successor — the PlayStation 5. For a while, it seemed like we had continue getting more modern variations of the PlayStation four with only slight technical upgrades, such as the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.  However Sony officially confirmed it’s working on the next (and maybe last) PlayStation gaming console.

Sony is Working on a New Console

Sony has finally unveiled about the next generation PlayStation. It’s called the PlayStation 5, also acknowledged as the PS5. With the name, Sony is displaying that it is taking a real jump into the next generation, rather than a half-step like with the PS4 Pro.

Sony first unveiled that it used to be actively working on a new console in an interview  This falls in line with what system architect Mark Cerny told Wired for the duration of an April 2019 interview. As you’ll find below, Sony’s next console will get a good sized upgrade in power.

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PlayStation 5 Specfications

In the interview with Wired, Mark Cerny stated that the PS5’s CPU and GPU are AMD chips will be in a position to help 3D audio, 8K graphics, and ray tracing. This is a feature that is currently found on very powerful PCs. The CPU will be an eight-core chip based on the Ryzen line and use Zen 2 microarchitecture. The GPU will be based on the Radeon Navi line.

PS5’s AMD Oberon APU (which combines CPU and GPU) will run at 2GHz. This will doubles the speed of the PS4 Pro and outpaces the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super, it is not as powerful as the Nvidia RTX 2080 line.

The PlayStation 5 will aid Blu-ray discs, as well as digital downloads and recreation streaming. The console will be geared up with a 4K Blu-ray player, just like the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, and it will use video games with an information capability of 100GB.

Games can additionally be loaded to unique modes from the dashboard, so you can be part of your friend in a shape without having to go via the complete starting method as you would on games for PS4.

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Backward compatibility

PlayStation 5 will be backward well matched with PS4 and PS VR games. This will not consist of PS3, Ps2, or PS1 games according to the BBC. Sony later said it planned to use backward compatibility to assist players transition into the next-generation gadget from the PS4.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

An expected launch date has not yet been revealed for the PlayStation 5, but Sony has confirmed that it will arrive for the excursion season of 2020.


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